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Grammarly Discount For Students – Coupon Code [Updated 2019]

Grammarly Discount For StudentsAwesome News to all for landing here because we’re going to be sharing with you our exclusive Grammarly Discount For Students which will help you to get an exclusive discount on this super powerful & feature-rich tool for writers & students.

It does not make any sense whether you’re a PRO writer, just a beginner or a writer, you’ll always be facing some kinds of mistakes & errors in your writing because of our nature of typing and writing online or offline in other tools such as Microsoft Word and others etc.

Out there we have a wide range of tools and plugins that we can use to check and correct our spelling & writing mistakes but since Grammarly has brought a revolution in our online writing, now we have the most powerful tool that almost every writer & internet marketer is depending on.

As you know Grammarly has two versions i.e Free & Paid version and today if you have decided to purchase the Paid/Premium version then make sure you use our exclusive Grammarly discount coupon code that will help you save a big amount of money while purchasing the Student Grammarly Package.

What Is Grammarly?

Probably you have gone through our best free grammar checker tools and found Grammarly as one of the best grammar checkers out there. But if you did not know about Grammarly, then just sit back and relax because I’m going to tell you what basically Grammarly is and how does it benefit you.

Grammarly Grammar Checker Discount

So Grammarly is the most powerful and advanced grammar checker tool that is available for both Windows & Mac users but Grammarly does not offer any extension or add-on for MS Word users on MacOS. However, you can download the Grammarly Native app for MacOS and use the software for checking mistakes in your writings & articles.

Even if you want to proofread your MS Word file or articles then you can easily do it by just going to the Grammarly online checker tool page and upload your file and Grammarly will then tell you all the typos, errors & mistakes in your typing and writing and once you’re done with it, just you’ll be needing to do is download or export the file and open the file again with MS Word or any other software.

Grammarly Discount For Students

You have learned good enough about Grammarly but now Want to register for it as a Student? Here we got an exclusive coupon code for you that will help you save a big amount of money. In order to grab this huge discount, you’ll be required to be using the Grammarly student discount coupon code that I have shared with you below.

Before you can redeem the coupon above, make sure that you have not already registered with Grammarly because this is for new readers. Even if you have registered already, make sure you register for another account instead of just using your registered account details.

Why Do I Need Grammarly?

There are many tools that writers can use for writing & typing but the question that we might get in our mind is that why do we need Grammarly and how can it benefit us. So today here I’ll be telling you why exactly you should be using this super awesome tool even if you’re a student.

Grammarly Checker For Students

We most of the time commit mistakes in our writing even without noticing it and the best way to know your mistakes in your writing is to use any proofread software or tool but here you don’t need to use any proofread tool that comes with an expensive tag. With Grammarly, you get the most amazing proofreading feature that helps you underline & highlight with red or any other kind of color those hidden mistakes that are impossible to be spotted.

Don’t get confused because Grammarly not only offer Proofreading feature but it does offer several other amazing things for writers & its users. Let’s talk a little bit about it.

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Grammarly Features

As we already talked above about Grammarly and why do we need it. We also talked that we will be having a Proofreading feature in this amazing Grammar Checker but now let me tell you what else does this super powerful grammar checker tool offers.

Checks Critical Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

The most common mistakes that most of the time we tend to commit is critical & spelling mistakes that are impossible to be spotted. So Grammarly helps you quite deeply scan the entire article and each sentence that you’re writing (make sure you have Grammarly installed or working on the Grammarly online checker tool) and highlight those mistakes with various colors that will help you easily spot mistakes you have made.

This way, you’ll have a better idea where you have made mistakes and how you can then remove those mistakes and correct your sentences.

Words Definition & Suggestions

Now you have spotted your mistakes but not sure or don’t know what to do to correct your mistakes? Grammarly has this super awesome feature that lets you suggest what to do and which word or sentence you should write to correct your mistake. Grammarly also defines words that you don’t know.

Grammarly Is Free

The good news for Users who can’t afford buy or don’t want to buy the Premium version of Grammarly is that it’s available in Free Version as well with some basic checkers and tools. Even though, if you want to get the locked features of this tool then you’ll need to subscribe to any of the premium plans out there.

Before you subscribe to any of the Grammarly premium plans, make sure to stick to our exclusive Grammarly student discount here above which will help you save on the premium plans.

Corrects Misspelled Words

In case you’re typing too fast and you don’t look back at what you have just written then still, Grammarly is super fast to highlight and give you ideas of what words you have written & typed wrong. This way, you will just need to hover your mouse over the words and it’ll give you the correct words suggestions and then you just need to click Right and you’re all set to go!

Online Grammarly Editor

In case you work online and don’t want to be using any Grammarly tool or software then you can just land on the Grammarly Online Editor and do all of the writing & typing and correct your grammatical mistakes and typos and then using the Export option, you’ll be able to export your files and use it anywhere using any software such as MS Word in MacOS because Grammarly does not offer any addon for MS Word in MacOS or any other software and in any other operating system such as Windows.

Also don’t forget to use our Grammarly discount for students because it will give you an exclusive discount.

Desktop Apps & Softwares

Don’t want to work online or write online in Browsers? The Native Apps or Desktop apps are there for you to work right on your PC as the same as someone works online on the Online Editor. You just need to do is go to their official site and download your Native App from there and install it to your OS (only Windows & MacOS). Once the software is installed,  just open it and drag & drop files there easily and next do you stuff and then ENJOY!

Improves Writing

This is the tool that helped me improve my English Writing & Typing online. And that’s why I’m not writing here that Grammarly is the best tool that you can use to improve your writing skills and take it to a whole new level.

It will not only help you write correct sentences but will also help you what word to use and where to use, where to put the comma, dot and also help you know words synonyms more easily.

Free Google Extension Available

This amazing tool has a Google Extension available which you can easily download from the Extension store and install to your Chrome browser and use the Grammarly features anywhere in any editor such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and even all other online editors.

If you’re a Blogger or anyone who blogs on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or on any else CMS, Grammarly is the super important tool to be used for correct articles, columns writing and content marketing.

Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly has a Plagiarism Checker that scans your article from over billions of pages and the ProQuest’s academic databases and tells what sentences contain duplicated & copied texts. Plagiarism Checker is free for use but if you’ll subscribe to the Premium version then you’ll get further advanced options & features such as it will give you suggestions what and where to give credits to the copied contents and texts.

Grammarly For Gmail & Other Social Networks

The thing that I like about Grammarly is that it’s integrated with any editor online such as if you’re working on Gmail Compose or in other words, you are writing an email to someone and you have installed the extension on your browser then your all writings & typings are all monitored by the powerful Grammarly tool and you’ll be seeing the free small icon at the bottom of the Gmail Email editor.

The same thing goes with all the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Medium, Quora and thousands of other online editors & sites.

The Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Mobile Keyboard

Too much impressed by Grammarly for Desktop? Now you can have this powerful too right on your mobile phone. Yes, the Grammarly Keyboard is there that you can easily download right from the Play Store for Android OS or from Apps Store for iPhone and that’s totally for free. However, if you have a Premium plan (and if you don’t have then you can easily subscribe to the premium plan by redeeming our Grammarly Discount for Student deal) then you can simply log into your account and the Premium version will be automatically linked to your app and all the advanced features will be working and those limited options will be unlocked.

Now the thing is that when you’re texting someone, posting on Facebook, sending an email, or doing other writing & typing work on your smartphone, you won’t have any issue because you’ll be using the Grammarly Keyboard which will automatically correct, replace and give suggestions on wrong words and sentences.

Grammarly For Students

If you’re a student and you need to write something such as Articles, Calligraphy, Columns, Assignments or something else, Grammarly is where the best writing tool for the students.

Grammarly offers a Student Discount which all the students that land here can redeem the exclusive coupon code to get a whopping discount and save on the Premium Plan.

Is Grammarly The Best Grammar Checker For Students?

As we already mentioned above that there are countless tools online & offline that work as Grammar Checkers but all are not the same as Grammarly and so we do consider Grammarly the best because of its super awesome features for students and all the users who use it.

I have been using it personally and I think Grammarly is the best out of all the grammar checkers available over the internet out there. We have been partnered up with Grammarly to offer an exclusive Grammarly Discount For Students. So to redeem our coupon to get the Student Discount today!

Grammarly For Bloggers & Internet Marketers

Have you been into Blogging? Are you a Blogger but embarrassed of making mistakes in your blog writings? Now you don’t need to worry & embarrass any more because Grammarly is the best tool for Bloggers & Internet Marketers as well.

You can easily use Grammarly even for free on both Desktop (Windows & MacOS & online on Browser. If you’re a Chrome user then what you’ll be needing to use the Grammarly tool is just go to the Chrome Extensions Store and download the free extension and install it to your browser.

This extension will be free which will come with the Free basic & limited options and mostly the free version will work awesome & enough for you. However, if you ever intend to buy the premium version then make sure to use our Grammarly Discount Coupon that we have shared here for Students because it will be very helpful and also you’ll grab a huge discount just by activating our deal above.

Now if you have just installed the extension (free or premium), there will be a small icon of Grammarly at the bottom of the Editor whether you’re working on editor or a free Blogger editor or somewhere else, that small icon will help you determine your mistakes in your writing & will give you suggestions on where to make replacements and will give you ideas & suggestions according to the sentences & words.

The Grammarly Free VS Premium Plans Comparison

We have already talked that Grammarly has two versions i.e Free & Premium. You can use both versions but in the free version, you’ll have limited options and the advanced options will be locked and limited. However, if you don’t have a premium account and you want to subscribe and purchase the premium version then you just need to use our Grammarly discount for students which will help you grab the premium plan with a whopping discount.

Grammarly Free vs Premium

Now let me compare the Free & Premium plans.

Grammarly Free VS Premium

Features Free Premium
Critical Grammar & Spelling Checking Available Available
Advanced, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, context checking Not Available Available
Checking writing across the word wide web Not Available Available
Scans & Detects Plagiarized Contents & Texts Not Available Available
Vocabulary Suggestions Not Available Available
Available for multiple devices i.e Desktop & Smartphone Available Available
Online Grammarly Editor Available Available
Teaches Grammar Rules Available Available
Catches mistakes made in Spelling and Grammar Available Available
Grammarly helps Access your Documents on Multiple Devices Under 1 Account Available Available
Get A Quick Performance Statistics Via Your Email Available Available
Add-Ons Available for Desktop & MS Office Tools Available Available
Grammarly Lets you Add Words To Your Personal Dictionary Available Available
Lets you define Words & See Synonyms Via Double Clicks Available Available

Now We came to know that Grammarly Premium has much more power and options that the Free Version. In the Premium version of the tool, you get extra features such as plagiarism checking, in-depth grammatical mistakes checking and much more. So the bottom line is that the Grammarly Premium version so far better than using the Free Version. However, If you don’t have any budget for the premium plan and on a tight budget then you can use our Grammarly discount for students which comes with a huge discount.

Even if you’re on more tight-budget and can’t afford even with the discount coupon, then the Free version will work well too. Just subscribe to the free version here.

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The Final Words

We have been sharing coupon codes on our blog and I hope you have found this Grammarly student discount very helpful here. I have shared with you the most working deal here but even if you found any issue here then you can easily just let me know below in the comments and I’ll be here to help you give the most recently updated discount coupon and update this one as well.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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