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Best High Paying CPM Ad Networks For Publishers [Updated 2018]

Monetizing your blog using CPM Ad Networks is one of the best ways to make more money online from your blog if your blog is not approved by Google AdSense.

CPM Advertising is also one of the best ways to make more money from your high-traffic blogs for which you can’t get ad networks such as AdSense etc.

Today I’ll be sharing with you a list of the Best CPM Ad Networks that you always need to have your blog monetized and turn those clicks & impressions into a daily earning sources.

If you’re having a blog or any niche which you want to monetize through Ad Networks but you can’t get an AdSense account for that blog then that’s because your blog doesn’t comply with AdSense T&C and therefore the best way to monetize your blog & make money from each visitor & impression that your blog gets, you’ll need to sign up for any of the following CPM Ad Networks that I have been using some of them on some of my blogs.

One of the best things about these CPM Ad Networks is that they offer competitive CPM rate & pays up to $10+ for each 1000 impression that an ad will get.

Now let’s move on to the list.

Best High Paying CPM Ad Networks 2018

Ad Network Minimum Payout (In US $) Payout Methods Visit Site
PropellerAds Editor’s Choice $100 Skrill, Payoneer & Wire Transfer
Revenuehits $20 Payoneer, PayPal & Wire Transfer
Infolinks $50 PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheck & Payoneer
AdRecover $50 PayPal & Payoneer
Ad-Maven $50 PayPal & Bank Wire
ClickAdu $10 PayPal & WebMoney
BidVertiser $10 PayPal, Check, Western Union & Wire Transfer
Adbuff $100 PayPal, Payoneer & Wire Transfer

Once read the Table, Now let’s check out one by one below.

1. PropellerAds


PropellerAds is one of the leading CPM Ad Networks (normally we can say it Pop-Up) out there that thousands of publishers around the world are using to monetize their blogs & make a whopping rate of CPM. It’s my all-time favorite ad networks that I have been using for years and I can think this could be quite useful to you in terms of friendly ads, high CPM rate, high earning & user-friendly ads.

The company was founded back in 2011 with an aim of catering the Publishers & Advertisers’ requirements & needs to have a better internet advertising business out there.

PropellerAds is a multi-channel CPM advertising company that offers various ad formats & banners for various devices & browsers including smartphone browsers & desktop browsers. And each & every ad format can help you make more money depending on the interest of your blog visitors & readers who take interest by clicking & seeing the PropellerAds Ads.

Having a blog that is receiving traffic from countries like USA, UK, China, India then you’re a lucky blogger out there to make thousands of dollars each day with this amazing but very effective ad network available out there on the Internet surface.

  • Highest paying CPM ad network
  • Monetizes Your Site Entire Traffic
  • Easy to get an Approved Account for any Niche
  • Multi-channel & multi-banner formats
  • Advertising friendly to both browsers & visitors
  • A complete anti-ad-block solution
  • Real-time friendly & expert support
  • Accepts Payoneer, PayPal & Wire Transfer as payout methods
  • Getting an account for subdomains like etc is quite hard

2. RevenueHits


RevenueHits is another one of the best & highest paying CPM Ad Networks that made me thousands of dollars just from a single blogspot subdomain blog within a 6 months period. It was basically a software sharing & downloading site which I had started on blogspot totally for free while not knowing that Google AdSense won’t accept my blog to show Adsense ads but later after a little bit of research, I came across RevenueHits and got the idea of using & test-driving this amazing ad network.

Once I installed it on my blog & then a few days later, when I logged into my RevenueHits account dashboard, I was shocked by the amount of earning Revenuehits had credited to my account for the traffic my blog used to get. It was not that much traffic but at that time, my blog used to get around 5000+ unique views daily (reported by the Blogspot statistics).

Either you’re a small publisher or anyone searching for the best CPM Ad Network, I would highly recommend using RevenueHits because of the high paying CPM that you’ll get for each 1000 impression & views the banner & pop up ads will make.

Like other ad networks, Revenuehits also offers various Ad-banner Types ranging from Desktop to Smartphones screens. Such as Popup Ads, Interstitial Ads, Mobile Responsive Ads, Button Ads, Banner Ads, Footer Ads, Header Ads etc.

With RevenueHits, you can earn up to $33 for every 1000 impressions if the traffic to your blog is from countries like USA, UK, China etc.

  • Pays high CPM rate for visitors that come from countries like USA, UK & India etc
  • You get instant account approval once you have signed up for a publisher account
  • Offers various advertising & banners formats such as PopUp etc
  • Easy & quick to install ads & codes on your blog to show live ads
  • Simple report dashboard to see & manage your earning & ads
  • Accepts Wire Transfer, PayPal & Payoneer as payout methods
  • Less traffic, less earning & low CPM

3. InfoLinks

The next best ad media tha


t stack-ups in this list is InfoLinks. You might have already heard a lot about this Ad Network as it’s one of the best Alternatives to Google Adsense not for its Ads Formats but its Pricing Models as well.

InfoLinks offers various ad types and various pricing models that help you earn even more money from each & every impression & click ads get on your blog. InfoLinks is offering user-friendly ads that let you entirely monetize your blog & make more money by showing the most demanded ads to your visitors thus will make your visitors click your ad and you will get money for those demanded ads shown on your blog.

So without further ado, let’s put some pros & cons here.

  • Easy to get an approved account
  • One time copy & paste codes installation
  • Various ad formats including banner ads, footer ads & InLink ads etc
  • High CPM rate from high paying countries
  • Accepts PayPal, Payoneer, eCheck & Wire Transfer as Payout methods
  • Ads aren’t Relevant to What Users are Searching for

4. AdRecover


AdRecover is another popular advertising network that offers CPM model to make money for each 1000 impressions. It’s a premium company with fast approval & high earning rates that lets you monetize your blog traffic & make money for each & every impression.

AdRecover is also offering an anti ad-block solution that helps you monetize traffic & users who use ad blockers.

  • Easy & fast account approval
  • Anti ad-block solution
  • Quick integeration
  • Low CPM rate
  • Low publishers base

5. Ad-Maven


Looking for another alternative to earn high CPM as a small publisher? Ad-Maven is here with traditional ads formats to help you get the most out of your blog. Being in the Market for the last 15 years, Ad-Maven offers various Ads formats ranging from Popup Ads to Banner & Direct link Ads to increase your earning.

  • Lets you Monetize your Blog for higher CPM
  • Offers various Ad formats; ranging from Popup Ads to Banner & Sliders
  • Accepts Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer & Bitcoin as payout methods
  • Doesn’t a offer real-time support system
  • Earning & Analysis report & dashboard is not advanced or easy to understand

6. Clickadu


ClickAdu is another fastest growing Ad Network that focuses on Popup Ads both for Desktop & Smartphone users. It has been around for the last few years and has got many achievements since then and that’s why more than 8000+ publishers work & monetizing their traffic with ClickAdu and making money out of their blogs.

With advanced technology, clean & friendly ad formats, you can easily earn and monetize every impression that comes on your blog.

  • Publisher-friendly dashboard to manage ad formats, earning & other things
  • Various ad formats for both smartphones & desktop
  • Fast & friendly support by real people
  • Less earning for few GEOs
  • Earning estimation is not that accurate
  • Device & Ad Targeting is not that advanced

7. BidVertiser


Another Ad Network that is based on CPM & PPC is called BidVertiser. Without the inclusion of BidVertiser in this list, it may be incomplete. BidVertiser pays very less amount as compared to other CPM Ad Networks we shared in this post but still, it can help you monetize your high traffic blog and earn something each passing day!

Maybe I was making less money with BidVertiser doesn’t mean you should not be using it but instead, it depends on the interest & clicks of the visitors who are crawling through the blog.

In case you’re having a high-traffic blog which receives traffic from countries like USA, UK, China, India & Pakistan then you’re more likely to make more money with BidVertiser than with others.

Now after all, here’re some Pros of Cons of BidVertiser.

  • Multi-channel & ad formats
  • Minimum payout is $10 using PayPal
  • Lets you moonetize your blog XML feeds for extra Earning!
  • Less earning for many GEOs
  • Dashboard is not Publisher-Friendly like other CPM Ad Networks

8. AdBuff


The last one but not the least one. AdBuff is another one of the leading CPM Ad Networks that offer CPM & CPA Models. It lets you earn a competitive CPM rate by fully monetizing your every impression and clicks of your blog readers & visitors & lets you see real-time earning report right in your AdBuff Dashboard for optimal results.

With that in mind, AdBuff lets you payout your earning through Payoneer ($100 is the minimum Threshold) or through Bank Wires ($500 is the Minimum Threshold).

And so here are some of the Pros & Cons of AdBuff!

  • Boasts to have high & competitive CPM rates in the advertising marketplace & industry
  • Claims of being one of the Adsense Alternatives
  • 30 days payment cycle while payment can be transferred after 45 Days
  • PayPal payout Method is not Available
  • Only English language sites are accepted

Blogger’s Choice:

I have monetized many of my blogs through advertising & used many ad networks in the Past and have earned much money with them so according to the earning I have made, here’re the top CPM ad networks that helped me make more money from my less traffic blogs ever.

  1. PropellerAds
  2. RevenueHits (as you see my earning report above)

Hopefully, you found this list of Best CPM Ad Networks helpful. In case you got any question or you want to share any Ad Network that you think is really helping you a lot to make money from your less traffic blog then don’t forget to share it below in the comments along with your experiences.

Source: Blogging Scout Feed

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