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Best Blogging Tools & Resources [Free + Premium Expert Collection]

Starting a blog the right way is quite challenging especially when you’re a beginner and the worst challenge is when you don’t know the best blogging tools to use. Here in this post, I’ll be sharing with you a list of best blogging tools. In case you’re a beginner and can’t afford to buy the premium tools, there are free tools in this list you’ll love to use to skyrocket your blog as a beginner.


Premium Best Blogging Tools

Tools Prices (Starting From)  
WPX Hosting $18.7/Month
StudioPress $69
SEMRush $99.95/Month
GetResponse $15/Month
MaxCDN $9/Month
Snagit $49.5/License

Now let’s jump into the details of the tools.

1. WPX Hosting


WPX Hosting is one of the leading Managed & Optimized Web Hosting for WordPress Users & Bloggers. The reason I’m listing WPX Hosting instead of Bluehost is that WPX Hosting is built especially for WordPress users and it’s quite amazing hosting company out there that provides you Unlimited Bandwith, Unlimited Disk Space, Ultra Faster Server to load, and on top of that, if you have already a hosting with any other company, WPX Hosting team is there to help you migrate your entire blog with cPanel from your old hosting provider to a new Ultra Fast Servers.

WPX Hosting Business plan (Starter Plan) starts at $18.75 monthly (If you pay for a whole year at once) with 50GB Bandwith, 10GB Disk Storage and in this plan, WPX Hosting team can migrate up to 5 sites to their WP Managed Hosting from other hostings.

WPX Hosting has also a dedicated Support team that is there to help you in no time if you have any issue regarding their services.

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2. StudioPress


In case you have already chosen WPX Hosting or started your own blog the right way, now it’s time to give a beautiful look to your blog. So, therefore, you will need to buy an amazing & eye-catching WordPress Theme and that’s where StudioPress kicks in.

StudioPress is the maker of one of the best WordPress Themes Frameworks, Genesis Framework, that lets you make your own blog of your own customization & look. In order to make your blog look more awesome, there are hundreds of Genesis Framework Child Themes available in StudioPress market you can buy for your blog.

In case you are looking for the best theme, here we have listed Best Blogging Themes For WordPress you need to know about.

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3. SEMRush


SEMRush is a Must-have Blogging Tool for Bloggers who can afford to buy this Amazing Tool. Even though, You can evaluate SEMRush trial version for free for a whole next month if you sign up with our link.

SEMRush is All In One SEO tool that helps you find your competitors’ quality backlinks, get amazing & in-depth Keywords ideas, track keywords, Check Keywords difficulty and much more.

It’s a tool you must give a try.

4. GetResponse


Another premium best blogging tool that should be mentioned is GetResponse. It’s a tool you can use to grow your email list, make amazing & eye-catching landing pages, increase your conversion rate with the Getresponse webinar marketing solution and much more.

It’s the tool for every serious blogger. So if you want to increase your email list, give a try to this premium Marketing tool. You can also evaluate its 30 days trial version by signing up using our link.



MAXCDN is a Content Delivery Network that makes your blog secure from hackers, makes it faster to load on every device and helps you keep your blog live even if it’s not accessible by showing the cached & saved version of your blog to your visitors.

In case you don’t want to invest in Premium CDNs, you can also give a try to CloudFlare which an alternative to MaxCDN but it’s free to use.

6. Snagit


Snagit is a complete kit for capturing your desktop. Whether you want to take screenshots or make videos or make GIFs, it’s the perfect tool out there available in the market. Snagit also gives you a bunch of features you can use to make amazing screenshots with a bunch of options such as you can add Texts, Callouts, Stamps, Lines, Magnify part of a screenshot & add amazing other effects.

If you have not yet tried it, you should give it a try to start adding amazing images to your blog posts which will look interesting to your visitors.

Now, let’s jump into:

Best Free Blogging Tools

Tools Types  
Yoast SEO Plugin All In One SEO Tool
UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Tool
W3 Total Cache Cache WP Plugin
Google Keyword Planner Keyword Research Tool
ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate WordPress Plugin
Google Analytics Google Analytics
MOZ SEO Tools SEO Tools
Pixabay Ready-Made Graphic Designs
Canva Graphic Tool
Grammarly Writing Tool
PayPal Online Payment Processor
Payoneer Online Payment Processor
Youtube Video Sharing Site
Quora Q&A Platform
CoSchedule Headline Analyzer Writing Tool

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a must-have WordPress plugins or tool that handles all of your blog SEO. It’s a powerful tool to make your entire blog search engines optimized and thus allows Google & other Search Engines to rank your blog at the top than those who do not use or use Yoast SEO but not the proper way.

The best part of the Yoast SEO plugin is that it’s completely free and you can use it on unlimited sites.

2. UpdraftPlus (WordPress Backup Solution)

Backing up WordPress is one of the most important things in blogging because your server and blog can be broken at any time without any prior notice. By default, there is no option you can use from your WordPress dashboard to take backup & then restore your blog but to do this all process, you need to install some third party plugins & out of all the plugins out there available for free, I suggest you UpdraftPlus because it’s very easy to configure plus it has all the features & options we need.

UpdraftPlus helps you backup your entire blog with all the databases and even saves it to your cloud servers automatically after you have configured & connected it with your preferred cloud server such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. The best part of the plugin is it’s completely free & needs only 5 minutes to set up. In case, your blog is broken or you need to restore the old files, all you need to do is use the restore feature in the plugin & restore your old files in no time.

3. W3 Total Cache

Is your blog loading too slow? W3 Total Cache may help you load your blog faster when a visitor or visitors land on your blog. It’s the best free tool to help you increase the speed of your blog loading & thus indirectly helps you get more happy visitors, improve bonus rate & much more.

4. Google Keyword Planner

You already may have well-known to this tool as it’s the basic tool for every blogger and this is cleared that there is no blogger on the planet who may have not used this tool yet.

It’s the tool provided by Google for free to check Keywords value & numbers of visitors and searches it get on Google Search Engine. If you need a tool for Keyword Research, GKP is a must have tool.

5. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is the plugin every Affiliate Marketer should use. It’s something that helps you convert your ugly long affiliate URL to your brand domain name. For instance, if your WPXhosting Affiliate URL is something like this:, ThirstyAffiliates will convert it into a beautiful URL under your domain name such as:

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool to use for your blog to get in-depth statistics about your blog’s visitors, your blog bonus rate, real-time visitors and how users engage with your content. It’s a tool that you should be using as a blogger if you did not yet.

7. MOZ SEO Tools

If you cannot buy the SEMRush one of the leading SEO tools, then I would suggest you go for MOZ SEO Tools and the reason behind this is it’s completely free, however, to get a whole bunch of advanced features & more powers to increase your Blog’s SEO efforts, you need to buy the Pro version.

8. Pixabay

If you’re not a Graphic Designer and cannot design your own graphics then you need to find some free stock images with no attribution required & this is what Pixaby kicks in. This amazing website is filled with thousands of free stock images with no attribution required you can download free stock images from & can use on your blog right for free without crediting the image author or website.

9. Canva

Are you not a Graphic Designer? You may not be because I’m too very weak at Graphic Designing and this is not something which can prevent us from blogging. Thanks to the Canva Amazing Online Graphic Editor that helps us create & design amazing banners, thumbnails, facebook cover photos, youtube thumbnails, custom designs & much more.

I think being a blogger, you must give it a try because It’s free of cost & there are countless free ready-made designs & templates available you can use without going into in-depth editing.

10. Grammarly

Grammarly is a powerful another one of the best & essential blogging tools for bloggers/writers that allows us to check our writing especially on Text Editors such as WordPress text editor etc and helps you correct your errors.

If English is not your first language or you are not good at writing English articles, give Grammarly a try.

Secret:- The best thing about Grammarly is that it’s completely free & Extension for MS Office is also available.

11. PayPal

I think you already know better about PayPal. It’s an online platform that helps you transfer & receive payments across the world online. If you’re a blogger or someone who needs to get paid by companies & clients, PayPal is another one of the must-have blogging tools.

12. Payoneer

If you’re from a country where PayPal is not available, then Payoneer is there to hold PayPal’s place. It has been serving users across 200+ countries and helps them get paid by Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks & other companies online out there.

Learn How to get Payoneer MasterCard

13. Youtube

Youtube is the second website on the planet after Google holding position at first. It’s a video streaming site where everyone can upload and watch videos. If you’re a blogger & a YouTuber and create videos for your audience and feel not good at uploading to your own blog server then Youtube is the place where you can upload those videos freely and can easily embed it into your blog & the best part about Youtube is that it’s quite friendly to users even if Youtube videos are embedded into blog posts.

14. Quora

Quora is Q&A platform where Questions are asked & answered by skillful users across the world. If you’re looking to ask a question or if you’re looking for blog posts ideas to find, Quora is the best place. You can also get backlinks from there & traffic.

15. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is the tool to help you analyze your blog post title & suggest you relevant appealing keywords that drive traffic, social media shares & appearing at the top in SERPs.

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Last Words:-

Choosing the right tool to start a successful blog the right way is quite important. We have listed the best tools every blogger should be using to skyrocket their blogging business & if you think we have left any tool that should be mentioned, push it below in the comments & I’ll be happy to include it in my next update.

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