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HostGator Black Friday Sale With Up to 95% Discount [2018 Deals]

HostGator Black Friday Sale 2018Are you looking for HostGator Black Friday Sale & Discount Deals? The answer is Yes? This Black Friday Deals, HostGator has been offering an incredible sale on all of its hosting plans & packages including registration of a domain that you can benefit from these HostGator Sale by receiving whopping discounts on any of the products that are shared with you below.

Before I’d go any further, I’d recommend you go & check out the Best Black Friday Hosting Deals List that we have shared with you a few days ago to get to know about almost 20+ web hosting companies which are offering discounts on their hostings and so you can grab discount whenever you’re purchasing products from them.

HostGator Black Friday Sale & Deals On Hosting For 2018

We have brought forth for you these deals & coupon codes for various of the HostGator Hostings such as Shared Hostings, Cloud Hosting and a lot more which you can use on their respected hosting plans & packages to save a lot of money on this Black Friday Sale event.

HostGator Shared Hosting Sales

Now check out the most trending deals & coupons below to apply on the Shared Hosting Plans & Packages to get discount on them.

1 Cent Hosting

HostGator 1 Cent HostingIf you’re a beginner who wants to test-drive the HostGator Shared Hosting before you actually start using them & paying them for each month or for years of hosting then I’d highly recommend you to go for the one cent hosting per month because you’ll only have to pay 1 cent or also known as one penny for the whole first month.

Also, you can this post on The HostGator 1 Cent Hosting Deal.

Coupon: Penny

How to apply the 1 cent hosting?

Please note that the 1 cent hosting is only working if you use the Shared Hosting Hatchling plan and make sure that you have chosen the 1-month billing cycle because this coupon can be redeemed on the above-mentioned hosting and a one-month billing cycle only. This is also called the HostGator Free Trial Hosting.

75% OFF!

You might have gone through our recent HostGator Coupon Code 75% OFF! post and I hope you found it helpful. These Black Friday Sales & Deals, you can get up to 75% OFF! on the HG Shared Hosting plan and here you’ll learn how you can get such a whopping amount of discount on it.

Coupon: hostingbundle

How to get 75% OFF?

  1. Visit
  2. Select HostGator Shared Hosting Hatchling Plan.
  3. Change the billing cycle to 12 Months.
  4. Scroll down and apply hostingbundle coupon code to avail 75% discount.

60% OFF!

Check out this another super whopping sale from HostGator that lets you get up to 60% off on all HostGator Shared Hostings. What you need to do is simply go and choose the Hosting plan and use the below coupon to grab this whopping deal right today.

Coupon: iv994gator

Please keep in mind that code is working on Shared hostings only and can be used when subscribing to the hosting package.

50% OFF!

Most of the time you’ll find that some of the HostGator Coupon Codes are not working and therefore you’ll need to apply the one that’s at that time working so in case the above few coupons aren’t working right now after you checked it, I’d recommend you to go and check out this HostGator Coupon Code 50% OFF!

Coupon: SPPremium

How to avail 50% OFF?

  1. Visit
  2. Choose any of the Shared Hosting Packages such as Hatchling, Baby or Business Package.
  3. Select your billing cycle/billing months.
  4. Uncheck Add-ons if you don’t want to use them.
  5. Scroll down and apply the SPPremium coupon code to avail 50% discount on all hosting plans.

Wait, before you go next.

If you keep the billing cycle to 36 Months on any of the HostGator Shared Hosting Packages then you’ll get 62% of discount on all plans & packages.

What you need to do is simply change the Billing Cycle Months to 36 Months.

45% OFF!

Here’s another coupon in the Shared Hosting that I’d like to share with you which you can use to save up to 45% this HostGator Black Friday Sale event which is going on and thousands of customers around the world are benefiting from.

By using this coupon code which I have shared with you below, you’ll be able to save 45% on the total hosting invoice. This coupon code can be applied to all of the HG Shared Hosting Packages.

Coupon: MMA

How to get 45% off! on HostGator Shared Hosting Packages?

  1. Simply go to
  2. Choose any of the Shared Hosting Packages.
  3. Choose any of the Billing Cycle.
  4. Apply this MMA coupon code to get 45% discount on the package you have selected.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Sale

Now it’s time to share some of the Cloud Hosting Sales & Coupon Codes with you below this HostGator Black Friday Sale event so that you can get benefit from this event if you’re looking for Cloud Hosting Discount.

Cloud Hosting 45% OFF!

HG is offering Cloud Hosting with 2x Faster Hosting & 4x more resources that helps you get your business keep up & running. Use the following coupon code on the Cloud Hosting check out page and choose the Billing Cycle to save a lot of money on your Cloud Hosting invoice.

Coupon: SNAPPYC579

How to get 45% OFF! on Cloud Hosting?

  1. Visit the HostGator Cloud Hosting.
  2. Choose any of the hosting plans.
  3. Apply this code SNAPPYC579 to grab 45% discount when you select 36 Months Billing Cycle.

HostGator WordPress Hosting Sale

Are you looking for discounts on the HostGator WordPress Hosting? The Black Friday Sale is now live so go and check out the following deals from HG to save a lot this event on the WordPress Managed Hosting and start hosting your WordPress Blog/Business with one of the premium WordPress Managed Hosting providers out in the world.

HostGator WordPress Hosting 56% OFF!

Now it’s the time to save money on WordPress Hosting. By using the following coupon, you’ll be able to save 56% of your total invoice payment on the HostGator premium WordPress Managed Hosting.

Coupon: SNAPPYW579

How to get 56% discount on WordPress Hosting?

Please keep in mind that in order to save up to 56% on the HostGator WordPress Hosting, you must be choosing the Business WordPress Hosting package and the 36 Months Billing Cycle because if you won’t select it, you’ll then get less discount depending on your selection.

HostGator Black Friday Domain Deals

Do you want to register a domain name or a brand name for your blog or site with HostGator? Check some of the below deals to get a whopping discount on registering a domain name with HostGator on these Black Friday Deals offered by HostGator.

HostGator 20% OFF Domain Name

By using the below coupon code, you’ll be able to save up to 20% of your total invoice while registering a few types of domain names such as .com, .net, .org & .info


How to get 20% off on domain name registration?

Please keep in mind that the domain coupon can only be redeemed if you’re registering any of the following domain names.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info

Wrap UP!

HostGator has been used by millions of customers & clients worldwide and I’d also recommend you HostGator if you’re looking for a premium & a hosting with a 99.95% uptime guarantee and competitive pricing tags and other super duper features.

The customer support HostGator is providing is also top notch.

Now I hope you enjoyed this HostGator Black Friday Sale and hopefully you would have availed a huge discount on the above Web Hostings From HostGator using the coupon codes we have shared with you.

Let me know below in the comments what Coupon you used and which one worked for you to save a lot.

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