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How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Guide For 2018

Are you new to Affiliate Marketing?


You want to learn some tactics that other Affiliate Marketers are using to start & run their Revenue Stream Businesses Online & Offline? But don’t know how they do?

Don’t worry because we have got you covered up.

In today’s detailed post, I’ll be talking about How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing, How to opt for any Affiliate Program/Network, How to Promote them meaning how to bring sales to them and how to earn commission with them.

So without any further delay, let me introduce you to the Affiliate Marketing 2018.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Well, if you have been blogging or seen anyone making money online, you might have heard the word Affiliate Marketing and this is what we’re going to talk about.

So first of first, Affiliate Marketing is a technique we use to Promote others’ products and earn commission for each purchase that a customer makes after we send the Customer to the Vendor or also called as the Merchant.

In other words, we as an Affiliate Marketers sign up with any Company, the Company gives us a unique Tracking Link/URL, we promote that link & our customer clicks it & visits the company, the Customer then purchases anything from that company & once the purchase/order becomes completed (i.e the customer payment is cleared & the product is shipped), we are given a commission by the Company which is normally loaded to our Affiliate Account in that company which then we can use to withdraw through Payoneer or PayPal etc.

Well, before we dig more into it, let me share with you a few pillars of the Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Pillars

1. The Creator or Vendor

The Creator or the Vendor is the one who makes & creates products. Let us we assume that Alex has a company in which he makes FootBalls so Alex is the Creator or anyone who sells Alex’s products such as FootBalls is called the Vendor so both are one of the Pillars of the term Affiliate Marketing.

2. The Affiliate OR Affiliate Marketer

The Affiliate is a person or also called as Affiliate Marketer on which the whole Marketing depends. In other words, this is the person who promotes The Creator or the Vendor’s products to customers and this is the one to whom The Creator or the Vendor pays commission for each sale he/she brings to the company.

It’s worth mentioning that the Agreement is made between the two parties Such as The Creator & the Affiliate Marketer or also called as Affiliate for their business & the Fixed Price or Multi-tier commission is assigned and much more.

3. A Customer

A customer is the third one of the most important pillars of Affiliate Marketing. The Affiliate promotes the products of the Creator/Vendor to the customer and if the customer is happy and go and purchases those products then after a successful purchase & goal, the Vendor or the Creator pays the commission to the Affiliate.

I hope you got the idea of what we were talking about. If you still have any question, you can ask below in the comments.

Now let us talk about some companies that offer Affiliate Programs so that you can sign up them as an Affiliate & start earning commission for each sale/customer you refer to them through your unique tracking link.

Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money With (For Bloggers)

We know Blogging is the way to make money online fast & effortless & so making money online with Affiliate Marketing through Blogging is also super duper easier and here we’re going to talk about the best companies that let you earn money promoting them & their products.

So without any further delay, let’s talk about them.


Well, if you’re a blogger & know about Web Hosting then you might have definitely heard the term WPXHosting. WPXHosting is a web hosting company that offers WordPress Managed Hosting with incredible services & fast loading servers.

WPX Hosting Promo Code (Only $1 Hosting)

WPXHosting offers a Multi-Tier Affiliate Program which lets you refer customers to it and earn up to $100 commission after a customer has successfully purchased hosting from it.

Here’s a proof of how I made $140 in just two days by referring just two customers to it. (Even though you will think that you must have received at least $200 as I mentioned $100 before but in the beginning, you’ll get up to $70 commission if your Referrals are less than 25 but it will be increased by the time – Here’s a screenshot).


2. Payoneer Affiliate Program

If you have made any earning online then you better know what we’re talking about. Payoneer is a company that helps us get paid by international companies & clients at affordable prices & lets us directly transfer our earning to our banks or withdraw through any ATM across the world.

Despite that, Payoneer Affiliate Program lets you earn a lot for just referring new users to it. It offers a Multi-Tier Affiliate Program which lets you earn a commission according to your performance.

I have been using the Payoneer Affiliate Program and I say it’s incredible because, within a few months, I made much commission with it & here is my Affiliate Account Proofs & how much commission I made with it in just the past 3 MONTHS! (Even though, some of the customers have yet to receive payments I have yet to earn commission for that in the FUTURE!)


Payoneer pays you $25 for each successful user that you will send to it (the referred user will also earn $25 so both earn $50) but as your performances increase & you started referring more customers to it, your commission will be increased simultaneously as my Commission that I earn nowadays is $50 PER ACTION! (and the user earns $35 instead of $25).

How to Make Money with Payoneer Affiliate Program?

3. Bluehost Partner Program

Bluehost also offers a Multi-Tier Partner Program which lets you earn up to $65 commission at the beginning for referring users to it. If you’re a blogger and can promote Bluehost then I’d highly recommend you go and join the Bluehost Affiliate Program start making money right today.

Here’s a quick proof of one customer that I referred to Bluehost back in a few days.


We know the market is saturated with many thousands of Web Hosting Companies that offer Affiliate Programs. In case you want to know about them, Check our A List of Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

4. MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

MyThemeShop is a marketplace where best-looking WordPress Themes & Plugins are designed & made. In case you are searching for an Affiliate Program related to WordPress Products & Niche, I’d highly recommend you go & sign up for MTS Affiliate Program because it offers up to 70% commission on each sale you refer to it

A List of Best High Paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers.

Best Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods

Most of the Affiliate Marketers fail because they don’t know how to promote Affiliate Products to the right people and how to increase the possibility of earning high commissions.

Here let me talk to you about some best methods & tactics to use to promote Affiliate Products.

1. Make an Urge

A life is nothing without any purpose and this is the same here in the Affiliate Marketing as well. The first & foremost thing you must have is an Urge of Promoting the Affiliate Products because you need motivation & inspiration in order to push yourself ahead as most of the time you will face a lot of hurdles & bad things in the process such as you won’t earn any cent for a few days, weeks and even a few months & even you won’t be verified to several Affiliate Networks & Programs but make sure that those hurdles & things don’t hold you back from your success.

A success comes after facing hurdles & hard-working So try your best for your success & think about it how to achieve your Goal. Always make new strategies & so and so.

2. Start A Blog

Well, another super easier way to promote Affiliate Products is Blogging & you might be already known to it because Blogging is a part of Affiliate Marketing for many Affiliate Marketers.

However, Blogging is not necessary if you don’t know how to blog or you don’t want to start it. In case you want to get started with Blogging but don’t know where & how to start, Read our Blogging Starter Step by Step Guide.

3. Launch A Youtube Channel

If you’re a Vlogger or love Vlogging then it’s the time for you to start promoting Affiliate Products on Youtube right away because Youtube is the most viewed & visited site on the Internet after Google. Most of your targeted customers don’t bother reading tons of articles & paragraphs but instead, they prefer watching a 2 to 10-minute video over reading hundreds of texts so Youtube is the best way for you to start promoting your Affiliate Products right away!

4. Reach Customers Offline

Another best way to promote Affiliate Products is to reach your targeted customers/friends/family members & talk to them directly (offline) about the products which they need & benefit them. Make sure to tell them that you’re promoting the products and you will earn a commission if he/she purchases the product. Don’t forget to mention the PROs & CONs of the Products as well.

5. Join Social Sites

Nowadays Social Media Sites are a great way for most of the Affiliate Marketers because it’s the best & cost-less & easiest way to promote the Affiliate Products directly & refer sales to the companies you’re affiliated with from those Social Sites.

6. Join Online Forums

Joining Online Forums related to your niche & products is a key to success. However, most of the forums don’t accept Affiliate Links & such stuff.

Join some forums online & get registered with them & start helping others along with promoting your products.

Final Words ⇒

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to start a revenue stream business online & make money while you sleep. We hope you have enjoyed our small guide to the whole process how does it works and so on…

If you have any question regarding any point, I’d be more than happy to reply you. Just leave your comment below & I will be happy to help.

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