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Wikipedia- A Free SEO Tool for Personal Branding and Business

Wikipedia page often lists up in one of the top five results in Google’s search page. Wikipedia is known for its credibility & authentic information about a brand, business or a person. If you are wondering about creating your own brand or business page in Wikipedia you can hire reputed Wikipedia page creation agency who can handle your Wikipedia writing, editing and page management. If you want to do by yourself read here.

Wikipedia Writing

In this blog post, we will take you through the basics of Wikipedia, benefits of creating a Wiki Page and how using this effective online marketing tool help you gain a competitive advantage over others.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a web-based online encyclopedia that uses fact-based content editable by users worldwide. The platform does not hire content writers to create wiki content posts, like other typical encyclopedia’s. This open source site if used correctly can prove to be an effective online marketing tool for your business or personal branding.

Why should I Place My business or My name on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia can be a huge success for your business and offers you the following benefits:

  • According to Alexa, Wikipedia is the 5th most visited website in the world and ranks 6th in the United States. So having a business or personal brand Wikipedia page can produce significant improvement to your business rankings and your reputation.
  • A Wiki business page builds credibility for your company while adding a level of prestige and authenticity to your business, brand or persona. According to a survey, when people see a company’s Wikipedia page, they are somehow assured of looking at a legitimate company.
  • A good Wikipedia page raises your status on the web while boosting up your reputation in the market.
  • You can create or edit your business, brand or biography posted on its website.
  • A Wikipedia page works like SEO that too free of cost. A Wikipedia page usually appears in the top five spots, so your company page gets an automatic SEO.  Thereby helping in boosting up your overall rankings on Google & your business achieve an ultimately significant positive increase in sales.

Why following the Wikipedia Guidelines is important for a Business?

With so many benefits of a Wiki business page (if you don’t have, you can hire a Wikipedia page creation Agency), it is crucial to know that your business can achieve this success by soundly following all the wiki writing guidelines. If the guidelines are not followed as mentioned, your post or Wiki Page is most likely to be removed or flagged. Also, please keep in mind that Wikipedia strictly not allow any kind of biased or promotional content on its site. So you have to be very careful in gathering & writing down content for your Wiki Business Page.

For your ease, we have listed down a quick and simple guide for writing an effective wiki page for yourself or your business.

Here are the Guidelines to create your own Wikipedia page

Here are the detailed step about how to create a Wikipedia page and 4 key guidelines to create your own or business Wikipedia page.

Step #1: First, you have to check:

  • Is your business is renowned or have grabbed any popularity in the past?
  • Is your business has accomplished something of note – winning awards or been the subject of the media spotlight as part of some event?
  • Has anyone ever created articles or news about your business or company and are they available online?
  • Do your business has any press releases, books, or any other kind of public highlight outside of your own control that can be added to your Wiki page?

Step #2:  If you fulfill the above criteria then it’s time to create your Wikipedia account. You can register by clicking on the create account in the top right corner of the website.

Step #3:  At this step, you need to find informative articles on your business or brand that should be directly related to your company and must be present online. Adding Articles from online trade magazines, online newspapers and magazines would be beneficial for your Wikipedia page. Also please keep these things in mind while creating a business Wikipedia page:

  • Since Wikipedia is based on facts proven content, try not to include your personal essays or original research as citations.
  • Don’t ever include tons of information directly from your business website.
  • Do not try to advertise or market your company anywhere in your Wikipedia content.
  • If you don’t have a lot of outside articles, consider doing a little public relations and publish new relevant content before creating a page.

Step #4: If you have got all the above things in place then you can start creating your wiki page or post.

Creating a Solid Wiki page is not as easy as it seems to be

Although the web is flooded with Wikipedia writing guidelines for businesses, still building a perfect Wiki page for your business or brand is not as easy as it seems to be. From creating a registered Wiki account for you, conducting a neutral research for your company to gathering all the citations & references is, in fact, a very troublesome & time-consuming work.

Furthermore, if your Wiki page shows any kind of self-promotion, it will most likely to be flagged for deletion. So it’s very important for businesses to keep an eye on every little thing they are posting in there Wiki page. Companies are advised to use expert help to create their wiki pages, so to avoid the risk of deletion.

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