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Best High Paying CPM Ad Networks For Publishers [Updated 2018]

Monetizing your blog using CPM Ad Networks is one of the best ways to make more money online from your blog if your blog is not approved by Google AdSense.

CPM Advertising is also one of the best ways to make more money from your high-traffic blogs for which you can’t get ad networks such as AdSense etc.

Today I’ll be sharing with you a list of the Best CPM Ad Networks that you always need to have your blog monetized and turn those clicks & impressions into a daily earning sources.

If you’re having a blog or any niche which you want to monetize through Ad Networks but you can’t get an AdSense account for that blog then that’s because your blog doesn’t comply with AdSense T&C and therefore the best way to monetize your blog & make money from each visitor & impression that your blog gets, you’ll need to sign up for any of the following CPM Ad Networks that I have been using some of them on some of my blogs.

One of the best things about these CPM Ad Networks is that they offer competitive CPM rate & pays up to $10+ for each 1000 impression that an ad will get.

Now let’s move on to the list.

Best High Paying CPM Ad Networks 2018

Ad Network Minimum Payout (In US $) Payout Methods Visit Site
PropellerAds Editor’s Choice $100 Skrill, Payoneer & Wire Transfer
Revenuehits $20 Payoneer, PayPal & Wire Transfer
Infolinks $50 PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheck & Payoneer
AdRecover $50 PayPal & Payoneer
Ad-Maven $50 PayPal & Bank Wire
ClickAdu $10 PayPal & WebMoney
BidVertiser $10 PayPal, Check, Western Union & Wire Transfer
Adbuff $100 PayPal, Payoneer & Wire Transfer

Once read the Table, Now let’s check out one by one below.

1. PropellerAds


PropellerAds is one of the leading CPM Ad Networks (normally we can say it Pop-Up) out there that thousands of publishers around the world are using to monetize their blogs & make a whopping rate of CPM. It’s my all-time favorite ad networks that I have been using for years and I can think this could be quite useful to you in terms of friendly ads, high CPM rate, high earning & user-friendly ads.

The company was founded back in 2011 with an aim of catering the Publishers & Advertisers’ requirements & needs to have a better internet advertising business out there.

PropellerAds is a multi-channel CPM advertising company that offers various ad formats & banners for various devices & browsers including smartphone browsers & desktop browsers. And each & every ad format can help you make more money depending on the interest of your blog visitors & readers who take interest by clicking & seeing the PropellerAds Ads.

Having a blog that is receiving traffic from countries like USA, UK, China, India then you’re a lucky blogger out there to make thousands of dollars each day with this amazing but very effective ad network available out there on the Internet surface.

  • Highest paying CPM ad network
  • Monetizes Your Site Entire Traffic
  • Easy to get an Approved Account for any Niche
  • Multi-channel & multi-banner formats
  • Advertising friendly to both browsers & visitors
  • A complete anti-ad-block solution
  • Real-time friendly & expert support
  • Accepts Payoneer, PayPal & Wire Transfer as payout methods
  • Getting an account for subdomains like etc is quite hard

2. RevenueHits


RevenueHits is another one of the best & highest paying CPM Ad Networks that made me thousands of dollars just from a single blogspot subdomain blog within a 6 months period. It was basically a software sharing & downloading site which I had started on blogspot totally for free while not knowing that Google AdSense won’t accept my blog to show Adsense ads but later after a little bit of research, I came across RevenueHits and got the idea of using & test-driving this amazing ad network.

Once I installed it on my blog & then a few days later, when I logged into my RevenueHits account dashboard, I was shocked by the amount of earning Revenuehits had credited to my account for the traffic my blog used to get. It was not that much traffic but at that time, my blog used to get around 5000+ unique views daily (reported by the Blogspot statistics).

Either you’re a small publisher or anyone searching for the best CPM Ad Network, I would highly recommend using RevenueHits because of the high paying CPM that you’ll get for each 1000 impression & views the banner & pop up ads will make.

Like other ad networks, Revenuehits also offers various Ad-banner Types ranging from Desktop to Smartphones screens. Such as Popup Ads, Interstitial Ads, Mobile Responsive Ads, Button Ads, Banner Ads, Footer Ads, Header Ads etc.

With RevenueHits, you can earn up to $33 for every 1000 impressions if the traffic to your blog is from countries like USA, UK, China etc.

  • Pays high CPM rate for visitors that come from countries like USA, UK & India etc
  • You get instant account approval once you have signed up for a publisher account
  • Offers various advertising & banners formats such as PopUp etc
  • Easy & quick to install ads & codes on your blog to show live ads
  • Simple report dashboard to see & manage your earning & ads
  • Accepts Wire Transfer, PayPal & Payoneer as payout methods
  • Less traffic, less earning & low CPM

3. InfoLinks

The next best ad media tha


t stack-ups in this list is InfoLinks. You might have already heard a lot about this Ad Network as it’s one of the best Alternatives to Google Adsense not for its Ads Formats but its Pricing Models as well.

InfoLinks offers various ad types and various pricing models that help you earn even more money from each & every impression & click ads get on your blog. InfoLinks is offering user-friendly ads that let you entirely monetize your blog & make more money by showing the most demanded ads to your visitors thus will make your visitors click your ad and you will get money for those demanded ads shown on your blog.

So without further ado, let’s put some pros & cons here.

  • Easy to get an approved account
  • One time copy & paste codes installation
  • Various ad formats including banner ads, footer ads & InLink ads etc
  • High CPM rate from high paying countries
  • Accepts PayPal, Payoneer, eCheck & Wire Transfer as Payout methods
  • Ads aren’t Relevant to What Users are Searching for

4. AdRecover


AdRecover is another popular advertising network that offers CPM model to make money for each 1000 impressions. It’s a premium company with fast approval & high earning rates that lets you monetize your blog traffic & make money for each & every impression.

AdRecover is also offering an anti ad-block solution that helps you monetize traffic & users who use ad blockers.

  • Easy & fast account approval
  • Anti ad-block solution
  • Quick integeration
  • Low CPM rate
  • Low publishers base

5. Ad-Maven


Looking for another alternative to earn high CPM as a small publisher? Ad-Maven is here with traditional ads formats to help you get the most out of your blog. Being in the Market for the last 15 years, Ad-Maven offers various Ads formats ranging from Popup Ads to Banner & Direct link Ads to increase your earning.

  • Lets you Monetize your Blog for higher CPM
  • Offers various Ad formats; ranging from Popup Ads to Banner & Sliders
  • Accepts Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer & Bitcoin as payout methods
  • Doesn’t a offer real-time support system
  • Earning & Analysis report & dashboard is not advanced or easy to understand

6. Clickadu


ClickAdu is another fastest growing Ad Network that focuses on Popup Ads both for Desktop & Smartphone users. It has been around for the last few years and has got many achievements since then and that’s why more than 8000+ publishers work & monetizing their traffic with ClickAdu and making money out of their blogs.

With advanced technology, clean & friendly ad formats, you can easily earn and monetize every impression that comes on your blog.

  • Publisher-friendly dashboard to manage ad formats, earning & other things
  • Various ad formats for both smartphones & desktop
  • Fast & friendly support by real people
  • Less earning for few GEOs
  • Earning estimation is not that accurate
  • Device & Ad Targeting is not that advanced

7. BidVertiser


Another Ad Network that is based on CPM & PPC is called BidVertiser. Without the inclusion of BidVertiser in this list, it may be incomplete. BidVertiser pays very less amount as compared to other CPM Ad Networks we shared in this post but still, it can help you monetize your high traffic blog and earn something each passing day!

Maybe I was making less money with BidVertiser doesn’t mean you should not be using it but instead, it depends on the interest & clicks of the visitors who are crawling through the blog.

In case you’re having a high-traffic blog which receives traffic from countries like USA, UK, China, India & Pakistan then you’re more likely to make more money with BidVertiser than with others.

Now after all, here’re some Pros of Cons of BidVertiser.

  • Multi-channel & ad formats
  • Minimum payout is $10 using PayPal
  • Lets you moonetize your blog XML feeds for extra Earning!
  • Less earning for many GEOs
  • Dashboard is not Publisher-Friendly like other CPM Ad Networks

8. AdBuff


The last one but not the least one. AdBuff is another one of the leading CPM Ad Networks that offer CPM & CPA Models. It lets you earn a competitive CPM rate by fully monetizing your every impression and clicks of your blog readers & visitors & lets you see real-time earning report right in your AdBuff Dashboard for optimal results.

With that in mind, AdBuff lets you payout your earning through Payoneer ($100 is the minimum Threshold) or through Bank Wires ($500 is the Minimum Threshold).

And so here are some of the Pros & Cons of AdBuff!

  • Boasts to have high & competitive CPM rates in the advertising marketplace & industry
  • Claims of being one of the Adsense Alternatives
  • 30 days payment cycle while payment can be transferred after 45 Days
  • PayPal payout Method is not Available
  • Only English language sites are accepted

Blogger’s Choice:

I have monetized many of my blogs through advertising & used many ad networks in the Past and have earned much money with them so according to the earning I have made, here’re the top CPM ad networks that helped me make more money from my less traffic blogs ever.

  1. PropellerAds
  2. RevenueHits (as you see my earning report above)

Hopefully, you found this list of Best CPM Ad Networks helpful. In case you got any question or you want to share any Ad Network that you think is really helping you a lot to make money from your less traffic blog then don’t forget to share it below in the comments along with your experiences.

Source: Blogging Scout Feed

10 Best Free Grammar & Punctuation Checkers 2018 – Blogger’s Guide

Best Free Grammar CheckersNo matter how good you’re at writing, you will always tend to make mistakes in your writing not because you are not a good writer but probably because you write in too hurry that sometimes you do not point out the hard to spot mistakes in your writing.

To make sure you write pure sentences, articles, columns & blog posts, you will need a tool to help you identify those hard to spot mistakes in your writing.

To help you with that, I have compiled a list of 10 Best Free Grammar Checkers that you can use totally for free to write error-free articles, blog posts, emails & write on social media without any embarrassing mistakes.

Why You Need These Best Grammar Checker Tools?

Most of us are not fluent in English writing & speaking and therefore we make a lot of mistakes writing articles & blog posts in English. But on the other hand, what if we could use a tool that helps us in most part of our writing?

These Best Grammar Checkers could be your best resources & helpers to help you in writing great & errors-free Articles, Blog Posts, Essays, Columns & Emails etc.

The best part of these tools is that they all are free, even though some of the tools offer premium plans as well including more powerful & amazing features than the free version. However, it all depends on you whether a Free version of the tool works better for you or the premium one and so you can choose the one that better fits your requirements.

Who Should Be Using These Free Grammar Checkers?

There is no exact rule that who should be using a Grammar Checker Tool but if you’re an avid writer who writes online or offline on Desktop, you must be using. However, to make things even more clear & easier, these tools are essential for the following.

Bloggers & Affiliate MarketersFreelancers & EditorsStudents & Teachers

We being Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers have to write lengthy & engaging Blog posts, Emails & Articles for our audience & readers but it’s the nature that sometimes we do make mistakes in our Writing so the better way to stop making those mistakes & errors is using the best grammar checker & punctuation checker.

The tools I’m going to share with you work both online & offline (many of them only) so you can write articles & blog posts without making the embarrassing mistakes.

In case you’re the one who makes hard to spot mistakes in your writing, emails, or who don’t know where to put the right punctuation then using these tools could be a amazing & also you should check out these amazing tips to learn how to write effective & engaging articles & avoiding mistakes.

Are you a freelance writer? If yes, then you must be using any of these tools.

No matter how good you are at writing, you will more likely make mistakes in your writing so to avoid those simple mistakes & errors, using one of the below tools will be of much use and will help you in improving your Freelance business.

Do you write essays more frequently? Do you make hard to spot mistakes in your writing?

Then check out the tools I’m going to share with you below because they can help you in most part of your writing and help you save tons of minutes spotting mistakes in your essays & articles.

How These Grammar Checkers Can Help You?

Most of us love writing but sometimes we can’t write because of embarrassing mistakes we make in our writing but not after using these essential tools. There are countless advantages & features of using Grammar Checkers.

Some of the core features that those tools offer us are:

  • Checks your spelling mistakes & helps you correct them
  • Checks if you have put or you have forgotten entering a punctuation in the right place or not. If you did not add a punctuation in the place, you will be given a suggestion to add so
  • Gives you smart suggestions on vocabulary and words to use to make your writing more engaging & mind-catching
  • Some of the tools also even help you check plagiarism contents
  • No matter you’re writing online on the Web or offline on your Desktop, these tools have add-ons available as well that work online & offline totally for free
  • Another one of the funny things about these Free Grammar Checkers is that they can even help you improve your writing skills & vocabulary by letting you know about your mistakes you’re making in your writing

Top 10 Best Free Grammar Checkers In 2018

Now here is a list of 10 best free grammar checkers that you always want to know about. So without any further delay, lets jump right into the list one by one.

Grammar Checkers Price ($) Check Out
Grammarly Free + $29.95 Per Month
Ginger Free +$20.97 Per Month
LanguageTool Free + $19 Per Month
After the Deadline Free
Hemingway Editor Free + $19.99 Per Month
Paper Rater Free + $7.95 Per Month
ProWritingAid Trial + $50 Per Year
GrammarCheck Free
SpellCheckPlus Free
Virtual Writing Tutor Free

1. Grammarly

Grammarly Free Grammer Checker Tool

Grammarly is my all time favorite & one of the recommended Free Grammar Checker tools that I always and have been using for years since I have started blogging & writing online. This tool is amazing because it helps me in most part of my writing such as smooth & error-free writing, using engaging words, vocabulary building and much more.

My English was never that strong neither I was able to write articles & blog posts like other Pro Bloggers but when I came to know about Grammarly, it changed my life and helped me in learning & gaining a lot of skills both in writing & speaking English.

Now here are some cool features that I like a lot about Grammarly which makes Grammarly one of the finest & recommended tool for content writers out there.

Grammarly Features:

  • The most extensive & recommended Grammar Checker suite
  • Works online & offline on Desktop
  • Works on Windows, MAC, Smartphones and almost all the browsers
  • Quite easy to use
  • 100% free if using for personal purpose (even premium subscriptions available with more advanced tools & features)
  • Helps you in improving your writing skills by letting you learn from your mistakes
  • Critical grammar & punctuation checking
  • Advanced grammar style checking
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Works online & offline
  • Gives you suggestions & explanations on your mistakes
  • There is nothing ugly about this tool found so far

2. Ginger

Ginger Free Grammar Checker

Ginger is another one of the best alternatives to Grammarly which is using Patent Technology to help you write errors-free articles, blog posts online and correct your grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes & unmatched accuracy and with that, it also helps you proofread your whole thousands words article by just a click of a button.

Ginger is the best tool that helps you write better & smooth articles, blog posts, emails, essays and other writing either online or offline with no hard to spot mistakes.

So here are some cool Pros of using Ginger software.

Ginger Features:

  1. The best Grammarly alternative
  2. Lets you proofread your writing by just a click of a button
  3. Lets you learn writing while learning from your mistakes
  4. Uses a patent-pending technology to help you write better & error-free articles
  5. In depth accuracy, mistakes & punctuation checker
  6. It’s free and available for almost all platforms and browsers including Windows, Chrome, Safari etc
  • A powerful & in depth grammar mistakes checking
  • Spelling checking
  • Words counting
  • Punctuation checking
  • Text reading
  • Text translation into 50 languages
  • Nothing ugly found so far in this tool while we tested

3. LanguageTool

LanguageTool Free Grammar Checker

LanguageTool is one of the best Grammar Checkers that helps you in your content writing & proofreading job. With a high-technology built-in features, LanguageTool is the best tool to assist you in writing with no embarrassing mistakes & punctuation errors.

In spite of being one of the most used software/tool out there, LanguageTool offers a free version that you can use totally for free for personal use with few limitations such as in the free version of the software, you can check up to 20K characters in one operation which works better for bloggers and essays writers.

However, if you’re a freelancer who is doing content writing jobs for his/her clients or companies then subscribing to any of the LanguageTool Premium Subscriptions has some more advanced features & benefits than the free version.

LanguageTool Features:

  1. The best tool for content writing used by millions of students, freelancers & bloggers out there
  2. Works both online & offline
  3. Helps you check incorrect checksums in ISBN & IBAN numbers
  4. Addons & extensions available for almost all browsers including Chrome & Safari & Microsoft Word etc
  • Free grammar checking
  • Spelling checking in real time
  • Punctuation checking
  • Words counting
  • Some limitations in the free versions

4. After the Deadline

After the Deadline Grammar Checker

It’s one of the best open source software & tool that uses Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing technology to help you write better & smooth articles with no errors while spending less time by not taking care of your grammar mistakes because After the Deadline is the tool that is built to give you smart suggestions of your mistakes and make them correct.

It’s also one of the best Grammarly Alternatives & cloud based tool available in the market totally for free.


  1. Writing better & smooth articles, blog posts, paragraphs, essays & columns in less time by removing your stress of looking for mistakes in your writing.
  2. It’s free & an open source software & tool that you can use both for personal & commercial use.
  3. Uses Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing technology to help you in your content writing.
  4. Gives smart suggestions on your mistakes & writing.
  5. Available for amost all devices & platforms such as Windows, MAC & web browsers.
  • Detects misused & mismatched words in no time
  • Advanced Grammar checking
  • Advanced style checking
  • Spelling mistakes checking
  • Gives smart suggestions & tips
  • Explains errors so you learn from your mistakes
  • Not found.

5. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is another one of the powerful & best grammar checkers that helps content writers to write engaging contents with no errors, no readability issues & punctuation mistakes.

It’s the tool that every Blogger & Content Writer should be using. The tool offers a few quite useful features such as readability checker, importing from & exporting to MS Office, directly publishing articles & blog posts to blogging platforms such as WordPress & Medium etc.

Hemingway Editor Features:

  • Best Grammar Checker & readability checker tool
  • Checks errors & gives you smart suggestions & explainations
  • Helps you become an expert in the content writing by pointing out your mistakes you’re making in your writing
  • HemingWay also allows you to publish blog posts right directly from the HemingWay dashboard to blogging platforms such as, etc
  • Helps you point out errors, mistakes, readability issues & other mistakes by color codes
  • Helps you write curated & better contents without worrying about the grammatical mistakes
  • Readability checking
  • Helps you write engaged articles
  • Point outs errors & mistakes by color codes
  • Complicated words & sentences checking
  • Grammatical mistakes checking
  • Not found

6. Paper Rater

Paper Rater

Paper Rater is another one of the best free grammar checkers available for students and content writers that offers a robust grammar checking tool to help you find out embarrassing mistakes & errors in your writing and fix them in seconds by giving smart suggestions & tips.

Paper Rater Features:

  1. The tool is 100% free
  2. Easy to use
  3. No download required
  4. Gives you detailed stats about the mistakes & other issues your content has
  5. Real time grammar mistakes checking
  • Robust grammar mistakes real time checking
  • Plagiarized text checking
  • Readability checking
  • Not found

7. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is the best alternatives to Grammarly and one of the best grammar checkers that helps you in writing errors-free articles and blog posts. This is a premium & a subscription based tool but however, it does offer a free trial version so you can test-drive the tool before you actually go and buy it.

So here are a few open features of the ProWritingAid tool.


  1. A great software/tool to point out problems in your writing by color codes & helps you fix those errors by smart suggestions.
  2. Offers a free trial version so you better test-drive its full features & options before you actually subscribe to any of their subscriptions.
  • Grammar problems & mistakes real time checking
  • Spelling mistakes checking
  • Detailed explanations & color codes suggestions
  • Words explorer to use engaging words in the right places
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Some limitations in the free version

8. GrammarCheck

GrammarCheck is one of the simplest but most powerful tool to help you point out issues in your contents & text. It’s a web based tool where you can paste your documents, articles or paragraphs to point out some unknown and embarrassing mistakes in your writing.

This top notch tool is also essential for teachers as well to check & point out mistakes in the students’ essays, writings & articles.

GrammarCheck Features:

  1. The simplest grammar checker tool out there.
  2. It’s 100% free both for personal & commercial use.
  3. No need download, all you need to do is just paste your contents in the word processing program.
  • Difficult to spot mistakes checking
  • Gives in depth report about your contents
  • Doesn’t offer extensive features like other tools in this list
  • Doesn’t work offline or on any browser (you need to visit the site & paste your contents to check it)

9. SpellCheckPlus

SpellCheckPlus is another simplest tool for contents writers. It is an online & web based tool that helps you point out issues while writing contents online on the web. Even though, this tool does not offer any application either for online or offline work which means any article or paragraph, you will test, you will need to put that into the grammar processing program in the SpellCheckPlus site.

SpellCheckPlus features:

  1. Simplest tool that works online
  2. Subscriptions based tool which offers a free version as well
  • Helps you check all basic grammatical mistakes
  • Real time reporting
  • Color codes suggestions
  • Doesn’t offer extensive features like other tools in this list

10. Virtual Writing Tutor

Last but not the least. Virtual Writing Tutor is another one of the simplest and easy to use writing tutor and tool which offers a wide range of tools for content writers, students, bloggers and teachers.

Virtual Writing Tutor Features:

  1. Free grammar checker
  2. Words counter
  3. Spelling checker
  4. Vocabulary checker
  5. Passphrases checker
  6. Essay outliner
  • Basic grammar mistakes checking
  • Words counting
  • Spelling checking & correcting
  • Vocabulary checking
  • Eassy outlining
  • Not working offline
  • Does not offer any application for browsers
  • Does not offer extensive features like other tools
  • Not useful like other tools

Blogger’s Guide

Using a grammar checker tool is an essential tool for content writers and bloggers and with that in mind, We brought forth for you a list of 10 Best Grammar Checkers and now I hope you got a better idea of what is the best tool to use.

I’d personally strongly recommend Grammarly because of the unbeatable & extensive features & options it gives for a smooth & better writing either online or offline. It offers an App for smartphone users as well.

So far we could compile a list of 10 tools only so Share the tool you’re currently using which we did not mention in this list & along with the experiences you have about the tool below in the comments so that other could know what works best for you.

Source: Blogging Scout Feed

15 Free Trial Hosting Companies With No Credit Card Required [2018]

Free Trial Hosting Companies 2018A web hosting & a domain name is a crucial part of a blog to make it available on the WWW, isn’t it?

Since there out are countless hosting companies available that offer premium & free trial hosting. You’ll more likely need a recommendation that which company to choose.

Since choosing the right hosting is a little bit tough task and is quite crucial as well so to make things easier for you, you need to test-drive hosting companies before you choose them as your full time hosting provider.

And therefore, I’m going to share with you 15 Free Trial Hosting Companies which offer free trial hosting even without requiring any Credit Card or payment which means you can get started with them & evaluate their services without paying anything.

However, some hosting companies will do require you a Credit Card to confirm that you’re not a robot or spammer. You can test-drive their trial period hosting and then you can cancel within that month or trial period and you won’t be charged anything.


Best Hosting RecommendationShared Hosting?WordPress Hosting?

Choosing the right hosting is one of the important things to consider before starting a blog because choosing the ugly hosting means destroying your own business or blog using your own hands. So it’s better for you to choose a hosting which has a good rating & customers feedbacks.

There are a wide range of hosting packages & solutions offered by various companies for various purposes but if you’re a WordPress user then you must be choosing the web hosting that is recommended & built for WordPress. Navigate to the WordPress Hosting tab for further info about WordPress Hosting.

If you are just a beginner or a starter who is just looking for a hosting solution to get his blog hosted at a cheap & affordable price then Shared Hosting is the must-have hosting for that purpose. Otherwise, if you’re having a WordPress blog which receives a good amount of traffic & helps you earn a few dollars each day then you must be investing a little amount of money by purchasing a WordPress Managed Hosting to further take your WP Blog to a whole next level. Click here to learn more about Shared Hosting Vs Others.

For further info, please navigate to the WordPress Hosting tab.

Are you a WordPress user who is looking for WordPress Managed Hosting? If yes, then we have got you covered up with many WP Hosting solutions & companies that we have been using for the last few years and they are working for me too great.

I have been using the following WP Hosting companies and I think you will like it too much. (These are recommended by many other Pro Bloggers as well).

Bluehost & SiteGround WP Hosting is recommended by itself.

What Is Free Trial Hosting?

a Free Trial Hosting means a free hosting which is offered by a specific web hosting company for a period of time to customers to test-drive their services totally for free just for satisfaction before they become their full-time customers or purchase their premium hosting & services.

This option lets customers test-drive companies before they actually starting using them.

15 Best Free Trial Web Hosting Companies With No Credit Card Required In 2018

Here I’m going to share with you a list of hosting companies & sites which offer Free Trial Hosting.

Now without any further delay, let me share with you a list here.

Web Host Hosting Type Trial Period (Days) Get Trial Hosting
HostGator Shared Hosting 30 Days
CloudWays All Hosting 14 Days
FastComet All Hosting 14 Days
GoDaddy Website Builder 30 Days
Shopify eCommerce Hosting 14 Days
WPX Hosting WordPress Hosting 30 Days
InterServer Shared Hosting 30 Days
Lithium Hosting Shared Hosting 30 Days
Exclusive Hosting Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Hosting 30 Days
SmartCart eCommerce Hosting 7 Days
ByoHosting Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Hosting 30 Days
HostBuddy Shared Hosting 60 Days
Conetix WordPress Hosting 30 Days
MilesWeb Cloud Hosting 30 Days
NetRegistry Shared Hosting 30 Days

Now let’s go through each & everyone.

1. HostGator

HostGator Free Trial Hosting

HostGator is one of the brand names in the web hosting industry out there that millions of customers around the world are using to run their businesses online using HostGator, the world-class hosting company. It is powered by the EIG Group and was founded back in October 2002.

Since the company offers reliable hosting services with 99.99% uptime guarantee and other amazing features, HostGator also offers a free trial hosting to newbies & new customers who signs up through our unique promo link below. You can get the HostGator 30 Days Trial Hosting totally for free but you must be using your Credit Card to let HostGator know that you’re not a spammer.

So that way, you will be able to get HostGator Free Trial and enjoy using the world’s one of the leading hosting companies for a whole month for free.

HostGator Trial Hosting: It’s one of the best hosting companies out there that are quite friendly both to beginners & advanced users.

I know you already heard a lot about this specific hosting company because of the popularity HostGator has gained over the past few years. If you’re just a starter or going to start your own blog for the first time then HostGator could be your all in one solution because it offers a wide range of hosting services built for small & big businesses.

If you’re just looking for a WordPress Hosting then HostGator offers it as well at an affordable price.

  • Free Trial Hosting [applicable to shared hosting only]
  • Lets you transfer your blog from your existed hosting to its world-class hosting
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 instant support
  • 99.99 uptime guarantee
  • Offers WordPress dedicated & managed hosting at a different price tag
  • All in one hosting solution
  • High Price Tags (Even Discount Coupons available to further reduce the price tags)
  • Requires Credit Card to activate the Free Trial Hosting

2. CloudWays

CloudWays Free Trial Hosting

CloudWays is one of the popular companies with a large base of customers that offers Cloud Managed Hosting to all type of business requirements. It was founded back in 2011 and is your all in one cloud managed hosting solution to build any kind of apps and websites using a wide range of frameworks, CMS & other applications.

With a 30K+ worldwide customers, Cloudways is now offering a Free Trial Hosting that lets you enjoy the world-class hosting company for a whole 14 days totally for free.

Cloudways is also offering a WP Hosting to low traffic blogs & high traffic blogs with an endless support & super top-notch tools.

If you’re amazed by the CloudWays services and wish to host your WP Blog with CloudWays then CloudWays has covered you up with an unbeatable WP Hosting solution with an endless support, fast loading servers & other amazing features.

Apart from that, CloudWays lets you install many premium tools, CMS & apps such as Discourse (a forum building software/app) etc.

  • Every Installation 1 click away.
  • Offers a free trial hosting with no credit card required.
  • Lets you build web apps using 10+ PHP-based frameworks & CMS etc.
  • Lets you get your cloud server up & running in minutes.
  • Integrated tools such as SSL Certificate & other security tools.
  • Not found

3. Fastcomet

FastComet Free Trial

FastComet is one of the best-growing companies out there that offers various web hosting services to customers worldwide including Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, SocialEngine Hosting (lets you host a social network) Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting and many other hosting packages.

In case you have made your way to get hosting from FastComet, make sure to evaluate it using our Trial Period link below before you pay a full payment.

FastComet Free Trial Hosting: It lets you enjoy an unbeatable, SSD powered & world-class hosting with an endless support for a whole 30 days totally for free.

With cheap hosting pricing tags, FastComet comes with a wide range of hosting solutions including WP Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Fast loading servers, 45 days money back guarantee and much more.

Apart from this, you can get any type of hosting from FastComet totally for free by just joining their Referral Program and for each customer/user that you will refer to FastComet, you’ll get an extra 3 months hosting (including Shared Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting & Dedicated Hosting) totally for free.

  • Fast Loading Servers
  • Free Trial Hosting forever just by referring friends to FastComet
  • You get a free domain name for a lifetime with a hosting you get from FastComet
  • Affordable & cheap price tags in case you want to purchase the premium hosting packages (FastComet Promo Codes available as well)
  • 24/7/365 Expert & Top Notch support
  • Free CloudFlare CDN to make your blog/site load faster
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Daily & weekly guaranteed Backups
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Not Found.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy Free Trial

You might have heard a lot about GoDaddy which is a domain registrar but apart from its Domain Registration services, it does offer a web hosting which you can get for free for the first month as a trial using our below link.

Basically, it is the GoDaddy website builder for which you can get the first month (30 days) free trial which means you can test-drive the GoDaddy website builder for a whole month and get your blog/site up & running within minutes using easy-to-manage tools & using a collection of themes & templates.

GoDaddy Free Trial: GoDaddy is one of the certified & leading domain registrars offering a world-class platform to build an amazing site & blog

GoDaddy lets you build your own website either personal or for your business within minutes using a large collection of templates & themes with a custom domain name and make it live to the world.

  • Lets you create a website using the site builder within minutes without coding etc.
  • Lets you build search engines optimized sites & blogs both for mobile & desktop browsers & users.
  • GoDaddy free trial hosting with no credit card required.
  • Fast & secured hosting.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • You cannot install any third-party CMS such as WordPress, Joomla etc if you subscribe to the Website Builder package only.

5. Shopify

Shopify Free Trial

Shopify is the brand & a popular name in the eCommerce industry that you can use to make an outstanding eCommerce store up & live to the rest of the world within minutes using some amazing & easy tools & themes.

If you have just intended of creating an eCommerce site & store online then Shopify is the best place for you to choose & build your online eCommerce store. Also before you fully get started with Shopify and create your own branded store under your own domain name, Shopify lets you evaluate its features, platform, and other amazing things totally for free for a whole 14 days without any Credit Card or paying any cents.

Shopify is the world-class eCommerce store/site builder with millions of businesses & customers that use Shopify to run their businesses & stores online.

If you’re looking for a web hosting to make an eCommerce site or store online then Shopify is the best place to get your store and eCommerce site up & running within minutes using the Shopify easy to manage & feature-rich tools & options.

Even though, if you’re on a tight budget and want to test-drive the Shopify platform then Shopify is offering a free 14 days trial that lets you test-drive their full features & options before you fully start your own business with them.

  • The leading eCommerce platform to build an eCommerce store online.
  • Lets you evaluate the platform for 14 days totally for free (no credit card required).
  • Free SSL certificate for your store domain name.
  • Shopify won’t be suitable for starters & those who are on a tight-budget or those who are looking for a store that can cost less budget.

6. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting Deals

WPX Hosting is one of the leading companies out there that provides incredible & headache-free WordPress Managed Hosting with ultra-fast servers, Free SSL Certificate & other amazing tools & features. WPX Hosting is the best & recommended hosting company to get your WordPress blog started with a headache-free hosting company.

Even though, if you’re just starting with WP, I’d not recommend you because WPX Hosting pricing tags are a little expensive and therefore Beginners & starters cannot afford it but if you’re running a high-traffic & high-earning blog then WPX Hosting is the best solution for your WP Hosting to take your WP Blog to a whole next level with the WPX fastest hosting.

Now the funny thing with WPX Hosting is that you can get WPX Hosting Free Trial by paying just $1 for a whole month which means you can get the WPX premium Hosting for the whole month as low as $1 just by using our WPX Hosting Promo link & Coupon Code.

WPX Hosting is my all-time recommended WP Hosting solution with an endless support & tools.

With WPX Hosting, you get your WP Blog hosted with an incredible hosting company with no headache, no obligations, 24/7 hours industry expert support and other incredible features.

  • WPX Hosting offers free trial hosting for the first month(it means only $1 will be charged instead of $24.99).
  • Lets you host your blog in 2 different locations such as UK & US.
  • 28 Days guaranteed backup of your all data.
  • 24/7/365 unbelievable & endless support by real people.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Free domain name registration.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • 99.95% Uptime guarantee.
  • Low-earning & low-traffic blogs users cannot afford.

7. InterServer

InterServer Free Trial

InterServer is another company which was founded back in 1999 with an aim of providing quality & reliable web hosting services to the global customers and today InterServer is one of the best & certified web hosting companies that has been serving thousands of customers around the world helping them with running their businesses online.

InterServer also offers a Free Trial Hosting that lets you evaluate its services totally for free before you make a full payment. However, InterServer will do require you to enter your Credit Card details & will cost you only one penny or $0.01 in order to prove that you’re a human who is registering a real account.

  • Certified & working since 1999.
  • Offers Shared Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting etc.
  • Fast loading hosting.
  • 24/7/365 Expert Support by real people.
  • Offers a free trial hosting or a free account for a whole month which means enjoying a premium hosting for 30 Days totally for free.
  • The free trial is not working on the Windows VPS Hosting, however, you can get 50% discount using the coupon code here (tryinterserver).

8. Lithium Hosting

Lithium Hosting Free Trial

Lithium Hosting is another one of the popular companies amongst the bloggers & business owners which offers web hosting related services to its global customers. Lithium Hosting is now offering a free trial hosting for 30 days with other incredible features that you must be using if you’re looking for a reliable & cheap hosting solution.

You get the first month hosting totally for free from Lithium Hosting and then for Individual Hosting package, you will have to pay $3 each & every month. However, in the trial period, if you want to cancel your subscription, you can do that and you don’t be charged for the next or the upcoming month.

  • Best hosting company with excellent services & support.
  • 45 days money back guarantee.
  • Not found.

9. Exclusive Hosting

Exclusive Hosting is another one of the cheapest cloud hosting companies that is your all in one cheapest cloud hosting solution. When it comes to evaluation, Exclusive Hosting offers a free 30 days trial that lets you enjoy the Exclusive Hosting fastest hosting services.

  • The best & cheapest risk-free cloud hosting solution.
  • Pricing tags are inexpensive & cheaper.
  • Offers a 30 days free trial.
  • 24/7 hours dedicated support by real people.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Not found.

10. SmartCart

SmartCart is a catalogue & an eCommerce store builder which helps you make an outsanding eCommerce stores online. SmartCart also offers a free trial hosting which lets you evaluate incredible features of SmartCart before you become their lifetime customer.

  • Lets you create an outstanding eCommerce store/site within minutes.
  • The platform is completely SEO-optimized & mobile-friendly.
  • Offers many more amazing & incredible features & tools.
  • Also offers many other hosting solutions such as WP Hosting etc.
  • Not found.

11. ByoHosting

ByoHosting is another web hosting company that offers various hosting services & packages. In case you want to get hosting from ByoHosting, we have brought forth for you a free trial hosting from ByoHosting which lets you check & test-drive ByoHosting before you make a full payment. So this way, you will come to know whether Byohosting should be chosen for your blog/site or not.

  • Offers various hosting services.
  • Cheap hosting solution.
  • Offers 30 days free trial hosting.
  • Free 1 click installer.
  • Unlimited disk storage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Not found.

12. HostBuddy

HostBuddy is another my all time favorite company that offers me a free 60 days Trial Hosting, isn’t it amazing? If you’re looking for an incredible hosting totally for free and with 60 days free trial then HostBuddy is the perfect company for you to join & test-drive totally for free.

  • 60 days free trial hosting.
  • Offers various hosting services including Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting etc.
  • 1 Click app installer.
  • Robust Infrastructure & 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Not popular.

13. Conetix

Conetix is one of the best Australian web hosting companies that serving thousands of customers in the Austraila & in the world. Conetix offers a free trial hosting as well so you can test-drive it before you get started with them.

Just go and check it out.

  • Fast & reliable hosting with 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Easy & mobile-friendly interface & UI.
  • Offers 1 click app installer.
  • Money Back Guarantee.
  • Expert Support.
  • Not found.

14. MilesWeb

MilesWeb is the India’s one of the best web hosting companies that offer a free trial hosting with other a bunch of options & incredible tools.

Just go and check out MilesWeb, one of incredible India’s best hosting companies.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth & storage.
  • Free domain name registration & free SSL certificate.
  • Free website builder.
  • Very cheap hosting solution.
  • Offers almost all hosting solution such as WP Hosting, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting etc.
  • Built-in catching & Free Cloudflare CDN.
  • Anti-spam email filtering.
  • Not found.

15. NetRegistery

NetRegistry is another a world-class Australian the best hosting company that lets you test-drive their world-class cPanel hosting for 30 days totally for free with no headache & no obligations etc.

Within the first free month, you can test out the NetRegistery services and then you can decide further that whether or not this is the hosting built for your business.

  • 30 Days free cPanel world-class hosting.
  • Free website builder.
  • Offers you a professional your domain name email.
  • Reliable hosting with 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Helps you transfer your data from other servers to its world-class hosting servers.
  • Not Found.

Final Words!

I hope this list of Best Trial Hosting Companies will help you test-drive those companies and then decide which of the companies is worth choosing. If you think there is anything that should be altered or you have any question then please don’t hesitate to ask your questions below in the comments.

Also please don’t forget to click the share buttons to share this epic list with your friends on social media.

Source: Blogging Scout Feed

Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide [Infographic]

Affiliate Marketing is one of the comfortable ways for most of the Affiliate Marketers to make passive income online just by promoting others products. If you’re a newbie who doesn’t know anything about the term Affiliate Marketing then we have brought before Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide that will teach you all about Affiliate Marketing, its Jargons, How Affiliate Marketing got started, What is the background of it, What are its Pros & Cons, How it works, How to make money through affiliate marketing and much more.

Read here the Infographic. You can also use the below-embedded code and share this infographic on your own website freely.

Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide

Copy the below embedded code and share the Infographic on your website

<img alt=”Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide” src=”” width=”800px” border=”0″ /></p> This Infographic – <a href=””> Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide </a> – Was Created By

 Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide For Beginners 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting the merchant products to the customers and each customer that you refer to the Merchant and then purchases anything from the merchant’s site, you get a Commission, Bounty or also known as CPA for that action.

Here let me show an example of the Payoneer Affiliate Program. Payoneer offers an Affiliate Program to Affiliate Marketers to promote Payoneer, bring new customers to it and for each new customer that you bring to Payoneer, you will earn a whopping bounty.

How it works, let me share with you here.

Step 1:- Sign up for Payoneer Affiliate Program.

Step 2:- Once your account is approved, just log into your affiliate account and copy your unique tracking link.

Step 3:- Promote your tracking link and whoever registers with Payoneer through your unique tracking link and receives at least $1000 into his/her account, you will earn the commission.

Read our Payoneer Affiliate Program guide here

Affiliate Marketing Pillars

There are 4 main Affiliate Marketing pillars on which the whole marketing process is based on.

1. Merchant

Merchant is also called as the Creator or the Producer of the products. It also gives the Affiliate Program to the Affiliate Marketer or the Promoter and pays a commission to the Affiliate for successfully referring a customer.

2. Affiliate Marketer

It’s the one who signs up for the Merchant’s Affiliate Program and promotes the Merchant’s products for earning money & commission.

3. Customer

It’s the one to whom the Affiliate Marketer promotes the Merchant’s products & refer to the Merchant’s site. Once this customer is referred to the Merchant’s site and he/she made a sale there, the Affiliate or also known as Affiliate Marketer earns a commission for that sale.

4. Affiliate Network

This is the network that connects Merchants & Affiliate Marketers and provides promotional tools & resources and is responsible for other tracking processes.

Final Words ⇒

Our Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide Infographic has all the info that you are looking for to learn about Affiliate Marketing. In case you got any question in your mind, don’t hesitate to ask it below in the comments.

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Black Friday Web Hosting Deals To Save Up to 95% [2018 Deals]

Black Friday Web Hosting DealsDid you know that Black Friday Web Hosting Deals is the hottest sales & discount opportunity that every blogger loves because of the cheaper price tags of the companies that offer?

If you’re already looking for such deals & coupon codes then I congratulate you because you have stepped in the right place. Today I’m going to share with you 20+ Black Friday Web Hosting Deals that will let you get hosting from more than 20+ hosting companies at a very cheaper price using the Deals, Promotions & Coupon Codes below.

Without any further delay, let me share with you a huge collection of hosting companies.

Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals – Up to 95% Discount!

It’s 2018 and the deals are live and available and almost every hosting company has opened now its incredible Black Friday Hosting Deals to the newbies & new registrations.

If you’re a newbie looking for deals to get hosting from branded companies at an affordable & cheaper price then this is the Deal Time for you to save money and get World-Class hosting.

So don’t waste any more time and get right into the lane before these deals are expired or the Black Friday Deals are ended.

1. WPX Hosting

Did you already know about WPX Hosting before? I guess you already but did you know WPX Hosting Starter Plan costs around $24+ each month?

But not today because WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal is live and everyone who wants to save money and get WPX Hosting with a whopping discount can get hosting from WPX Hosting at a very cheaper rate than the regular price tags.

WPX Hosting is one of the popular web hosting companies that thousands of bloggers around the globe is using as their preferred and best WordPress Hosting Provider. I have been using WPX Hosting for a while now and I can say it’s incredible because it’s built for SPEED, SEO, Zero Uptime and offers many other things such as FREE SSL Certificate, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Disk Storage, Unlimited Email Accounts and much more.

WPX Hosting Deals:


First Month 50% OFF!:  bloggingscout

Also check out: WPX Hosting Discount Promo Code For 2018

2. Bluehost

Are you planning of purchasing hosting from one of the best web hosting companies out there but hesitating of paying a full & regular hosting price?

Well, it’s the time not worry about the price as this Deal Link we have brought forth for you is able to give you a whopping discount that you have never got before.

Normally Bluehost charges a customer $5.95 for its Shared Basic Hosting Plan but thanks to the Bluehost Black Friday Deals, you can grab it for as low as $2.95.

Bluehost Deals:

Hosting $2.95 OFFER: Click the button below to activate the coupon & get Bluehost hosting each for $2.95/month only.

Check out here: Bluehost $2.95 Hosting Promo Code Offer

3. HostGator

There is no excuse to miss this hosting company from our list. HostGator is another super popular hosting company with millions of customers around the world that use HostGator to run their businesses online.

HostGator’s Hatchling Plan which is their basic plan, starts at $3.75 but this Black Friday Sales, you can grab it as low as $2.75 which is a whopping discounted price.

Apart from this, you will be able to get more discounts as well by using the following coupon codes. Just use the link along with the coupons and hopefully, you will be able to save a lot with HostGator.

HostGator Deals:

Shared Hosting 60% OFF: FREEUPGRADE3

VPS Hosting 75% OFF: SNAPPYV2

WordPress Hosting 56% OFF: SNAPPYW579

Dedicated Hosting 60% OFF: SNAPPYD2

Reseller Hosting 58% OFF: SNAPPYR192424

Cloud Hosting 45% OFF: SNAPPYC579

HostGator Domain Name 20% OFF: DOTCOMSUPERDEAL

HostGator Hosting 75% OFF: hostingbundle

Hosting Packages Coupon Code Discount (%) Billing Cycle
Shared Hosting FREEUPGRADE3 60.50% OFF! 36 Months
Cloud Hosting SNAPPYC479 44% OFF! 36 Months
WordPress Hosting SNAPPYW579 56% OFF! 36 Months
VPS Hosting SNAPPYV2 75% OFF! 36 Months
Dedicated Hosting SNAPPYD2 60% OFF! 36 Months
Reseller Hosting SNAPPYR192424 58% OFF! 36 Months

4. SiteGround

SiteGround is another premium web hosting company that was started back in 2014 with an aim of providing super top-notch hosting services & in-house domain registration which will allow customers around the globe to run & host their businesses with the SiteGround top-notch hosting.

SiteGround offers a wide range of Web Hosting services such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Joomla Dedicated Hosting and many more.

If you’re a deep lover of SiteGround Hosting then sit back and take a sip because it’s the time for you to get started with SiteGround today with an unbelievable discount.

SiteGround Deals:

SiteGround does not offer any custom coupon code but the link is pre-activated with a coupon code you can use to get SiteGround Hosting with a whopping discount.

Also check: SiteGround Black Friday Hosting Deals

5. FastComet

FastComet is another one of the fastest growing web hosting companies that have been providing hosting related services to customers around the world since 2013 and since then, there are millions of customers that are using FastComet as their preferred hosting company.

If you’re looking for FastComet Discount Deal then go ahead and use the following coupon code to get a whopping discount on FastComet hosting along with other incredible services & features such as Fast Loading Servers, Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain Name Registration for a lifetime, SSD-Only Cloud, Free Cloudflare CDN, Free 24/7 Hours Expert Support and many other things.

FastComet Deals:

Web Hosting 10% OFF: hostadvice10

6. iFastNet

iFastNet is a company that offers a banner free hosting services with many other bundles of amazing features such as SSD Power Servers for fast loading, Free Domain Registration, Fast & Expert Support and many more services & features.

If you’re looking for iFastNet Coupon Code then this Black Friday Hosting Deals is the Sales time to save up to 30% on iFastNet hosting.

iFastNet Deals:

Hosting 30% OFF: BESTSAVER`1

7. iPage

iPage is another company in the industry of web hosting which was founded back in 1998. iPage with over a million customers, it’s offering a World-Class hosting service to its global customers.

In case you have made your way of subscribing to one of the iPage hostings then this Black Friday Hosting Deals & Sale is for you because you can get iPage hosting with up to 75% discount and get started with it as low as $1.99.

iPage Deals:

Hosting 75% OFF Deal: Coupon is actived within the promo link below. Just click the button.

8. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a world-class hosting company which is offering its amazing hosting with a huge discount on this Black Friday Sale. Normally InMotion Costs around $7.99 for its Starter or also known as Launch plan but you can get the advantage of this sale and get started with InMotion as low as $5.99.

InMotion Deals:

57% OFF: Please click the button below to activate the coupon code and get InMotion Hosting 57% OFF!.

9. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a world-class company that has been helping businesses around the world keep their businesses running with the A2 Fast Web Hosting services. It’s the company that’s offering Unlimted Disk Space, Up to 20X Faster Web Hosting, Unlimited Bandwidth, 99.99% Uptime Guarantee, 24/7/365 Industry Expert Support and a money back guarantee etc.

A blazing fast web hosting is the need of every blogger but to make your blog load faster, it’s your responsibility to choose the right hosting. And that’s where A2 Hosting comes in. The A2 Hosting Starter Shared Hosting plan starts at $3.92 which normally costs around $7+. At the time, the price is reduced from its regular price because of the Black Friday Hosting Deals.

A2 Hosting Deals:

Shared Hosting 51% OFF: SAVEFAST

Reseller Hosting 34% OFF: RESELLER34

VPS Managed Hosting 34% OFF: 34MVPS

Dedicated Hosting 17% OFF: FASTSERVERS

10. DreamHost

DreamHost is another Leader in the Web Hosting industry and a Cloud Storage around the world. Currently, there are more than 400K+ customers around the world that are using DreamHost, their Dreamed hosting company and almost 750K+ WordPress installations are powered by Dreamhost as well.

DreamHost is the place for your all hosting needs such as Shared Hosting, WordPress Managed Hosting, WooCommerce Managed Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting and many more.

Normally Dreamhost will cost you its regular price tags but using the Deals & Coupon Codes below, you can get a whopping discount on any of their plans.

DreamHost Deals:

Hosting 50% OFF: hosting595coupon

11. LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb is the hosting company with 5 data points, with over 30K+ customers around the world & is running over 500K+ live sites on its Fast Web Hosting. It’s basically built for any kind of business, a small one or a big one or a medium size business.

If you love Liquid Web, we have brought for you a few LiquidWeb Promo & Discount Coupon Codes you can use to get possible discounts on any of the LiquidWeb Hosting plans.

LiquidWeb Deals:

Dedicated Server 33% OFF: SERVER33

Web Hosting 30% OFF: BLASTOFF34

WordPress Hosting 70% OFF: WCMIA69

12. CloudWays

CloudWays is one of the best and your all in one place to get your Business, Site & Apps hosted with CloudWays and keep it live on the internet with the rest of the world.

The company was started back in 2011 and, to date, CloudWays has almost 30K+ Active Servers and 100K+ Web APPs Running Live which makes CloudWays one of the best Cloud Management Companies out there.

Cloudways lets you install an app or a site from a wide range of CMSs & Platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and many other thousands of Apps & Programs are supported as well.

If you’re interested in getting locked in with CloudWays then you can get the advantage of this Black Friday Hosting Deals & Sales to get subscribe to CloudWays with an unbelievable discount.

CloudWays Deals:

40% OFF: By using the below deal link, you will be able to get up to 40% CloudWays discount and even for the first few months, you will be able to get started with Cloudways totally for free even without entering your Credit Card details.

13. FlyWheel

Like other hosting companies such as WPX Hosting, WPEngine, FlyWheel is another company that has been providing WordPress Managed Hosting for WordPress users with some awesome features such as Fast Loading Servers, Free SSL Certificate and many more.

Below we have shared with you FlyWheel Black Friday Hosting Deals to get an unbelievable discount on any of the FlyWheel Hosting Packages. Don’t forget to use any of the following Coupon Codes.

FlyWheel Deals:

50% OFF: wpism50off

14. Hostinger

Hostinger claims to be one of the world-class & cheapest Web Hosting Companies that has been helping over 29 Million users & customers around the 170+ countries. Hostinger was founded back in 2014 with an aim of providing headache free hosting.

In case you have made your mind to subscribe to one of the Hostinger Hosting Plans then this is the time for you to save even more on Hostinger and keep that saved money for purchasing something else for your business.

Hostinger Deals:

Hosting 46% Off: Instead of wasting your time looking for Hostinger Coupons, here’s a Deal & Promotional link for you from Hostinger that will let you get the Hostinger hosting for as low as $2.15 a month.

15. Media Temple

Media Temple or also known as MT is another super perfect solution for your all hosting needs. It was started back in 1998 with a vision of providing Web Developers, Designers & Internet Lovers to host their blogs/sites & web applications to the hassle-free world-class hosting and share with the world and turn their dreams into a reality.

Media Temple offers a wide range of hosting packages such as Managed WordPress Hosting, Cloud Managed Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting etc and is a perfect platform for small, medium and big businesses.

If you’re worried by the Media Template Price Tags then we have got you covered. This Media Temple Black Friday Hosting Sales, you can get a whopping discount on any of the Media Template Hosting Packages & Plans. All you need to do is just use any of the following Coupon Codes.

Media Temple Deals:

Media Temple Hosting 20% OFF: WINWP20

16. WPEngine

You’re looking for WordPress Managed Hosting? WPEngine is the perfect solution I have brought before you. But small businesses & bloggers can’t afford it as its hosting price tags talk with the skies.

WPEngine is the company which was started back in 2010 that is your all in one WordPress Hosting Solution because of its Robust Servers that offers you that will make your blog Load Faster, make your blog SEO-Optimized & offers you all other important tools that you can use to take your blogging business to a whole new Level.

Normally when you subscribe to any of the WPEngine Hosting Packages & Plans, you will have to pay the regular price but thanks to the Black Friday Hosting Deals, you can now get a whopping discount on their plans.

WPEngine Deals:

2 Months Free Hosting: If you purchase hosting from WPEngine and pay the full year payment then you’ll get up to 2 months of hosting totally for free which means you will save the 2 months payment using the below WPEngine Deal Link.

17. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is another world-class web hosting company with 5 data points in the industry that offers a world-class hosting to its 35K+ customers and running roughly 300+ websites around the world.

GreenGeeks offers various hosting packages such as Normal Hosting also known as Shared Hosting, WordPress Managed Hosting & a Reseller Hosting.

Their Shared Hosting or Normal Hosting package starts at $9.95 but thanks to the Deals, you can grab it as low as $3.95.

GreenGeeks Deals:

Hosting 60% OFF: By using the following Deal Link, you will be able to get up to 60% off on any GreenGeeks Hosting Plan.

18. FatCow

FatCow is another brand name in the Web Hosting Industry that offers hosting services to its global users. It was started back in 1998 and till date, there are thousands of businesses that rely on the FatCow. In case you’re looking for the FactCow Discount Deals, here we have brought for you below.

FatCow Deals:

FatCow 50% OFF: Use the following promo link with an activated coupon code to get FatCow hosting at 50% discount.

19. ResellerClub

ResellerClub is another widely recognized web hosting company in the industry that has been offering hosting services to fulfill your any hosting needs. Reseller Hosting offers various hostings such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Managed Hosting and many more at a very affordable & discounted price. On top of that, you can even get a whopping discount on each of their hosting plans & packages because of this Black Friday Hosting Deals.

ResellerClub Deals:

Personal or Shared Starter Plan 87% OFF: No need for coupons. All you need to do is click the following promo link to activate the deal & get ResellerClub hosting at a very discounted price.

20. 1&1

Probably you already knew about 1& which is one of the leading Domain Registrar but it does offer Web Hosting services such as Shared Hosting, WordPress Managed Hosting & Cloud Managed Hosting at a very affordable & competitive price.

On top of their regular price tags, you can use the following deals to get even more discount & save a lot on your purchase from 1&1 and also you will get a Free Domain Name as well.

1&1 Deals:

Shared Hosting 87% OFF: No need for the coupon. All you need to do is click the promotion link below to activate the deal.

Final Words ⇒

These were all available Black Friday Web Hosting Deals that have been given by most of the Hosting Companies. I hope these deals & coupon codes shared with you above were helpful to you and in any case, you found any coupon or deal which is not working then don’t forget to let us know by commenting below.

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CSSIgniter Coupon Codes – Exclusive Discount Deal [ April 2018 ]

CSSIgniter Discount Coupon Codes 2018Are you looking for CSSIgniter Coupon Code to get themes & plugins with Discount? We have a few discount coupons you can use to save a lot on your purchase from CSSIgniter.

CSSIgniter is a hub or also we call it a WordPress Marketplace where the CSSIgniter Team makes & designs professional & amazing products such as themes & plugins for the open source platform.

Before we go any further, let me share with you a quick solution here.

CSSIgniter Coupon Codes For 2018

The following coupons will help you get discount on any theme, plugin or the entire membership plan you are going to subscribe to. Don’t forget to use our link to visit & apply the Coupon.

Coupons Discount (%) Coupon Expires Description Redeem Coupons
SUMMERCLUB 30% No Expiring Get 30% OFF! on any CSSIgniter Product or the entire Membership Plan.
CyberMonday 40% No Expiration Get 40% OFF! on any CSSIgniter Product or the entire Membership Plan.
WORDPRESS 20% No Expiration Get 20% OFF! on any CSSIgniter Product or the entire Membership Plan.

How to Apply CSSIgniter Coupon Code to get Discount?

Now you have to take a step further to cut down the actual price tag to further discount by implementing our coupons. How to get discount, you will learn here.

Step 1: Click this deal link to visit CSSIgniter homepage with a pre-activated coupon.

Step 2: Search around for your favorite Theme or Plugin that you want to purchase and then go the purchase page of that item. Like I’ll be choosing Noozbeat theme for this purpose.


Step 3: Click on the Buy Now or scroll down to the Pricing table of the theme and select your favorite package out of the list.


Step 4: Enter any of the Coupon Codes inside the Enter Coupon Code box and then proceed to the next step.


Step 5: Now in the next step, you will see that a discount has been applied to your invoice as you can see below in the screenshot clearly.


This is just an example of how to apply CSSIgniter Discount Coupons. There are more coupons available above as well you can use to grab various discounts.

Why CSSIgniter?

There are many major marketplaces that make standalone themes & plugins for in which CSSIgniter is also ranking due to Premium Themes & Features-rich plugins it makes for a wide range of niches & purposes.

We always need a theme that is built for SEO, SPEED, Ranking, Professionality, Good Looking, Responsive & with other factors as well such as clean-coded, rich-schema optimized etc. Since I have been using CSSIgniter for the last few months, I can say it’s incredible and the services & products it offers are also incredible.

There are many themes & plugins available in its market that you will love to use. If you’re not going to purchase anything from the market or you want to test-drive its items before you put both hands on it, you can test-drive the LITE themes of the PRO/Premium themes which are available totally for free.

Here are a few PROs & features that I would like to share with you.

CSSIgniter Features:

  • CSSIgniter themes that are built for SEO & SPEED without the Confusing PARTS!
  • Themes are responsive enough that will load responsive on any devices.
  • Offers affordable price tags & various Pricing Packages.
  • Every item & product comes with unlimited usage & licenses such as you can use the item/product for personal use as well as for commercial use (meaning you can use for your clients & customers). There are no restrictions whatsoever!
  • Every item comes with Easy customization cPanle that will let you easily & quickly make changes to the themes without going to coding & tweaking.
  • You get Regular Updates for every item & product.
  • 24/7 Hours Endless Support by the industry Expert!

Best CSSIgniter Themes With Discount Coupons

Since CSSIgniter offers a wide range of Premium Themes & Plugins, I’d like to point out & share with you some awesome themes below that are worth sharing.

Best CSSIgniter Themes

1. NoozBeat

NoozBeat is an expert looking & a stylish with advanced typography & stylish layout theme that you can use to make a Blogging style, Magazine & a News Style site that looks professional & awesome.

NoozBeat CSSIngiter Theme

2. HotelMotel

Do you want to make a website for your Hotel Business? CSSIgniter has built for you a beautiful looking & eye-catching theme that you can use to make amazing Hotel Website and increase your business to a whole next level by introducing your Hotel to the world.

HotelMotel CSSIgniter Theme

3. Doberman

Doberman CSSIgniter Theme

Are you looking for a theme to create an amazing WooCommerce theme? Doberman is the perfect choice for you to create an amazing, eye-catching & easy to customize WooCommerce theme that you can use to make a professional WooCommerce Business Site on WordPress.

Apart from the WooCommerce functionality, you can also use the theme to make personal blog, News & Magazine style site and it works with many other niches as well.

CSSIgniter Statistics

CSSIgniter Stats For April 2018.

Numbers of Available Premium Themes: 88+

Numbers of Available Free Themes: 7+

Numbers of Available Premium Plugins: 2

Numbers of Available Free Plugins: 4

This is worth mentioning that this data was taken on April 2018 and therefore the statistics after this date could be different than this one.

CSSIgniter Basic Questions & Answers

Do you want to know a little bit about CSSIgniter? Here are the most common questions that we have shared answers for. Just go through each & every question & find its answer respectively.

When CSSIgniter Was Started?

It was started back in 2010 by two friends Gerasimos Tsiamalos and Anastis Sourgoutsidis. (ref:- ShoutmeLoud)

How Many Themes & Plugins CSSIgniter Currently Have?

CSSIgniter offers Free & Premium Themes & Plugins. To date, there are roughly 90+ Free & Premium Themes & almost 6 Free & Premium Plugins available in the CSSIgniter marketplace with a great discount if you try to use our CSSIgniter Coupon Code.

Will Any Item that I purchase be mine For Lifetime?

Any item meaning theme or plugin you purchase from CSSIgniter is all yours for a lifetime and you can use it both for personal & commercial use but for that purchased item, you will get up to 1 Year Support & 1 Year Regular Updates (this is for basic package/plan). However, you can use other price packages and get support & updates for lifetime.

Does CSSIgniter Coupon Code Realy Work?

Yes, by all means. We have shared with you above some discount coupons you can use to get a whopping discount on your CSSIgniter Bill and further cut down the full price.

Does CSSIgniter Offer Any Affiliate Program?

If you’re an affiliate marketer and want to make money promoting CSSIgniter products, then you’re a lucky man. Just sign up for CSSIgniter Affiliate Account and start earning money for each item that you promote & bring sales to CSSIgniter.

So the bottom line to this question is, Yes, CSSIgniter Does Offer an Affiliate Program!

Bottom Line:

I hope you found this post helpful and I’m also hoping the CSSIgniter Coupons I shared with you above would be working fine for you. In case you found any issue with it, just leave a comment below & I’d happily update the post as soon as possible.

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MyThemeShop Discount Coupon Code – [$19 Flash Sale 2018]

mythemeshop-discount-coupon-codeThis Flash Sale, use our MyThemeShop Coupon Code to get every MyThemeShop theme & plugin for $19. The Membership Plan is also at a whopping discount of $99 which normally costs you $228 Each Year!

Make sure to grab these deals because only limited hours are ahead and don’t let these offers disappear. Normally MyThemeShop costs around $39 to $79 for each & every theme & plugin but thanks to the Offer we have been given by the MTS team that lets you get a whopping discount on your purchase.

Quick Navigation:

Why MyThemeShop?

MyThemeShop was started back in 2012 with an aim of providing SEO-Rich & Professional looking premium & free WordPress Themes & Plugins. To date, the marketplace has filled with more than 150+ free & premium products such as Themes & Plugins and is serving roughly more than 400,000+ customers worldwide.

mythemeshop discount coupon code

The thing that most of us like about MyThemeShop is that their themes are quite SEO-Friendly & are affordable too which means you get SEO-Optimized themes at a very cheap rate. On top of their regular price tags, you can use our Coupon Code and get each & every item as low as $19.

You can also sign up for MyThemeShop Membership Plan with a whopping discount and put hands on more than 150+ items including themes & plugins for $99 only which normally costs you around $200+ for each & every year.

MyThemeShop PROs:

MyThemeShop is popular & famous for its professional looking & SEO-Rich themes & features-rich plugins. Here we’ll talk about the PROs that make it standalone out in the saturated market.

1. Built For SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the key factor of getting successful in the Search Engines. One of the factors to improve your SEO is to choose a theme that is SEO-Optimized.

MyThemeShop themes come with advanced Search Engine Optimization that help you skyrocket your ranking in the Search Engines.

2. Built For SPEED

One of the biggest concern for most of the bloggers having slow loading speed blog. No matter what you think but to me, slow loading page means ZERO EARNING!

The faster your blog post loads, the more you will get ranked by Search Engines & the more you will receive traffic & the Bounce rate of your web page will also be good.

All of the MTS themes come with Advanced Speed Optimization and even you can use the Optimization features of the theme and make it further optimize for Speed.

3. Professional Looking

Not to forget that you get some amazing & super beautiful & professional looking themes as well. All of the MTS themes are responsive & look professional almost on all devices such as Desktop Browsers & Smartphone Browsers etc.

4. Quick Configuration

Another PRO of MTS themes is that it comes with easy to do customization panel or also known as Backend & Frontend cPanel from where you can easily & quickly configure & customize your entire theme and make it look more friendly, professional & do more things to it.


5. Fast & Expert Support

MyThemeShop offers various ways to assist you in anything you are having troubles in. Such as you can join their Support Forum, email them your issue or chat with them directly.

Whatever your issue is, you are covered by Experts & will be always happy to assist you.

6. Affordable Price

When it comes to Affordable Price, MyThemeShop rocks in this PROs as well. You get each & every theme & plugin for $19 only using our Coupon Code below.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Do you want to make money promoting WordPress Products?

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program pays up to 70% commission on each sale you refer to MTS. All you need is just refer customers to MyThemeShop and he/she purchases any products, you will get up to 70% commission.

With that in mind, let me share with you how to join their Affiliate Program.

How MyThemeShop Affiliate Program works?

To sign up for their Affiliate Program, follow these steps.

  • Go to & sign up for an account.
  • Under your Profile Picture, click on ‘Member’s Area’.
  • In the Member’s Area, click on ‘Affiliate Info’.
  • Now register for the Affiliate Program.
  • Once you’re approved to Affiliate, log into your account & start promoting your Affiliate link and each time anyone that purchases anything from MyThemeShop through your Affiliate Link, you will earn a commission.

MyThemeShop Coupon Code

To further get discount on any MyThemeShop theme, plugin or on the entire Membership plan, use our coupon code below and you will be able to get each & every theme or plugin for $19 or the entire Membership Plan for $99.45. Normally MythemeShop costs you around $39 to $79 for each item.

Here’re some available coupons:

Coupons Discount (%) You Save ($) Before Discount ($) After Discount ($)
LimitedOffer 31% $22 $69 $47
LimitedTime 72% $50 $60 $19
NotLogged 15% $10 $69 $59
US2017 72% $50 $69 $19
RenewalDiscount 50% $34 $69 $35

MyThemeShop Renewal Coupon Code

Did you know that any of the themes or plugins you purchase from MyThemeShop is expired after 1 year of the purchase date? To get the theme or plugin after one year, you don’t have to pay the regular price but instead, just use the following coupon code & you will be able to save a lot on your second purchase!

TIP: You can use the coupon code below on your first PURCHASE AS WELL and save a LOT!

Here’s the Coupon: RenewalDiscount

Related Coupons:

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How to Get A Free Domain Name? [For Blogger And WordPress]

Did you know that you can get a Free Domain Name as well? and that’s why today I’m going to show you how to get a Free Domain Name for your Blog to start your blogging journey totally for Free!

A Domain Name is one of the most important factors while starting up your business & blog and most importantly, the thing you must keep in mind that you must start your business using the right domain name. Now here I’d like to tell you what is the difference between a Free & A Custom Domain Name.

Free VS Custom Domain Name: What Are the Differences?

Most of you guys have noticed that some of the beginners tend to start their blogging journey using some free domain names such as .tk,, etc and that is because they want to test how the entire process of using, managing domain names works & how to set up & go through all the process of installing a blog on it, submitting it to Search Engines & get ranking in the search engines.

Well, one thing which I like about Free Domain Name is that it’s totally free of cost and you don’t need to pay anything for it and so you can use it for any purpose.

Now let us talk a little bit about:

Free Domain Name

It’s totally for free and so you can get it without paying anything and can get it registered within a few minutes and start using it. Here let me share some of the PROs & CONs of Free Domain Name.

  • It’s totally Free forever.
  • No need Credit Card or PayPal account.
  • Works like a normal Paid Domain Name
  • You can add to other blogging platforms such as Blogger/BlogSpot, WordPress etc.
  • Not Branded like .com, .net, .org.
  • Not helpful & not easy to rank as other Paid Domain Names do.
  • Even by some search engines and directories, Free Domains are marked & considered as Spam.
  • Includes Ads & other malwares.

A Custom Domain Name:

A Custom Domain Name will cost you a few cents each year but it’s far more better than the free one. Custom domain names are always get ranked higher in the search engines and also look natural both to users and crawlers.

Here are a few PROs of a Paid Domain Name.

  • It’s your custom domain ending with .com, .org, .net etc.
  • A Custom domain can also be a regional domain as well such as .pk, .in, .us, .uk etc.
  • It’s accepted by many search engines & different directories and social media sites.
  • It can help you get high ranking in the Search Engines & it looks natural that will represent your business.

Companies That Offer Free Domain Names

These companies offer free domain names to everyone who subscribes to any of their hosting plans & accounts. These are cheap hosting companies that let you get hosting with a competitive price tags and on top of that, you’ll be able to get a whopping discount using our discount links.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost offers its shared hosting for as low as $2.95 to all those who register with Bluehost through our coupon link. Whatever hosting account you subscribe to, you’ll be able to get a free domain name with each hosting account without paying anything for the domain name. Subscribing to the hosting account is important.

2. iPage

iPage is another my favorite web hosting company that offers reliable web hosting & its related services with fastest & expert support. Millions of customers are using iPage to run their businesses.

iPage also offers a free domain name with each of its hosting plans. Their web hosting plan starts at $1.95 ONLY and with that, you’ll also be able to get up to $100 Google Ads Credit & Bing Ads Credit & many other amazing add-ons & features.

3. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is one of the leading WordPress Managed Hosting Providers out in the Market that has been used by thousands of Bloggers around the world to take their blogs & businesses to a whole new level without taking care of their hosting related services.

WPX Hosting is a little expensive for starters & beginners (We have a deal for you) and so, therefore, I won’t recommend it to you if you’re just getting started with Blogging but I’d rather do recommend you if you’re running a business blog because hosting your blog with an unreliable & cheap web hosting can put your entire Business down in the LONG Run!

WPX Hosting is offering many amazing features & options with each of their hosting accounts and also lets you get your blog & business hosted on both UK & US Servers.

With WPX Hosting, you’ll also be able to get a FREE DOMAIN NAME with SSL Certificate.

4. FastComet

FastComet is another name in the web hosting industry. It offers many hosting services including Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting & many others. In case you’re searching for a reliable web hosting, free domain name & super fast loading servers etc, I’d highly recommend you FastComet.

FastComet Working Promo Code For 2018

How to Get A Free Domain Name Instead?

There are many sites that offer free domain names and here I’ll show you how to get one for you.

These Steps will help you how to get a free domain name for your blog.

  • First of all, Visit site.
  • Under ‘Free Domains For All’, Search a domain name & it will give you the availability.


  • If your searched domain name is available, then just Click on Get it Now!


  • Once the domain name is selected, then click on the Checkout button.


  • On the next page, choose the domain registration period & then click on Continue.
  • On the very checkout page, all you need to do is register with Freenom using your email address & complete the registration process.

Once your email & order is confirmed, you will have a 100% verified free domain name which then you can use to add to your Blogger/BlogSpot or use with any third-party Content Management Systems & Blogs.

Final Words ⇒

I’m hoping this simple guide will help you learn how to get a free domain name that can be used with any CMSs totally for free.

In case you have any question regarding this process, do let me know right below in the comments and I’ll be happy to help you out.

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30+ Highest Paying Referral Programs: That Pay Per Referral! For 2018

best-referral-programsWe know you love Best Referral Programs so we have brought a list of 30+ high paying Referral Programs today for you because making money with them is as easy as taking a Hot Tea!

There are many companies that pay per successful customer & sale that we refer to the company & site. But most of them are for specific people, Affiliate Marketers & Niches so we should be using the one that fits our niche because promoting the wrong product with the wrong customers is just a waste of time.

So In case you are a blogger and want to earn money while promoting products to others (as it’s the best way to earn money online) then you will love the list of the companies below.

Now without any further delay, let’s talk a little about the Referral Program.

What Is Referral Program? How Does It Work?

Referral Program is the process of promoting the companies’ products to the customers. Each product of the company that we promote to the customer & the customer then purchases that product through us (mostly using our special referral link) and then in return, that company pays us a commission after the Order/Sign UP or the CTA (Click-through-Action) is marked as completed or in other words, the customer successfully purchases the products and the payment is verified.

Most of the companies offer various Referral Programs based on their requirements such as Payoneer offers a Refer a Friend Program which pays $25 as a commission for each customer that we send to it & then the customer receives at least $1000 into his Payoneer Account and another example is the Envato Market such as each user that we refer to the Envato Market and then the user registers with it & at least purchases the product from any of the Envato Marketplaces such as ThemeForest or CodeCanyon, we will get 30% commission of that sale.

So hope you got the idea of what we were talking about.

Now let us move on to the List.

Highest Paying Referral Programs To Make Money

Name Type Payout Visit Referral
Payoneer Financial Services Company $25
WPX Hosting Web Hosting Company $70
Grammarly Grammar Tool $25
Fiverr Freelance Company $5
Bluehost Web Hosting Company $65
ZohoSalesIQ Live Chat Software $10
WPEngine Web Hosting Company $200+
HostGator Web Hosting Company $125
LinkCollider Social Likes Exchange $59.99
InMotion Hosting Web Hosting Company $50
iPage Web Hosting Company $105
DreamHost Web Hosting Company $120
GetResponse Email Marketing Software 33%
FastComet Web Hosting Company Free Hosting
MOJOMarketplace Web Design Marketplace 30%
WPZoom Web Design Marketplace 25%
ElegantThemes Web Design Marketplace 50%
ThemeIsle Web Design Marketplace 55%
BERush Online Marketing Software 40%
MyThemeShop Web Design Marketplace 70%
EnvatoMarketplace Web Design Marketplace 30%
PropellerAds Ad Network 5%
RevenueHits Ad Network 10%
InfoLinks Ad Network 10%
GetSiteControl Website Widgets 30%
LinksManagement SEO Tool $50
TransferGo Financial Services Company Not Known
G Suite Cloud Computing Software $30
Skrill Financial Services Company 10%
Payeer Financial Services Company 25%
PollFish Survey Site $20

1. Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the leading companies that help us get paid by International Companies & Clients globally. Apart from its global service of receiving & sending payments, Payoneer also offers a Refer a Friend program that lets you earn up to $25 commission for each user that you refer to Payoneer.

A user that you send & refer to Payoneer will also get $25 sign up bonus but in order that amounts to be loaded into your & the user’s account, the user must receive at least $1000 into his/her account.

Note:- Payoneer also has an Affiliate Program that lets you earn a great commission if you have a large base of customers and thus the commission you will earn will be increased as your Affiliate Account performance increases.

Payoneer Sign UP Bonus ($50): How To Get?

2. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a company that offers WordPress Managed Hosting but with that, it also lets you earn a very nice amount of commission for each sale that you bring to WPXHosting.

It offers a multi-tier Referral program that lets you increase your commission according to your performance which means the more you refer users to WPX Hosting, the more extra commission you’ll earn.

WPX Hosting Promo Code ($1 A Moth Hosting)

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a powerful Desktop, Android & Browsers Grammar tool that helps you take your English writing to a whole next level. This is the tool that you should be using in order to write long long articles without committing any grammatical mistakes as at the time of writing, the tool will show you errors if you’re ever making & will also show you some correct suggestions if you’re confused.

Grammarly Refer a Friend is one of the must-have Referral Programs that you should be joining because it offers up to $25 commission for per successful user that you will refer to Grammarly.

Apart from that, you will be given up to $25 bonus for writing a quality article on your blog. Visit Grammarly for more info.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a Freelance site so, with that, you can use its Refer a Friend program to refer users to Fiverr and whoever registers with Fiverr, orders & completes any GIG on Fiverr, you’ll earn $5 commission for that one person. Millions of users are joining Fiverr so be the one to refer them and put some extra money in your pocket.

5. Bluehost

Bluehost Partner Program lets you an in-house referral program to refer users to Bluehost one of the leading Web Hosting Companies that offer WP Managed Hosting as well according to Join its Partner Program and put some extra $65 for each successful user that you refer to Bluehost.

A user that you refer to Bluehost must purchase any hosting plan with Bluehost as, without that, a commission or the sign up will be held as pending until the user successfully subscribes to any of the premium plans.

Bluehost Promo Code ($2.95 Hosting Offer)

6. ZohoSalesIQ

You might have probably heard about ZohoSalesIQ which is a LiveChatting Software for websites that offers a live chatting system to websites. It offers a Referral or also called an Invite Program that pays $10 for each user that you send to ZohoSalesIQ by using their Invite Form.

7. WPEngine

WPEngine is paying $200+ commission for each successful user & customer that you will send to it. It’s a company that is offering WordPress Managed Hosting with bundles of other services & fastest loading servers.

Join the WPEngine Refer A Friend program and start earning money.

8. HostGator

With the HostGator Referral Program, you will earn up to $125 as a commission for each customer that you will refer to it and whoever will purchase hosting or any other service from HostGator, you will earn up to $125 for each user which means if you refer just 50 users in a month, you will earn $6250 for those users in that MONTH, Isn’t it making easy money online?

HostGator Discount Coupon Codes For 2018

9. LinkCollider

LinkCollider is a social sites Likes, Followers & Shares exchanging website & tool that lets you easily get free Likes, Shares & Followers for almost all Social Media Networks including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. It also offers some Content Marketing & SEO tools as well.

LinkCollider also offers a Refer A Friend Program that lets you earn up to $59.99 commission for each successful user that purchases the premium plan after you have referred it via your Unique Referral Link. The Commission is 20% on each sale.

10. InMotion Hosting

Join InMotion Hosting Referral Program and start earning money for referring verified users & customers to InMotion Hosting. The commission for new Referrals starts at $50 and it increases according to the Performances.

11. iPage Hosting

iPage is another web hosting company with thousands of customers around the globe. Join its Refer a Friend program and start getting paid today. The commission for new users starts at $105 and it increases gradually.

12. DreamHost

DreamHost pays up to $120+ for each successful customer that you will refer to it.

13. GetResponse

GetResponse is an Email Marketing Software that lets you auto-pilot your Email Marketing strategies and build an Email List that was impossible to build before.

With the GetResponse Referral Program, you will earn up to 33% commission of a user that you will refer to GetResponse. For example, if any of your customers you refer to GetResponse and he purchases any of the GetResponse Premium Plans, let’s say he purchases a $100 plan then your commission will be $33 for that sale.

It’s all win-win battle!

So join the GetResponse Referral Program today!

14. FastComet

Now with FastComet, each user that you will refer to FastComet will help you get the FastComet hosting totally for Free!

Apart from it, FastComet also offers an Affiliate Program that lets you earn a huge commission for each sale you will refer to FastComet.

FastComet Special Discount Promo Code

15. MOJOMarketplace

MojoMarketplace is a market of Web Designs, Themes, Templates & Plugins for various Platforms & Content Management Systems where developers share their designs & sell with the worlds.

The MojoMarketplace Referral Program lets you earn up to 30% commission for each sale that you will refer.

16. WPZoom

WPZoom is also a market of web designs. Its Invite Program lets you earn up to 35% commission of each SALE!

17. ElegantThemes

ElegantThemes is a company that makes products for the open-source platform You can earn up to 50% commission with their Refer a Friend program. If you have not yet registered with their Partner program, make sure to register today.

18. ThemeIsle

ThemeIsle is another WordPress Themes & Plugins Maker company that offers up to 55% commission on each sale!

19. BERush

BERush is an Affiliate of the SEMRush software that lets you earn up to 40% commission on each sale you bring to BERush or also called as SEMRush.

It’s the Affiliate program of SEMRush which is one of the leading Digital Marketing, SEO, Backlinks Spy & Keyword Research Tools that has been used by millions of companies & bloggers around the world.

If you were ever looking for a Digital Marketing Referral Program, BERush or the SEMRush Affiliate Program is the must have to join.

20. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop pays up to 70% commission on each sale that you will refer to it. Millions of users & Bloggers are using MyThemeShop so be the one to promote MyThemeShop & put some extra money in your Pocket.

MyThemeShop Coupon Code ($19 Each Product)

21. Envato marketplace

With the Envato marketplace Invite Program, you will earn up to 30% commission on each sale you refer to it. No matter if you’re referring to or

22. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is one of the leading Pop-UP & CPM Ad Networks that offers a Referral Program that lets you earn up to 5% lifetime earning of a user that you refer to PropellerAds. The 5% commission of the earning he makes with PropellerAds through placing ads on a blog.

23. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is another Pop-UP and CPM based Ad Network with a large base of Advertisers & Publishers. Its Referral Program lets you earn up to 10% lifetime earning of a user that you will refer to RevenueHits.

24. InfoLinks

InfoLinks is a text-advertising company and it offers up to 10% lifetime earning of a user that is referred to InfoLinks through your unique referral link or URL.

25. GetSiteControl

GetSiteControl is a powerful tool that provides various widgets, email building tools, notification bars & much more. It offers both free & premium plans so if you refer anyone through your unique link, you’ll earn up to 30% commission of that sale if he/she subscribes to the premium plan.

26. LinksManagement

LinksManagement pays up to $50 commission per user that you refer to it after the user spends at least $100. Even though, if any of the users just spend $50, you will earn $15, however, spending $100 or more than that, your commission will be $100.

The commission is for both of you which means You & the Referred user will also earn that commission ($50 + $50) which is the same as Payoneer we mentioned above!

27. TransferGo

With the TransferGo Refer a Friend program, you can earn cashback. TransferGo is a company that lets you Transfer Money at Cheap Rates across the world.

Start promoting TransferGo today & start getting cash back right from today.

28. G Suite

What could be better than promoting the Google Product, G Suite? With the G Suite Referral Program, you will earn up to $30 commission for each user that you refer to G Suite after the user joins & subscribes to any of the G Suite premium plans.

29. Skrill

Skrill is a Payment Transfer Company that lets you earn up to 10% commission of the fees that your referred user will pay to Skrill for transferring their payments & making transactions online.

30. Payeer

Payeer is another Payment Transfer & Money Exchange company that lets you earn up to 25% commission of the transaction that is made after referring & sending a customer to Payeer.

31. PollFish

PollFish is a survey website that lets you earn money just by doing & filling surveys. PollFish also pays up to $20 for each user that signs up with PollFish and does & fills at least 500 surveys. Both you & the referred user will earn $20.

Final Words ⇒

I hope you enjoyed this list of 30+ High Paying Referral Programs. In case you need any help or you have any question, I’d be more than happy to reply you. All you need is just comment below.

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How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Guide For 2018

Are you new to Affiliate Marketing?


You want to learn some tactics that other Affiliate Marketers are using to start & run their Revenue Stream Businesses Online & Offline? But don’t know how they do?

Don’t worry because we have got you covered up.

In today’s detailed post, I’ll be talking about How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing, How to opt for any Affiliate Program/Network, How to Promote them meaning how to bring sales to them and how to earn commission with them.

So without any further delay, let me introduce you to the Affiliate Marketing 2018.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Well, if you have been blogging or seen anyone making money online, you might have heard the word Affiliate Marketing and this is what we’re going to talk about.

So first of first, Affiliate Marketing is a technique we use to Promote others’ products and earn commission for each purchase that a customer makes after we send the Customer to the Vendor or also called as the Merchant.

In other words, we as an Affiliate Marketers sign up with any Company, the Company gives us a unique Tracking Link/URL, we promote that link & our customer clicks it & visits the company, the Customer then purchases anything from that company & once the purchase/order becomes completed (i.e the customer payment is cleared & the product is shipped), we are given a commission by the Company which is normally loaded to our Affiliate Account in that company which then we can use to withdraw through Payoneer or PayPal etc.

Well, before we dig more into it, let me share with you a few pillars of the Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Pillars

1. The Creator or Vendor

The Creator or the Vendor is the one who makes & creates products. Let us we assume that Alex has a company in which he makes FootBalls so Alex is the Creator or anyone who sells Alex’s products such as FootBalls is called the Vendor so both are one of the Pillars of the term Affiliate Marketing.

2. The Affiliate OR Affiliate Marketer

The Affiliate is a person or also called as Affiliate Marketer on which the whole Marketing depends. In other words, this is the person who promotes The Creator or the Vendor’s products to customers and this is the one to whom The Creator or the Vendor pays commission for each sale he/she brings to the company.

It’s worth mentioning that the Agreement is made between the two parties Such as The Creator & the Affiliate Marketer or also called as Affiliate for their business & the Fixed Price or Multi-tier commission is assigned and much more.

3. A Customer

A customer is the third one of the most important pillars of Affiliate Marketing. The Affiliate promotes the products of the Creator/Vendor to the customer and if the customer is happy and go and purchases those products then after a successful purchase & goal, the Vendor or the Creator pays the commission to the Affiliate.

I hope you got the idea of what we were talking about. If you still have any question, you can ask below in the comments.

Now let us talk about some companies that offer Affiliate Programs so that you can sign up them as an Affiliate & start earning commission for each sale/customer you refer to them through your unique tracking link.

Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money With (For Bloggers)

We know Blogging is the way to make money online fast & effortless & so making money online with Affiliate Marketing through Blogging is also super duper easier and here we’re going to talk about the best companies that let you earn money promoting them & their products.

So without any further delay, let’s talk about them.


Well, if you’re a blogger & know about Web Hosting then you might have definitely heard the term WPXHosting. WPXHosting is a web hosting company that offers WordPress Managed Hosting with incredible services & fast loading servers.

WPX Hosting Promo Code (Only $1 Hosting)

WPXHosting offers a Multi-Tier Affiliate Program which lets you refer customers to it and earn up to $100 commission after a customer has successfully purchased hosting from it.

Here’s a proof of how I made $140 in just two days by referring just two customers to it. (Even though you will think that you must have received at least $200 as I mentioned $100 before but in the beginning, you’ll get up to $70 commission if your Referrals are less than 25 but it will be increased by the time – Here’s a screenshot).


2. Payoneer Affiliate Program

If you have made any earning online then you better know what we’re talking about. Payoneer is a company that helps us get paid by international companies & clients at affordable prices & lets us directly transfer our earning to our banks or withdraw through any ATM across the world.

Despite that, Payoneer Affiliate Program lets you earn a lot for just referring new users to it. It offers a Multi-Tier Affiliate Program which lets you earn a commission according to your performance.

I have been using the Payoneer Affiliate Program and I say it’s incredible because, within a few months, I made much commission with it & here is my Affiliate Account Proofs & how much commission I made with it in just the past 3 MONTHS! (Even though, some of the customers have yet to receive payments I have yet to earn commission for that in the FUTURE!)


Payoneer pays you $25 for each successful user that you will send to it (the referred user will also earn $25 so both earn $50) but as your performances increase & you started referring more customers to it, your commission will be increased simultaneously as my Commission that I earn nowadays is $50 PER ACTION! (and the user earns $35 instead of $25).

How to Make Money with Payoneer Affiliate Program?

3. Bluehost Partner Program

Bluehost also offers a Multi-Tier Partner Program which lets you earn up to $65 commission at the beginning for referring users to it. If you’re a blogger and can promote Bluehost then I’d highly recommend you go and join the Bluehost Affiliate Program start making money right today.

Here’s a quick proof of one customer that I referred to Bluehost back in a few days.


We know the market is saturated with many thousands of Web Hosting Companies that offer Affiliate Programs. In case you want to know about them, Check our A List of Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

4. MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

MyThemeShop is a marketplace where best-looking WordPress Themes & Plugins are designed & made. In case you are searching for an Affiliate Program related to WordPress Products & Niche, I’d highly recommend you go & sign up for MTS Affiliate Program because it offers up to 70% commission on each sale you refer to it

A List of Best High Paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers.

Best Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods

Most of the Affiliate Marketers fail because they don’t know how to promote Affiliate Products to the right people and how to increase the possibility of earning high commissions.

Here let me talk to you about some best methods & tactics to use to promote Affiliate Products.

1. Make an Urge

A life is nothing without any purpose and this is the same here in the Affiliate Marketing as well. The first & foremost thing you must have is an Urge of Promoting the Affiliate Products because you need motivation & inspiration in order to push yourself ahead as most of the time you will face a lot of hurdles & bad things in the process such as you won’t earn any cent for a few days, weeks and even a few months & even you won’t be verified to several Affiliate Networks & Programs but make sure that those hurdles & things don’t hold you back from your success.

A success comes after facing hurdles & hard-working So try your best for your success & think about it how to achieve your Goal. Always make new strategies & so and so.

2. Start A Blog

Well, another super easier way to promote Affiliate Products is Blogging & you might be already known to it because Blogging is a part of Affiliate Marketing for many Affiliate Marketers.

However, Blogging is not necessary if you don’t know how to blog or you don’t want to start it. In case you want to get started with Blogging but don’t know where & how to start, Read our Blogging Starter Step by Step Guide.

3. Launch A Youtube Channel

If you’re a Vlogger or love Vlogging then it’s the time for you to start promoting Affiliate Products on Youtube right away because Youtube is the most viewed & visited site on the Internet after Google. Most of your targeted customers don’t bother reading tons of articles & paragraphs but instead, they prefer watching a 2 to 10-minute video over reading hundreds of texts so Youtube is the best way for you to start promoting your Affiliate Products right away!

4. Reach Customers Offline

Another best way to promote Affiliate Products is to reach your targeted customers/friends/family members & talk to them directly (offline) about the products which they need & benefit them. Make sure to tell them that you’re promoting the products and you will earn a commission if he/she purchases the product. Don’t forget to mention the PROs & CONs of the Products as well.

5. Join Social Sites

Nowadays Social Media Sites are a great way for most of the Affiliate Marketers because it’s the best & cost-less & easiest way to promote the Affiliate Products directly & refer sales to the companies you’re affiliated with from those Social Sites.

6. Join Online Forums

Joining Online Forums related to your niche & products is a key to success. However, most of the forums don’t accept Affiliate Links & such stuff.

Join some forums online & get registered with them & start helping others along with promoting your products.

Final Words ⇒

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to start a revenue stream business online & make money while you sleep. We hope you have enjoyed our small guide to the whole process how does it works and so on…

If you have any question regarding any point, I’d be more than happy to reply you. Just leave your comment below & I will be happy to help.

Source: Blogging Scout Feed

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