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WPCoupons Coupon Code: The #1 Coupon Plugin For WordPress

WPCoupons Coupon Code

Are you involved in promoting affiliate products? WP Coupons by just got your attention and you’re going to get hands on this super powerful plugin?

If yes, then you’re here to grab a massive discount using the WPCoupons Coupon Code that I’m going to share with you here in this post.

WPCoupons Review

WP Coupons by is the best plugin for WordPress that is used to build a Coupons & Deals affiliate blog.

It’s basically a paid plugin that you can purchase and then set up your own coupons blog where you can promote your affiliate products and the best reason of using this plugin is that it helps you increase your affiliate sales by many numbers and the reason is that it’s super attractive and the design of this plugin is made in such a way that the place where the Affiliate Link is placed grab the attention of the user & thus when the user clicks the affiliate link and makes sale, you earn a commission.

Now here let me talk a little bit about this plugin.

The purpose of this WP Coupons by is to provide the easiest solution to Affiliate Marketers & Bloggers to increase their affiliate sales and make more affiliate earnings through their WordPress blog.

This plugin was founded & developed by Brian Jackson & his brother.

If you have been involved in any kind of Affiliate Marketing online and own your WordPress blog then this plugin is a must-have plugin for you. It starts with a Normal Price ($) but thanks to our exclusive WPCoupons Coupon Code which is giving you a discount when you’ll use it while checking out the plugin on the checkout page.

WPCoupons Coupon Code

Their basic plan starts at $34.95 a year and they have 3 plans as of now. In case you’re looking for a WPCoupons Discount then you’re at the right place. Just click the Reveal Coupon below to show the text and paste it out there on the checkout page to get a whopping discount.

How to Use WPCoupons Coupon Code?

Not sure how to use our coupon to get a discount? Just follow these steps.

  • Click our coupon link here to visit
  • Select your favorite WPCoupons pricing plan & click Buy it Now.
  • Now on the checkout page, just enter our coupon code.
  • Once the coupon is applied, you’ll get an instant discount on this plugin.

WPCoupons Features

Now coming up to the main point which is the features of this super powerful Affiliate Marketing plugin known as So let’s talk a little bit about the WP Coupons Features and how it’s going to help you achieve more success in affiliate marketing and how it can help you get increased in affiliate sales meaning more affiliate earnings!

1. The #1 Coupon Plugin For WordPress

Probably you have been searching for the best Coupon plugin for WordPress to build your own blog and we have found it for you. WPCoupons is the most powerful Coupon plugin that you can use to make a stunning & attractive Coupons & Deals blog & site on WordPress.

It comes with amazing design & super Mobile Friendly layout which looks great both on Desktop & Mobile and the Call to Action design is also very stunning which helps you get more eyeballs & get more affiliate sales.

Even if you’re not going to build your own Coupon dedicated Blog on WordPress but still promoting affiliate products on your WordPress blog then this plugin comes handy in this way as well because it helps you make a Single Coupon which you can add it to any specific post in sticky widget which helps you get more sales and promote the products more easily.

One of the examples of the WPCoupons Sticky Widget is below.

WP Coupons Sticky Widget

2. Easy To Use Widgets & Shortcodes

The plugin offers an easy way to quickly add single or a list of coupons either on Widgets or you can use the shortcodes to place & add either single or a list of coupons inside the post.

This plugin also comes with a simple but very attractive template & layout which makes coupons in your blog attractive and gives you an increase in your affiliate sales.

3. Easy to Configure & Change Style & Design

With the Display Options, you’re able to make changes to entire Plugin & make it according to your own wishes & needs.

WPCoupons Display Options

As you can see in the Plugin Settings that there 5 Menus and in the Display Options menu, you can change all the primary display settings of your coupon plugin.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the Display Options and how you can configure it.

Haven’t you purchased the Use our exclusive WPCoupons Coupon Code to grab a whopping discount today!

Enable Coupon Archive Template: By default, this option is enabled and this option lets you generate a separate directory for Coupons & Deals.

When you install this WP Coupons plugin, the by default Coupons directory slug is but you can change this slug according to your needs below in the Archive URL which we’re going to talk about below.

Enable Single Coupon Template: The plugin comes with a stunning and amazing template & layout that shows Coupons & Deals in its by default layout & theme. But in case, you want to use your own WordPress theme’s layout and design, you can simply disable it.

Single Coupon Template: In case you have disabled the Enable Single Coupon Template feature then this option won’t appear. However, you can choose which template to choose for Single Coupon i.e Post Template or Page Template if you haven’t disabled the above option.

Single Coupon Panel Position: This option lets you show Single Coupon Panel position either on a right, left or at the top.

Display Single Template Image: This option lets you display single post coupons panel features image.

Hide Breadcrumbs: By default, this option is disabled as the Breadcrumbs are shown already but if you don’t want to add The Breadcrumb which includes the Coupon type then you can enable this option to disable or hide the Breadcrumbs.

Archive URL: As we talked above that Archive URL is the directory where you want your Coupons directory to be made. The by default URL will be Coupons but you can change it to any URL such as Deals, Discounts or anything else.

Nav (Navigation) Title: The by default Title will be All Coupons which is also the Main Menu of your Coupons plugin. In case you want to change it, you can simply do it by changing it to any text you want.

Enable Tag Subnav: In case you want to add your Coupons tags as Subnavigation then you can do it just by enabling the Tag Subnav option.

Archive Layout: By default layout of the Coupons archive or directory is 3 Columns layout. But WP Coupons is offering 7 layouts from which you can choose and add any kind of archive layout that fits your needs & style.

These are the Layouts, WP Coupons is offering.

  • 2 Columns
  • 3 Columns (Default Layout)
  • 4 Columns
  • 5 Columns
  • List View
  • List Compact View
  • List Minimal View

Call to Action: This is the text that displays below the Coupon Code. You can change this text to any text that is attractive & eye-catching for increasing more of your affiliate sales.

Display Discount Codes: This option is unchecked by default. But if you want users to see the Discount Coupon text then check and enable this otherwise you can disable it so users won’t see any coupon but instead, they will see the Call to Action text & button which will redirect them directly to the affiliate site.

Hide Coupon Type Tags: This will let the Tags to be hidden if you will enable this option. By default, this option is unchecked & disabled.

No Code Needed Text: Sometimes you don’t need to provide any coupon code to users but instead, using your unique affiliate link, a user can get discount. So in this case, if you don’t want to add a coupon, then the NO CODE NEEDED text will be displayed instead of the Coupon Code.

You can change it to any text you like.

Hide No Code Needed: In case you don’t want to show No Code Needed on the Coupon where you haven’t inserted any coupon then you can enable this option.

Click to Reveal Text: By default when you have inserted a Coupon, you’ll see a text Click to Reveal. In case you want to change it, you can do so here with the help of this Click to Reveal Text.

Click to Reveal Behavior: In case you want the affiliate window to be opened in a new tab with a popup then you can choose New Tab + Popup here but if you don’t want to open affiliate site in a new tab then you can simply select Popup only.

Display Expiration Dates: In case you want to add an expiration date to coupon codes, you can enable this option from here and then add an expiration date to each & every coupon code from its respective page.

Display Related Coupons: If you want to show related coupons below the coupon page then you can enable this option. However, if you don’t want, you can disable it right away.

Related Coupons Locations: In case you want to display related coupons, then in this option here, you can specify the plugin where to show the related coupons.

You have three (3) options here i.e Posts, Pages & Coupons.

Related Coupons Hook: In case you don’t want to show Related Coupons After Contents, you can use this option to show & print related coupons at your own specified location.

Archive Post Limit: By default, there are 9 coupons posts limit in the plugin’s archive. However, you can increase or decrease according to your own needs.

Force Global Widget Coupon: Normally when you add a Widget Coupon to your blog, Randomly coupons are then shown in the Widget. However, you can change it to any specific coupon that you want to show all over the blog in that widget instead of being changed randomly.

Force Home Page Coupon: Now if you want to show any specific coupon on the Homepage instead of all over the site or blog then you can choose your favorite post here that will override the existing setting and will show this post only on the homepage.

Attribution Link: By default, this option is disabled but if you’ll enable & check this option then a small link to will be shown below the widget coupon. You can also use your own Affiliate Link instead of just a link to

Affiliate ID: This option is related to the Attribution Link. If you have a verified affiliate account with then you can just enter here your affiliate ID and the link will be then changed with your affiliate URL. Also, the link to will be nofollow as well.

It was the Display Options that we talked about. Now in the other menus of the WPCoupons Settings, you’ll find some more options as well such as in the Style Options, you’ll be able to change the look, style, and fonts of the plugin, and in the Extras menu, you’ll find some more useful options that you must check out before publishing coupons.

4. Very Lightweight Plugin

WPCoupons is a very lightweight plugin at under 40KB only and with no javascript on frontend according to their official site. I have been using it personally and you won’t find any slowness in your blog’s loading speed or there won’t be any affection to the Mobile Friendliness.

Even the plugin creates a different directory for Coupons but still, there won’t be any issue when it comes to blog loading speed.

5. Responsive & User-Friendly

The coupons and directory/archive you’ll create with this super powerful plugin looks quite responsive & user-friendly on almost all devices & browsers including Smartphones & Desktop.

These are the screenshots of how this plugin is looking responsive on both the devices.

WPCoupons Looking Responsive On Desktop
WPCoupons Desktop Friendly Example
WPCoupons Mobile Friendly Example
Checking if WPCoupons is Mobile-Friendly OR Not

6. Compatibility

This plugin has been tested and is compatible with almost all themes & plugins. I have installed & configured it with all basic plugins and am using Aspire Pro but there’s no issue with this plugin so far.

Let me know below in the comments if you are having any issue with this plugin. Pricing

Now coming to the pricing and what are the current plans offered by team. So let’s talk a little bit about their pricing here.

They have currently 3 plans with different features & options. Now take a look at the below table to understand their pricing structure.

Plans & Packages Personal Business Unlimited
Permitted Sites 1 Site 3 Sites Unlimited Sites
Price ($) $34.95 Per Year $84.95 Per Year $174.95 Per Year
1 Year Support & Updates Included Included Included
30 Day Money Back Guarantee Included Included Included

Why Should I Use

If you’re an affiliate marketer and promoting affiliate products and also offering coupon codes & discount promo codes on your blog then this is the super important plugin for you because it’s built in such a way that it can boost up your affiliate sales and thus will help you make more money out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

This plugin lets you create a separate directory & archive for all of your affiliate products where you can list your affiliate products and promote them over there and any user clicks the Coupon and signs up with the affiliate products will make you money.

So if you want the following, then you must use this plugin.

  • Create attractive & eye-catching Coupon boxes.
  • Start a Coupons based blog on WordPress.
  • Promote affiliate products & coupon codes.
  • Increase your affiliate sales.
  • Show coupons widget even respective to the blog post you have published.

Final Words

If you have not yet purchased this amazing plugin but going to get hands on this plugin for the first time then don’t leave this opportunity behind by not using our exclusive coupon code for WPCoupons.

By using this exclusive coupon, our Bloggingscout readers can get whopping 10% off. Just use our coupon here to get 10% off!

Also, if you have any issue while availing this discount, you can just drop your comment below and I’d try my best to help you out.

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