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WP Review Pro Coupon: Grab Special Discount [May 2020!]

WP Review Pro CouponWant to rank higher in the Search Engines like Google & Bing? Probably you need the best Review plugin for your WordPress blog and that’s where WP Review Pro by Mythemeshop comes in. We’re personally using this amazing plugin on this blog which helps us sky-rocket our Rankings in the Search Engines indirectly.

Now with our exclusive WP Review Pro Coupon, you’ll be able to grab a massive discount on WP Review Pro plugin which is super awesome Schema Review, Rich Snippet & Reviewer plugin developed by the giant WP themes & plugins marketplace MyThemeShop.

Adding Reviews & Rich Snippets to a website helps you get better results in the Search Engines, get better CTR (Click-through-rate), and thus help you give more good results & outcomes from the efforts, you’re putting into your blog.

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WP Review Pro Coupon - Click To Grab Discount

WP Review Pro Coupon – Click To Grab Discount

Click the Reveal Coupon here and redeem this exclusive WP Review Pro Coupon during the checkout and once this code is applied, an automatic discount will be added to your WP Review Pro plugin invoice. Now rather than paying the normal price, you'll get this plugin at a very discounted rate.



Expiring On April 15, 2021

  • It Works

    100% Success

    It Doesn’t
  • On the one side, we have many Review Plugins in which most are free but not with powerful features & some are paid with super powerful features like WP Review Pro is having. But out of all those Review Plugins, I came to know that the WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop is the best solution for all those who are looking for the best, lightweight & easy to configure Review & Rich Snippet plugin for their WordPress blogs. And that’s why today I have received an exclusive discount coupon for WP Review which I’m going to share with you today in this post.

    What Is WP Review Pro?

    WP Review Pro is the best premium WordPress plugin developed by MyThemeShop which lets users add Reviews & Rich Snippets to their WordPress blogs. It has a free version also but the Pro version comes with advanced features which costs $77 Per Site License but using our coupon, you’ll grab it for just $47 only.

    As we mentioned above that this plugin has a free version available as well both in the WordPress Plugins Directory and also in the MyThemeShop plugins directory. You can either download the free version of the plugin right from your blog’s Plugins directory or manually install it after downloading the plugin file from the MyThemeShop directory.

    Now, what basically WP Review Pro does offer you. So the question is that simple and hopefully, you know already about it.

    WP Review Pro is the premium version and it helps you add Rich Snippets, Reviews & Users Rating system to your WordPress blog which allows you to show Rich Snippets in the Search Engines and the best thing with WP Review Pro is that it supports 14 types of Rich Snippets which is a huge success of this standalone WP Plugin.

    The reason behind adding this plugin to your WP Blog is that it helps you increase your visibility in the Search Engines by adding nice rich snippets bars & reviews with the author name and also helps you increase your Click through Rates as well which is a positive indication of getting good results from Search Engines. Now the better the CTR of your blog is, the better you’ll be ranked by Search Engines.

    If you’re already using the WP Review free version & want to migrate to its premium version which comes with more advanced features, thumbnails & success then make sure to take a look at our WP Review Pro Coupon below which will help you get a massive discount on this super awesome plugin.

    WP Review Pro Coupon

    Normally you’ll find that WP Review Pro costs $77 For 1 Site License but don’t worry as we have brought before you an exclusive Coupon which you can use at the plugin checkout to grab a massive discount on this WP Review Plugin.

    We have been one of the affiliates at MyThemeShop and we’re also providing coupons for almost all of the MyThemeShop products. For WP Review Pro, you can just copy & paste our coupon during the checkout page for the massive discount.

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    WP Review Pro Coupon - Click To Grab Discount

    WP Review Pro Coupon – Click To Grab Discount

    Click the Reveal Coupon here and redeem this exclusive WP Review Pro Coupon during the checkout and once this code is applied, an automatic discount will be added to your WP Review Pro plugin invoice. Now rather than paying the normal price, you'll get this plugin at a very discounted rate.



    Expiring On April 15, 2021

  • It Works

    100% Success

    It Doesn’t
  • Here’s how to get a discount on WP Review Pro?

    • Go to the WP Review Pro plugin by clicking this unique link.
    • Choose if you need a 1-site license or multiple & then Click “Get it Now!”.
    • Come back & copy WP Review Pro Coupon from this post.
    • Now at the plugin’s checkout page, click “Redeem Here” & paste the coupon in the box.
    • Once the coupon is applied, an exclusive discount will be applied to WP Review Pro plugin invoice.
    • Now enjoy buying the plugin with a huge discount.

    Why Buy WP Review Pro?

    The reason why you should buy & purchase WP Review Pro lies in the plugin’s Pros & Features itself. If you’re going to implement Google Rich Snippets & display reviews & ratings on your WordPress blog with more advanced features than the free version of the WP Review or other plugins that are providing then you must be giving a try to the pro version of WP Review.

    Now before I move forward, I’d like to share with you the most common features that this plugin is offering till now and every Pro user who has purchased this plugin is implementing on their blogs for more SEO Benefits.

    Before I move ahead to the Pros & Features of this plugin, I’d like to point out some quick features for your understanding that why you must buy the Pro version of WP Review.

    Quick WP Review Pro Pros & Cons:

    WP Review Pro Pros & Cons

    Plugin’s Pros Plugin’s Cons
    Pros & Cons Section Free Version Comes with Limited Features
    Google Rich Snippets Available Pro Cost Is Bit High
    14 Different types of Rich Snippets Supported Comparison Tables lakes of Styles
    User Rating System Supported
    Comments Rating System Supported
    16 Various Rating Templates Available
    Multiple Rating System Supported
    Compatible With Almost All WP Plugins & Themes
    Google Places Reviews Integrated
    Yelp Reviews Integrated
    Facebook Reviews Integrated
    Offers Comparison Table
    WooCommerce Reviews Integration
    Plugin is Easy To Manage & Setup
    Desktop & Mobile Friendly
    Lightweight & Optimized For Speed
    Offers 10 Various Custom Widgets
    Supports Custom Images/Icons for Ratings
    Supports Shortcodes Insertion

    I hope you got a quick idea of what Pros & Cons come with the Pro version of the plugin.

    Now let’s dive into the detailed features of WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop plugin.

    WP Review Pro Features

    MyThemeShop’s WP Review Pro plugin is offering a bundle of amazing features which is why makes this plugin one of the best review plugin for WordPress. In case you don’t know what features are being offered by this plugin, I’ll tell you here one by one.

    Quick To Setup & Manage Reviews

    One of the things that makes me impressed about this plugin is that it comes with a simplicity in mind which makes configuring and creating reviews for posts make quite easier. We just need to configure a few settings which take no more than 2 minutes. And then we can do some configuration for Reviews from post to post which also doesn’t take much longer than any 2-5 minutes depending upon the work you’ll be putting into the plugin.

    Installation of the plugin is also very easier. What all you need to do is buy the plugin with our WP Review Pro Coupon from the MyThemeShop directory with a discount and download the file to your PC. After all, upload the zip file to your WordPress plugin’s page and the plugin will be automatically installed & activated.

    Once installed, you just need to do a few quick configuration & management for the plugin which will take a few seconds to 2 minutes.

    The Best Review Plugin For WordPress

    WP Review Pro is known as one of the best Review & Rating plugins for WordPress. In case you’re using the Free version of the plugin, just give a trial to the Pro version which comes with many more features than available in the free version.

    Due to their amazing features, the plugin can be categorized to be one of the best review plugins for WordPress. It brings up amazing Review & Rating system to your blog and also implements rich-snippets to your blog for better appearance in the Search Engines.

    Provides Supports for 14 Different Rich Snippets

    It does not matter what type of blog you’re running on WordPress. Because WP Review Pro has done it all for you. It provides support for 14 different Review & Rich Snippets in which the following are included.

    • Article Rich Snippet
    • Book Rich Snippet
    • Game Rich Snippet
    • Movie Rich Snippet
    • Music Rich Snippet
    • Painting Rich Snippet
    • Place Rich Snippet
    • Product Rich Snippet
    • Recipe Rich Snippet
    • Restaurant Rich Snippet
    • Software Application Rich Snippet
    • Store Rich Snippet
    • TvSeries Rich Snippet
    • Website Rich Snippet

    Comes with 16 Predefined Designs

    WP Review Pro comes with 16 different predefined designs & layouts when you’ll buy it with our exclusive coupon code. Here’re some of the layout & design names that are being offered with the plugin’s pro version. However, in the Free Version, only the default design & layout is offered & provided.

    WP Review Pro Predefined Designs Includes:

    • Default
    • Amazon
    • Aqua
    • Blue
    • Darkside
    • Dash
    • Edge
    • Enterprise
    • Facebook
    • Fizzy
    • Gamer
    • Gravity
    • Shell
    • Tabbed
    • Tabbed2
    • Xiaomi
    • Zine

    Multiple Rating Systems

    Apart from the various designs & layouts, the plugin also provides support for various rating systems such as Stars Rating System, Points Rating System, Percentage Rating System, Circles Rating System & Thumbs Rating System.

    These all options all available in the Pro version only and in the free version of the plugin, you’ll have the Stars Rating System only. However, in the pro version, you can choose any option of all these.

    The following rating options are provided in the Pro version:

    • Stars
    • Point
    • Percentage
    • Circle
    • Thumb

    Users Ratings & Reviews

    Now the good news with the plugin is that it also lets you accumulate Ratings & Reviews from users by enabling the Users Rating option from the plugin’s cPanel or you can also enable this option on Post to Post basis.

    Now there’re two types of Users Ratings i.e you can either collect Ratings & Reviews from users while commenting on your post or just you can show the Rating Option in the Rich Snippet on the post and the user will be able to leave a Review there without commenting on your post.

    Compatible With Almost All WordPress Themes & Plugins

    In case you’re wondering whether or not the WP Review Pro plugin is compatible with your currently installed theme or plugins. If this is the case then you don’t need to worry at all because the Pro plugin (even the free version) comes with compatibility with almost all the WP Plugins & Themes available out there.

    This compatibility is also mentioned on the MyThemeShop site as well. However, when you’re installing the plugin from the WordPress directory, just check the line where it will be mentioned that whether or not the plugin is compatible with your current WordPress version, PHP version & the theme you’re currently using.

    Supports Integration With Reviews Sites

    In case you want to integrate & show reviews from various reviews sites on your WordPress blog from sites such as Google Places Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Facebook Page Reviews then WP Review Pro is the best solution for this kind of feature.

    Google Places Reviews Integration by WP Review Pro

    It won’t take long to integrate reviews from those reviews sites. Just configure the plugin and add required info from the sites and the reviews will start displaying on your desired pages on your blog.

    WP Review Pro Integration of Yelp Reviews

    A Comparison Table

    Ever wondered seeing Comparison Tables on other sites? The same comparison table you can create on your own WordPress blog as well by the help of this best plugin by MyThemeShop.

    WP Review Pro Comparison Table Example

    By the help of this plugin, you can create a detailed comparison table with the products’ pros & cons, rating system and also you can add product images, features and add affiliate links as well.

    Offers WooCommerce Integration

    If you’re running a WooCommerce blog and not loving the WooCommerce by default reviewing & rating system then you can change that too with the help of WP Review Pro WooCommerce Reviews advanced feature.

    Just install the plugin and you’re all set to go with a brand new awesome looking reviews & rich snippet for your WooCommerce blog.

    Advanced Options Panel

    This plugin comes with a wide range of options which you can easily manage right from the back-end of the plugin. You’ll get a menu for the plugin at the left sidebar of your WP blog dashboard.

    Just go to the Plugin’s settings page and you will be able to configure all the plugin’s features & option from there. Apart from those options, this plugin also allows you to do customization on Post to Post basis as well which will override the by default settings you will have set in the plugin’s options panel.

    Desktop & Mobile Friendly

    In case you have a question whether the plugin will be Desktop & Mobile Friendly or not. But it’s mobile friendly and also looks very awesome & attractive on Desktop browsers as well. As we have already mentioned above that this plugin comes with many designs & layouts which you can choose from and add according to the style of your WordPress theme.

    No matter what design & layout you’ll be choosing for your blog, it will look attractive, friendly and easy to read on almost all devices.

    Optimized For Speed

    WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop is made while keeping in mind the importance of the blog’s loading time. It does not matter what type of blog you’ll be using the plugin on, it won’t make any issue when it comes to the blog’s loading time.

    The plugin is very lightweight and won’t make any issue even if you’re receiving thousands of visitors on your blog. It comes with very tiny size and is very capable of handling any amount of visitors without slowing down the speed of your blog.

    Translation Ready

    No matter what languages you wanna create reviews, you can do that easily with the help of Review Pro plugin by MyThemeShop. You can easily translate the reviews in your desire languages without any coding & tweaking into the plugin.

    Developer Friendly

    The plugin allows you to tweak & edit into the plugin of your own choice and make any kind of changes and even create custom designs & layouts & reviews according to your blog’s appearance & requirements.

    If you’re a developer then you can easily make changes to the plugin and extends its features to a whole next level.

    Dedicated Support

    No matter what kind of issues you’re having with the plugin, you can easily get that fixed by just letting the support team know about it. The Premium support team is there to assist you in any kind of issues you’ll be having with the plugin.

    All you need to do is just let them know what issues you’re experiencing and they will let you fix it for you.

    Offers 10 Custom Widgets

    The pro version of the plugin comes with 10 premium custom widgets which you can display on your desired sidebar. However, the free version comes with the by default 1 widget only.

    To have a look at those 10 custom widgets, just go and take a look on this demo page.

    Imports Rating From Other Review Plugins

    Already using review plugin on your blog and now want to migrate to WP Review Pro Coupon? just know that this plugin is also offering support for importing ratings & reviews from other review plugins.

    The process will be too easier and all you need to do is just read the importing reviews steps tutorial on their official site or just follow the steps offered by the plugin.

    Importing Reviews with WP Review Pro

    Plugins you can import Reviews & Ratings from:

    1. Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating
    2. Author hReview
    3. WP Rich Snippets
    4. Reviews
    5. WP Product Review
    6. GD Rating System

    Call to Action Button

    The plugin allows you to show a Call to Action button on every review that you’ll be making for the post to post. You can easily add a link back to the product you’re talking about or just placing an affiliate link which will help you increase your Affiliate Conversions on autopilot.

    The best feature of this Call to Action button is that you can specify your own keyword and URL for the action and thus helps you get more affiliate conversions.

    How to Get Discount on WP Review Pro Plugin?

    If you have made your way towards purchasing the plugin then don’t worry because you’re going to use our exclusive WP Review Pro Coupon below which will help you get a massive discount on this super awesome review plugin by MyThemeShop.

    Before you go and make a direct purchase without using the coupon, you won’t receive any discount. However, upon using our exclusive coupon, you’ll be able to grab up to $33 discount on this unique plugin. This plugin normally costs $77 but with our discount coupon, you’ll get it at just $40+.

    Now let me tell you how to get a discount on this plugin.

    Step #1: Click our unique deal link to visit WP Review Pro plugin. Then choose “License for 1 site” or you can choose more options as well & then click “Get it Now!”.

    WP Review Pro Plugin

    Step #2: At this step, just register for a new MyThemeShop account (important). Then log into your MTS account.

    Register for MyThemeShop

    Step #3: Now click on the “Redeem Here” next to Have a Coupon?. And then paste our exclusive coupon code.

    Click Redeem Here Button

    Step #4: Once the coupon is entered, the discount will be automatically applied and you’ll see it at the checkout.

    WP Review Pro Coupon Applied

    Note:- By default, there will be only $10 off on the plugin but when you’ll use our WP Review Pro Coupon you’ll grab a massive $30 OFF! which is an amazing offer.

    Final Words

    WP Review Pro plugin is the best plugin for WordPress if you want to implement review & rating system on your blog. It comes with a price of $77 but thanks to the Coupon, you’ll grab it for as low as $47 and grab a massive $30 discount instead of $10.

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