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Top 10 Free Directory Submission Sites – Submit Blog For SEO

Submitting your blog to Directory Submission Sites are very important and the web is saturated with too many low-quality directory sites but this does not mean you should submit your blog to these low-quality directories.

In this post, I’m going to share with you a list of 10 High-quality Free Directory Submission Sites where you can submit & list your blog for free & improve your SEO, get Dofollow backlinks & blog traffic.


Why Blog Submission to Directory Sites is Important?

In the past, blog submission to directory & different platform was one of the important tasks regarding SEO but the case is no more & instead, you can even get penalized by Search Engines if you do it the wrong way. However, there are still some quality directory submission sites that still do matter if you submit your site & blog there.

Straightforward benefits of submitting your blog/site:

  • You Get Dofollow & Nofollow High-Quality Backlinks.
  • You Get Quality Traffic to your Site & Blog.
  • You Gain More Readers & Customers.
  • It does Improve your Off-Site SEO.

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Top 10 Free Directory Submission Sites List

Here are 10 high-quality directory submission sites where you can list your blog to get Dofollow & Nofollow Backlinks & on top of everything, Improve your Off-Site SEO.

Directories (Sites) DA PA Alexa Rank 80/100 84/100 40,744
Blogarama 73/100 78/100 107,530 49/100 58/100 321,800 71/100 75/100 353,815 40/100 50/100 471,589 52/100 60/100 560,052 36/100 64/100 503,239 69/100 64/100 300,457 36/100 46/100 786,256 61/100 68/100 597,424

Here they are:

1. is the leading directory & search engine which lists & indexes stories, blogs & news from blogs & news sites. It’s a free directory that you must be using because you get a dofollow backlink and once you have submitted your blog and it’s approved in a particular AllTop topic or category, your blog or site will be shown there along with 5 of your site or blog’s latest blog posts with dofollow backlinks pointing back to the posts & pages.

If you want to improve your SEO & get some backlinks & link juice, you must list your blog there. Quality Stats:

Domain Authority: 80/100

Page Authority: 84/100

Alexa Rank: 40,744

How to Submit Site to

Submitting a site to is quite easy & free. All you have to do is:

  • Visit the site & create an account with them.
  • Confirm your account & then log into
  • Go to their Submission page & fill in the required fields.
  • Finally, submit your site & AllTop team will review your submission soon.
  • That’s it, You have submitted your site.


Blogarama is the oldest directory that lets you submit your blog there & they will start stacking up & indexing up to 50 blog posts in the free plan. Your contents & blog posts are shared there as Feedburner & other feed reader sites do & also you get nofollow backlinks right back as a credit from each of your blog post from Blogarama to your blog.

Blogarama Quality Stats:

Domain Authority: 73/100

Page Authority: 78/100

Alexa Rank: 107,530

How to submit a site to Blogarama?

Submitting your blog & site to Blogarama is quite easy & free & also doesn’t require you any reciprocal links & stuff like that. So let’s try:

  • Go to & create an account there.
  • Now log into your account & go to the Submit Your Blog page.
  • Fill in all the required details & submit your blog for review.
  • You’ll then receive activation status within a week or so.

3. is another one of the top directory submission sites that is easy to submit your blog & site to & on top of everything, the submission process is done by a real human which is another signal to the reliability of their service. Another best part of the directory is that you can submit your blog & get it approved fast without placing any reciprocal & placing exchange link on your site. Quality Stats:

Domain Authority: 49/100

Page Authority: 58/100

Alexa Rank: 321,800


OnTopList is a quality & spam-free directory where you can list your business, site & blog. It’s totally free & getting approved your business & site with them is quite easy & fast. The best part of the site is that when your submission is approved, your site will be listed under an appropriate category and will also fetch your latest news & blog posts as feed and thus will help you give a good link juice to help you increase your backlinks, SEO & Search Engines Ranking.

The directory will also give you an advanced & feature-rich analytic dashboard where you will see how many visitors & readers have visited your site and will give you in-depth details about your submission. Quality Stats:

Domain Authority: 71/100

Page Authority: 75/100

Alexa Rank: 353,815


CSSLight is a human-edited & one of the leading platform to showcase your designs, your talent, business, website & much more. The directory is quite user-friendly and spammers free. Submitting & showcasing your site to/on this directory will be much beneficial to get quality links and traffic to your blog. Quality Stats:

Domain Authority: 40/100

Page Authority: 50/100

Alexa Rank: 471,589


BlogListing is another human-edited blog submission directory where you can list your site if it’s of high-quality. It’s a free directory and platform with high domain authority & page authority. Submitting your blog to this directory will be much useful to get backlinks and get rank higher in the Search Engines. Quality Stats:

Domain Authority: 52/100

Page Authority: 60/100

Alexa Rank: 560,052


Next on our list is DesignNominees. Like CSSLight, It’s a directory and one kind of platform where you can showcase your business, your Applications, eBooks, Designs, Websites, Blogs and much more and get votes from other readers about your listing, get traffic to your blog and dofollow backlinks. Quality Stats:

Domain Authority: 36/100

Page Authority: 46/100

Alexa Rank: 503,239


It’s an old directory and has been serving bloggers since 1999 to provide a free platform where they can list & showcase their blogs and businesses and since then, it has now become the giant directory of over 157,056 blogs.

Submitting your blog to this site can be very useful. It’s free to get an approved submission with them, too. Quality Stats:

Domain Authority: 69/100

Page Authority: 64/100

Alexa Rank: 300,457


It’s another comprehensive & high-quality directory submission site to get your blog listed with them. You get your listing in an appropriate category submitted by a human editor. Quality Stats:

Domain Authority: 36/100

Page Authority: 46/100

Alexa Rank: 786,256


Last, but not the least. Bloghub was founded back in 2004 & since then, it has been listing top & high-quality blogs in the directory and operated by human-editors. If you feel the above-mentioned directory sites are not enough for you, submitting your blog to this directory can be also very beneficial, however, it can take many weeks your submission to be approved if you don’t purchase a premium plan. Quality Stats:

Domain Authority: 61/100

Page Authority: 68/100

Alexa Rank: 597,424

Last Words:

These were few of the top & high-quality directory submission sites where you can list & showcase your businesses, blogs and much more.

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Let me know down in the comments which one you are going to try and also share what other directories you have been using but are not mentioned here.

By the way, don’t forget sharing this post with your social media friends.

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