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MyThemeShop Discount Coupon Code – [$19 Flash Sale 2018]

mythemeshop-discount-coupon-codeThis Flash Sale, use our MyThemeShop Coupon Code to get every MyThemeShop theme & plugin for $19. The Membership Plan is also at a whopping discount of $99 which normally costs you $228 Each Year!

Make sure to grab these deals because only limited hours are ahead and don’t let these offers disappear. Normally MyThemeShop costs around $39 to $79 for each & every theme & plugin but thanks to the Offer we have been given by the MTS team that lets you get a whopping discount on your purchase.

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Why MyThemeShop?

MyThemeShop was started back in 2012 with an aim of providing SEO-Rich & Professional looking premium & free WordPress Themes & Plugins. To date, the marketplace has filled with more than 150+ free & premium products such as Themes & Plugins and is serving roughly more than 400,000+ customers worldwide.

mythemeshop discount coupon code

The thing that most of us like about MyThemeShop is that their themes are quite SEO-Friendly & are affordable too which means you get SEO-Optimized themes at a very cheap rate. On top of their regular price tags, you can use our Coupon Code and get each & every item as low as $19.

You can also sign up for MyThemeShop Membership Plan with a whopping discount and put hands on more than 150+ items including themes & plugins for $99 only which normally costs you around $200+ for each & every year.

MyThemeShop PROs:

MyThemeShop is popular & famous for its professional looking & SEO-Rich themes & features-rich plugins. Here we’ll talk about the PROs that make it standalone out in the saturated market.

1. Built For SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the key factor of getting successful in the Search Engines. One of the factors to improve your SEO is to choose a theme that is SEO-Optimized.

MyThemeShop themes come with advanced Search Engine Optimization that help you skyrocket your ranking in the Search Engines.

2. Built For SPEED

One of the biggest concern for most of the bloggers having slow loading speed blog. No matter what you think but to me, slow loading page means ZERO EARNING!

The faster your blog post loads, the more you will get ranked by Search Engines & the more you will receive traffic & the Bounce rate of your web page will also be good.

All of the MTS themes come with Advanced Speed Optimization and even you can use the Optimization features of the theme and make it further optimize for Speed.

3. Professional Looking

Not to forget that you get some amazing & super beautiful & professional looking themes as well. All of the MTS themes are responsive & look professional almost on all devices such as Desktop Browsers & Smartphone Browsers etc.

4. Quick Configuration

Another PRO of MTS themes is that it comes with easy to do customization panel or also known as Backend & Frontend cPanel from where you can easily & quickly configure & customize your entire theme and make it look more friendly, professional & do more things to it.


5. Fast & Expert Support

MyThemeShop offers various ways to assist you in anything you are having troubles in. Such as you can join their Support Forum, email them your issue or chat with them directly.

Whatever your issue is, you are covered by Experts & will be always happy to assist you.

6. Affordable Price

When it comes to Affordable Price, MyThemeShop rocks in this PROs as well. You get each & every theme & plugin for $19 only using our Coupon Code below.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Do you want to make money promoting WordPress Products?

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program pays up to 70% commission on each sale you refer to MTS. All you need is just refer customers to MyThemeShop and he/she purchases any products, you will get up to 70% commission.

With that in mind, let me share with you how to join their Affiliate Program.

How MyThemeShop Affiliate Program works?

To sign up for their Affiliate Program, follow these steps.

  • Go to & sign up for an account.
  • Under your Profile Picture, click on ‘Member’s Area’.
  • In the Member’s Area, click on ‘Affiliate Info’.
  • Now register for the Affiliate Program.
  • Once you’re approved to Affiliate, log into your account & start promoting your Affiliate link and each time anyone that purchases anything from MyThemeShop through your Affiliate Link, you will earn a commission.

MyThemeShop Coupon Code

To further get discount on any MyThemeShop theme, plugin or on the entire Membership plan, use our coupon code below and you will be able to get each & every theme or plugin for $19 or the entire Membership Plan for $99.45. Normally MythemeShop costs you around $39 to $79 for each item.

Here’re some available coupons:

Coupons Discount (%) You Save ($) Before Discount ($) After Discount ($)
LimitedOffer 31% $22 $69 $47
LimitedTime 72% $50 $60 $19
NotLogged 15% $10 $69 $59
US2017 72% $50 $69 $19
RenewalDiscount 50% $34 $69 $35

MyThemeShop Renewal Coupon Code

Did you know that any of the themes or plugins you purchase from MyThemeShop is expired after 1 year of the purchase date? To get the theme or plugin after one year, you don’t have to pay the regular price but instead, just use the following coupon code & you will be able to save a lot on your second purchase!

TIP: You can use the coupon code below on your first PURCHASE AS WELL and save a LOT!

Here’s the Coupon: RenewalDiscount

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