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WPX Hosting Review 2019: The Best WP Hosting (50% Discount!)

WPX Hosting ReviewRead our in-depth WPX Hosting Review in which we have listed all the Info about WPX and the Pros & Cons of it. If you’re new & wanna register for WPX Hosting then this detailed review is for you. Go & read it out now.

Every business today needs a website. Online companies, of course, need websites to market and sell their products or services. But building a successful website is no longer a job that only HTML enthusiasts do.

Web hosting has become mainstream now. You need a web host to pet your inspiration on the internet for everyone to see. A hosting service is a company or individual that leases space on its server and provides internet connectivity. Connecting is what makes it possible to access files stored on the internet.

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Different Types of Hosting Services

Different Types of Web Hosting

Free Hosting Services

This is a limited resource that some (not all) providers are offering. Users are typically limited to a number of pages, fewer features, and limits on what can be uploaded compared to paid services.

Virtual Dedicated Server

It is also known as a Virtual Private Server; this option is at the disposal of those who want more control. Users still share space on a platform, but resources are split and allocated in such a way that everyone has their own without affecting the underlying hardware.

Shared Web Hosting

Probably this is the most common type of service. Users share a server space as well as the drive’s resources. One platform might host a few hundred to a few thousand websites, depending on the size.

Dedicated Hosting

The user has his own server and complete control with this option. Usually, the consumer does not own the hardware, however, just leasing it. The customer is responsible for security and maintenance, but space or resources are not shared.

Features to look for before Buying a Web Hosting

Features to look at Before Buying Web Hosting

First of all, you should be fully aware of your goals about your business website before selecting a web host. If you have a clear vision of the objectives of your business website, you should immediately start your search for a reliable web host, but consider the following aspects before you select.


When choosing a hosting provider, this is the aspect most of us will look at first; however, it should not be the decisive factor. It’s helpful to remember the old maxim when you see price differences that we get what we’re paying for.

It’s not necessarily the best idea to jump on the cheapest offer you see, especially If you want to make money on your website. Things like non-outsourced support and high-quality hardware cost money, and a hosting company charging $1.99 a month is unlikely to offer these features. Take a closer look at each host’s features, then compare prices.

Tech Specs/Limitations

If you’re hoping to host a blog, an e-commerce website, rich content, and videos, you’re not supposed to go with the cheapest hosting package you can find.

A cheap hosting plan may not have the RAM, processing power, and disk space to serve all of these needs, and you’re going to spend more time dealing with downtime or loading issues than you want.

Instead, Look for the cheap host to see what you get and what features are included in the cost. Do they charge for additional domains, backups, support, etc? Call them, call them. Please ask questions. Tell them what you want your site to be. Just don’t take it for granted that your site is taken as seriously as you are.

Customer support

It doesn’t matter how good and technically sound you are, but you will need tech support at one point when you host your site on a remote server.

Now, many web hosting companies like WPX hosting, offer excellent customer care service and offer a variety of ways to connect, such as live chat, phone, email, Twitter, making their support exceptional.

Similarly, I highly recommend that you check what all of your hosting companies ‘ support medium is offering and if you need instant help, you will be able to contact them or not.

WPX Hosting Review

WPX Hosting is an optimized hosting provider for WordPress, previously known as Traffic Planet Hosting. WPX Hosting is a popular host that offers a lot of features to save you time and keep your site safe in addition to exceptional performance.

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to pay more than $20 to $30 a month for hosting, I’d recommend that you go to WPX Hosting and sign up for your basic WordPress hosting plan. And here’s why we’re recommending this super awesome hosting provider for WordPress in our WPX Hosting Review.

It goes as low as $24 a month (But thanks to our WPX Hosting Coupon: 50% Discount, you’ll earn 50% flat discount – exclusively for our Readers) and has all you need to set up and maintain a brand new WordPress website. For some users, WPX is a bit expensive, but its basic plan includes hosting up to five sites. You’re going to save a lot for your money here compared to higher priced hosts.

Before going any further, you can take a quick look at the Thrive Themes’ WPX Hosting Review Youtube video right below to get some quick info without reading this whole article.

Let’s have a look at the features and services offered by WPX Hosting.

Content Management System (WordPress)

WordPress is undeniably the best CMS(Content Management System) and that’s WPX Hosting which is offering WordPress Hosting only also known as WordPress Managed Hosting.

Blogger was the most popular platform before WordPress. But it took over the market after WordPress came with its cool dashboard and easy-to-use settings. That’s why web hosts review the installation of WordPress in just one click.

Now WPX Hosting also provides one-click installation of WordPress. Just Login to your Cpanel with your username and password and click on WordPress to install. So you’ve finished installing your WordPress. It’s that simple.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

The good thing about the latest web hosting service is that they always guarantee the uptime of 99% percent. But this isn’t enough nowadays. Because if you calculate that 1% based on 365 days a year, the downtime amount is three days! That’s a long time in fact.

WPX Hosting is renowned for maintaining uptime of 99.95 percent. It’s their guarantee. You can go to this Uptimerobot website if you want to calculate their uptime and monitor it for yourself. On this very website, we calculated their uptime. For the past six months, we have monitored them and found that they have an uptime of 99.95% percent which is their guarantee.

24/7/365 Support

WPX Hosting provides a live text chat service 24/7/365 as well as a ticketing help desk system. WPX Hosting customer support only has a 60-second maximum threshold!

Most web hosts cause customers to wait at least 5 to 10 minutes before connecting with a customer support agent. That’s very frustrating and depressing. Because right now you might need help. But to get a solution, you have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes which is not correct.

WPX Hosting support team respond quickly and helpfully when you contact support to solve your problems and answer your questions. There is also a base of online knowledge that should answer your questions and help you solve any issues.

Free SSL Certificate

When the URL of a website starts with HTTPS rather than HTTP, it’s a proof of secured search and the contents of that website bear security to the visitor. That’s why it’s considered as a significant ranking factor.

Now this ranking factor can cause up to $19.95 a year for a single website. But WPX Hosting is giving this excellent ranking factor for free to their customers for up to 35 sites. Which is great.


You have to be fast in a world where everything is accelerating on a daily basis. And your website includes that. Optimizing your WordPress website for speed is an essential process, but it will not work as effectively as it should if you have chosen the wrong hosting.

WPX Hosting works with PHP 7.0 which is a massive improvement for those unaware of the WordPress platform, particularly in terms of performance–show A. There’s just one thing you need to keep in mind–not all WordPress plugins and themes work with PHP 7.0, so be sure to look at it before upgrading to PHP 7.0.

If some of your plugins or themes don’t work, downgrade it back to a lower version and everything will be as usual.

WPX Hosting has implemented its own fix to the W3 Total Cache plugin that makes it work with PHP 7.0 so if you use the plugin for speed (as you should), don’t worry about it as it works with WPX Hosting. And as far as speed is concerned, it’s a lot of it. Combined with the stable servers and great resources allocated to each website, these two features are all your website needs to load phenomenally quickly.

Oh, and I have forgotten to mention the opcode caching that basically caches the result of compiling the PHP code into bytecode that also helps with the speed of the site.

Website Backups

As part of their service, your website will be backed up daily by WPX hosting. The backup files are stored on a separate server for increased protection and are kept for 14 days. There is no charge for retrieval of backups should something go wrong. You can also use your own backup solution including backupbuddy or backwpup plugins and store your personal files.

DDoS Protection

A Denial of Service (dos) attack is an attempt to make the network resource unavailable to its intended users (which may be your blog or website), such as temporarily or indefinitely interrupting or suspending a host connected to the Internet.

The good thing to use WPX hosting is it provides free of charge DDoS protection at the enterprise level for all WPX hosting customers with Incapsula, which is a DDoS security industry leader. This additional DDoS protection is free for all customers of WPX Hosting.

This protection for DDoS alone is costly, which would normally cost Incapsula directly at least $299 per website per month. Luckily, WPX hosting actually uses a higher Enterprise plan than the $299, so you don’t even have to pay a penny to get it. The great thing to use for DDoS protection is Incapsula that Incapsula is guaranteed to mitigate any DDoS attacks in less than 10 seconds, irrespective of their size and without interfering with legitimate traffic. You are therefore in safe hands.

Free Site Migration

One of the strong reasons people haven’t moved their sites from one hosting to any other hosting service is that they know how difficult it is to migrate from one host to another host and if you don’t have any technical skills, it usually takes a lot of time. But if you already use an existing service and are not happy with it at all and would like to move to WPX hosting, you’re lucky.

They will migrate your sites to the WPX hosting servers free of charge from your existing hosting service. All you need to do is connect with your customer staff, give details about the hosting of your website, buy hosting from them, and you’re done. They will take care of everything else free of charge by their customer support team.

Email Account Setup

While most other shared hosting providers offer limited email support and hard to set up email service, WPX Hosting provides terrific email support that you can easily manage from the control panel. You can create your website’s new email addresses or change the dashboard email address settings without a hitch.

WPX Hosting also provides a custom email client that can be opened to access your email at any time on your web browser.

Free CDN (Cloud Service)

WPX cloud is the fastest CDN service in the world, built by hosting WPX from group up to help users speed up their sites too. Instead of upselling users to get a premium third-party CDN (for an extra charge), WPX hosting built WPX cloud itself and offer it free of charge to all its users (through different plans). You won’t need any additional CDN services like MaxCDN (when they didn’t develop the WPX Cloud they offered this for free) or KeyCDN with WPX.

WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

WPX Hosting Pricing

WPX Hosting has three hosting plans managed by WordPress that bloggers can choose from and are very competitive: business, professional and elite.

Business Plan:

For beginners, this is the best plan. It’s perfect for bloggers as it’s one of the top programs you can choose to provide both ultra-fast speed and reliable WordPress hosting. This plan also allows the user with 50 GB to host five websites. It offers 10 GB of disk space for boosting the site and dedicated SSD and RAM servers. All this for $24.99 per month’s extremely reasonable price.

In case you’re on a tight-budget then in this WPX Hosting Review, we would recommend you to go for the Business Plan as it’s the cheapest and on top of their cheap price, you’ll also get a discount on this plan when you’ll use our exclusive WPX Hosting Coupon Code.

Professional Plan:

This is very similar to the business plan, but at a higher level, allowing for more flexibility and offers. This plan provides for a one-time hosting of up to 15 sites with 100 GB of bandwidth, 20 GB of disk space and dedicated SSD and RAM servers–all for $49.99 a month.

Elite Plan:

Now, this is the best of the best that is extremely efficient from your website to get more traffic. This plan provides up to 35 sites, unlimited bandwidth, 40 GB of disk space, and dedicated SSD and RAM servers – this is $99.00 a month. But if you’re willing to pay the whole amount for 1 year, then you’ll have 2 months hosting for free.

Money Back Guaranty

This is the extraordinary feature of WPX Hosting. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the services, you need to have your money back. If you’re not happy with the services, WPX will pay back your money within 30 days without any problems. This feature makes it unique and trustworthy for everyone.

Money Back Guaranty offered by WPX Hosting is the best feature ever and that’s why we wanted to share it with our readers in our this WPX Hosting Review post for 2019.

Pre-built Caching System

Just like any other service you’ve managed to host, you don’t need to install a WordPress cache plugin. The servers are cached by pre-built in caching systems from the root level that is far superior to your standard cache plugins. The system includes all optimizations such as browser cache, mining, integration with CDN, and these are just a few names. All of these, you don’t have to deal with. Let the team do that.

The User Interface

You won’t have access to the traditional cPanel with WPX Hosting. This is a good thing as well as a bad thing. If you’re already used to the cPanel, you’re sure to lose out on many of the settings and options it has made available. Like most non-tech webmasters, though, if the cPanel makes you feel overwhelmed, you’re sure to love the implementation of WPX Hosting.

The company provides a custom user interface to navigate all of your plans ‘ settings and options easily. A sidebar menu will carry various possibilities for your use to different settings panels.

This includes:

  • FTP Users
  • Edit DNS
  • File Manager
  • Backups
  • Service Details: To view and cancel your plan details, upgrade your plan.
  • Website / SSL: To view your SSL and other website information.
  • Databases: Database settings to monitor and adjust.
  • Email Boxes: To access the email service provided with the plans.
  • WPX Cloud: you can enable or disable the CDN from here. You can even empty their cache if you like.

Traffic handling

Have you ever receiving more traffic on your blog and had a slow loading time that wasn’t helping your visitors? When you will migrate to WPX hosting services, this won’t happen.

WPX Hosting is a managed hosting provider that can handle any amount of heavy traffic coming towards your blog. They understand that you are growing, and this ensures that when your business grows, you do not face challenges and attract more traffic as well.


There’s a lot of ways to help needy pets. One of the most common ways in which people choose to help is to donate money to charities. Organizations of animal-focused charities always need funds to accomplish their missions. A financial donation can make a big difference in the lives of animals and humans, no matter how small.

Terry Kyle loves dogs and makes sure every day that more than 350 dogs get adequate nutritional food and medical assistance when needed. The charity takes care of the money you pay to host your website. That’s a reason to be proud to say you’re a customer of WPX.

WPX Hosting Pros & Cons

All products & startups come with some kinds of Pros, so-called benefits or Cons, so-called Disadvantages to the customers. Here we share with you all the Pros & Cons of WPX Hosting that you’ll be receiving when you’ll sign up for the premium hosting of WPX Hosting.

So take a look at some of the WPX Hosting Pros & Cons.

WPX Hosting Pros

  • Focused performance with fast load times.
  • Support quickly and effectively.
  • Incredible pricing compared to competitors. Constructed to power large e-commerce sites that make it easier to run WordPress (faster load times).
  • Supports emails (as opposed to some hosts in WordPress).
  • Easy to use interface (one click away from all the important stuff).

WPX Hosting Cons

  • Interface features are missing, but this can be classified as a Professional since the Interface is easier to use.
  • Bit expensive.


In our WPX Hosting Review, we concluded that WPX Hosting could be a bit expensive but it does not make any sense if you’re getting advanced features. Most importantly, in terms of uptime, speed, and safety, it is highly reliable.

WPX Support is groundbreaking and impressive page loading times. WPX Hosting takes care of you and your website, leaving you to concentrate on your business. This is the host for you if you want a quality hosting provider for your WordPress site.

I hope this post will make many of you a lot of things simple.

However, I’m going to suggest that you carefully read every feature that WPX Hosting does offer. You can also try it for a risk-free 30-day period, and if you don’t like it, you can always reimburse money with 30 days from the purchase date. You can also try to contact customer support during these 30 days for any technical difficulties and check whether or not they are doing an outstanding job.

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