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WPX Hosting Coupon ⇒ Insane 60% Discount! (May 2020)

WPX Hosting CouponWPX Hosting is the top-rated & best WordPress hosting for all those bloggers & webmasters who are looking for super-fast WordPress dedicated hosting with a FREE SSL Certificate, Built-in CDN, and a few other amazing features.

With our insane WPX Hosting Coupon, you’ll get a whopping 60% Instant Discount instead of regular 50% off on any of the Hosting plans or a 2-months WPX Hosting for free when you will switch to the yearly billing cycle. In order to get a 60% or 2-months discount on any of the hosting plans, you must copy & paste our exclusive WPX Hosting code from this page.

In order to get WPX Hosting discount, all you need to do is click the “Reveal Coupon” below, copy the coupon and then paste it during the checkout page on the WPX Hosting site for an exclusive discount. Note: We have two WPX Hosting Coupons. One will give you a 60% discount on the first month whereas the other one will let you grab a whopping 2-months hosting FREE!

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60% Special Discount | All Hosting Plans

60% Special Discount | All Hosting Plans

Special (May 2020): Redeem this coupon to grab a whopping 60% discount on WPX Hosting plans instead of a 50% regular discount.



Expiring On January 16, 2021

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    WPX Hosting Coupon

    WPX Hosting Coupon

    Copy this WPX Hosting Coupon and paste it during the checkout and a 50% discount will be applied automatically. Please ensure that you have selected the monthly billing cycle.



    Expiring On July 11, 2020

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    It Doesn’t
  • Note:- Before applying the coupons, make sure to read the note first here if you’re not sure how to redeem the coupon.

    WPX Hosting Discount

    WPX Hosting is the #1 most trusted & rated hosting provider on Trustpilot as well as the best WordPress Hosting according to Matthew Woodward with super amazing customer support. Their cheapest hosting plan which is Business Plan will cost you around $24.95 each month but by using our exclusive WPX Hosting Coupon, you’ll just get a 60% discount on the first month of any hosting plans. (May 2020 Updated)

    Aside from the 60% discount on any WPX Hosting plans, you’ll get an exclusive 2-months discount as well when you’ll switch to the Yearly billing cycle of WPX Hosting instead of just purchasing the first-month hosting plan.

    Check out: Cloudways Promo Code [2020]

    Being a verified and official Affiliate partner of WPX Hosting, we are providing to you as a reader of our blog an exclusive WPX Hosting Coupon which you can use on any of the WPX hosting plans to avail a 60% discount. Before applying the coupon code, make sure you have selected the First Month billing cycle; Moreover, if you’ll choose the Yearly billing cycle, you’ll get a 2-months discount on the hosting.

    I’m going to share with you the Coupon here along with a clickable button so all you need to do is click our WPX Hosting affiliate link here, choose your preferred hosting package, choose a monthly billing cycle (don’t select any yearly billing cycle because the coupon will no longer work because till now WPX Hosting is offering a discount on its first-month hosting plans only) & then apply our coupon code to get an exclusive discount on the first month which is 60% exclusive.

    Here’s how to get WPX Hosting discount?

    • Click the “Reveal Coupon” to copy our coupon & visit WPX Hosting.
    • Click “Start Now” on WPX Hosting site to go to the Pricing & Plans page.
    • Choose any of the Hosting plans & then choose “HOST in USA or UK”.
    • Now choose “Hosting Only” OR “I Need a New Domain + Hosting”.
    • Finally, select the Monthly Billing Cycle & paste the coupon to get an exclusive discount on Hosting.

    Promo Code: bloggingscout

    best rated wordpress hosting


    Since WPX Hosting is already offering its premium hosting at affordable prices and is recognized as one of the best & so far the most reliable WordPress Hosting provider so therefore it doesn’t offer any yearly or biennial WPX Hosting discount coupon code that you can use to get discount on the yearly or biennial hosting billing cycle so don’t go and search for any coupon that can give you a yearly off on your hosting because their pricing is already affordable compared to other WordPress Hosting Providers.

    But the 60% discount coupon is out there on this page which you can easily copy & paste on WPX Hosting pricing checkout page for a massive discount. On the checkout page, if you’ll choose Yearly billing cycle then you’ll earn 2-months hosting free as well.

    wpx hosting customer support


    WPX Hosting is my all-time recommended & one of the best & quite affordable web hosting companies that are providing reliable & an incredible WordPress Managed Hosting to thousands of Professional Bloggers around the world and almost every blogger I have seen, love and like their services & their reviews are positive as well. They are at #1 both in terms of Customer Support & Blog Loading time.

    If you are impressed by their top-notch hosting services & features and would like to host your own WP blog or migrate your old blog from old hosting company to WPX Hosting then the WPX Hosting Site Transfer Team is ready out there which would help you migrate/transfer your site or blog from the old hosting company to its branded new servers totally for free within just a time of 24 hours. All you need to do is order hosting from WPX Hosting and then just get in touch with the Team and you’ll be soon assisted regarding your site migration and they will migrate your entire cPanel within the next 24 hours.

    WPX Hosting Coupon (May 2020)

    WPX Hosting is the best WP hosting provider to get your WP Blog hosted with it because it’s super fast when it comes to speed, security, and customer support. If you want to sign up for WPX Hosting then I’m going to share one gift with you which will help you to save up a lot of money & get up to 60% exclusive WPX Hosting discount by using our WPX Hosting Coupon.

    Now take a look at the following available coupons and use the one that fits your hosting package & plan.

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    60% Special Discount | All Hosting Plans

    60% Special Discount | All Hosting Plans

    Special (May 2020): Redeem this coupon to grab a whopping 60% discount on WPX Hosting plans instead of a 50% regular discount.



    Expiring On January 16, 2021

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    WPX Hosting Coupon

    WPX Hosting Coupon

    Copy this WPX Hosting Coupon and paste it during the checkout and a 50% discount will be applied automatically. Please ensure that you have selected the monthly billing cycle.



    Expiring On July 11, 2020

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    It Doesn’t
  • WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal (Limited Time ♥ )

    The first thing we’d like to mention that WPX Hosting stopped accepting custom discount codes due to the ongoing WPX Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. Even though it does not mean you can’t get WPX Hosting discount but instead, you’ll be able to enjoy the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals which are as followed.

    Our exclusive discount codes will start working as soon as the Black Friday deals are over.

    This deal is over now. You can either use our ongoing coupon/offer or wait for the next WPX Hosting Deal.

    WPX Hosting does not offer any custom WPX Hosting code that you can use on the yearly billing cycle but instead, they do offer a discount on their first month hosting only and therefore I have brought forth for you a 60% OFF Deal that you can use on any of the WPX Hosting packages to get the first month hosting as low as 60% off only. All you need to do is just use our 60% Promo Code.

    WPX Hosting Coupon Codes

    WPX Hosting OFF Coupon Code Coupon Expiry On
    First Month 99% OFF! checkpost 25/12/2020
    First Month 60% OFF! codeishidden 30/12/2020
    First Month 50% OFF! checkabove 25/11/2020
    First Month 25% OFF! Q7AMIWU8J31E1 25/12/2020
    First Month Trial clicktotestdrive Not Expiring
    Domain Name Discount domoff Not Tested

    If you don’t know how to use the Coupon to get a discount on hosting then make sure to our how to apply WPX Hosting Coupon?.

    How to Get WPX Hosting 2-Months Hosting For Free?

    Normally when you use any coupon, you get a 60% discount on the first month of any of the WPX Hosting plans. Now here’s another deal offered by the WPX team which allows you to get 2-months hosting for free when you will use our WPX Hosting Coupon & buy the Yearly Hosting Plan rather than paying for the monthly billing cycle.

    To get 2-months hosting for free, just select any of the hosting plans, choose the Yearly Billing Cycle and the 2 months free hosting will be added to your invoice for free.

    WPX Hosting Discount On Yearly Hosting


    What Is WPX Hosting?

    WPX Hosting is a hosting company that is providing WordPress Hosting to Bloggers to host their WordPress Blogs on the WPX Hosting fast loading servers which will help them in Speed, Security, SEO & Ranking in the Search Engines and a lot more. The man behind the company is who started the company with the name of Traffic Planet which later changed to WPX Hosting with an aim of providing super top-notch WordPress Managed Hosting while keeping the following points in mind.

    Sometimes you might hear about WPX Hosting as Traffic Planet Hosting.

    Positive Points by Terry Kyle regarding a good hosting company.

    • Fastest loading servers & speed.
    • Knowledgeable & Instant friendly Live Support.
    • 24/7/365 Live/Email & Technical Support.
    • True to their claims regarding the usage of Bandwidth & other data. (Currently all of their resources unlimited in any of the packages you choose such as Business, Enterprise, etc.)
    • Availability of all of the features after purchasing it.

    After all, Terry Kyle wanted to revamp & provide more-powerful & feature-rich WordPress hosting service for users so that they only focus on building their blogs rather than just worrying about losing their blogs due to the Hosting Provide end.

    Here is a quick video that will take you through the reasons why exactly a Webmaster & Blogger should choose a fastest WP hosting.

    WPX Hosting VS Other Hosting(s)?

    When you look into the web hosting industry, You might have seen & probably have used several popular hosting companies such as Bluehost, HostGator, WPEngine, SiteGround & InMotion Hosting, etc & they all are providing multi-purpose hosting services such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, dedicated hosting and much more together.

    But WPX Hosting is one of the best companies which is offering dedicated service so when it comes to WordPress Managed Hosting, I’d highly recommend WPX Hosting over any others because of the reliability & incredible services of the company it’s offering to its thousands of customers which trust it for months & even for years. You can also use the WPX Hosting Coupon to further cut down their regular pricing and get a 60% instant discount.

    Another thing that makes me surprised a lot about WPX Hosting is that their services are quite amazing & the support you get from the WPX Hosting Customer Support is quite adorable & amazing that makes you end up loving them.

    Also, you’ll find out there some amazingly positive reviews about WPX Hosting on various review sites even on its own review page & on other sites such as, & on its own reviews page.

    What WordPress Hosting Do I Recommend?

    I have been one of the bloggers out there for years and I have also used many & even countless Web Hosting Companies in the fast and still I’m using including WPX Hosting for myself so in case you’re running a WordPress blog, and looking for a hosting service that’s reliable that can keep your business safe & healthy then I’d highly suggest you buy a WP Managed Hosting for your blog because choosing the right hosting can help you in the long run & keep your business on the internet strong both on Search Engines and will give you leads as well indirectly.

    So when it comes to my recommendation over WordPress Hosting, I’d highly suggest you because it’s quite reliable and it’s really amazing because I love their services they are offering & their top-notch & endless support system.

    WPX Hosting Features

    We know WPX Hosting is a company that offers WP Hosting only which means you get all possible options & features a WP blog need but let us share with you some of the top-notch features of WPX Hosting that I have been known to & I’d like to share below.

    Insane Fast Speed

    You might already know that Google likes those blogs & pages that load faster within milliseconds. If you wished to have a blog that loads faster like your competitor then I’d strongly recommend WPX Hosting if you’re a user because with the help of their fastest loading & light-weight servers, your blog & its pages will be loading too fast that will help you increase your ranking in the Search Engines as well as your readers will be surprised by it, too! And, eventually will help you improve your Blog Bounce Rate!

    Under 40-Seconds Customer Support

    We know a lot of bloggers including me too are not Blogging geeks nor we can code so we face a lot of issues regarding changing files in the hosting directories, installing WordPress, backing up & restoring files & a lot more and therefore we need an instant support from the Hosting provider so that our blogs are always on the way running!

    I have been surprised by the WPX Hosting support they have been providing to its customers. I can rate their support as 9.9 out of 10 because I’m much satisfied with their instant live support when I was testing it.

    Free SSL Certificate

    SSL Certificate or encrypted security is very important when making your blog secured both for yourself & other users that land on your blog. Google itself is spreading awareness regarding the importance of SSL Certificate and therefore Google treats sites with SSL Certificate better than non-SSL certificates & therefore to make things easier for the customers, WPX Hosting offers a Free SSL Certificate for every domain name that you purchase from them.

    Competitive & Affordable Prices

    We know better about WPX Hosting Pricing Tag which is very competitive when compared to other hosting providers such as WP Engine & many others.

    On top of their regular pricing, We have shared below for you a special WPX Hosting Promo Code that will let you avail a huge discount on WPX hosting & get their hosting for the first month at a whopping 60% off. [This deal is for a limited time only]

    Simple cPanel And Admin Panel

    Being a technical guy, it would be easier to manage your blogs but with WPX Hosting’s easy-to-use dashboard & login panels, you won’t feel the hardship while managing your blogs.

    With the WPX Hosting simple cPanel & Admin panel, you can do everything by yourself because of the simplicity but still, if you have any issue regarding their services, they are 24/7/360 live covered you up with all possible support. Just ask them & they will assist you as soon as possible even they will do the rest of the work setting up a blog for you etc.

    WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

    If you’re an affiliate marketer then you will most likely enjoy the WPX Hosting Affiliate Program and the reason you should be joining it is that it offers $100+ commission on per SALE! Which is INCREDIBLE! isn’t it?

    Check out More High Paying Affiliate Programs For 2020

    The company offers an Affiliate Program to all those who wish to promote WPX Hosting & earn a huge commission.

    If you’re a blogger or an affiliate marketer then you have the opportunity to make thousands of dollars a month from their Affiliate Program.

    For each customer that you refer to WPX, you will get $100 commission & if your performance is good then you will also be able to increase your commission along with that, you will be able to request a discount & promo code for your Affiliate Link (your users will use it) to get a huge discount on WPX Hosting plans & which will help you Increase your CTA & thus you’ll make more money with WPX Hosting.

    WPX Hosting Affiliate


    WPX Hosting Plans (Promo Code Included)

    Since WPX Hosting offers WordPress Managed Hosting with some powerful features & you get top-notch & instant support, the pricing will be expensive than normal shared hosting plans you get from other hosting companies but still, when it comes to WordPress Premium Hosting, WPX Hosting offers very competitive pricing when it compared to the tools, benefits & features you are given. You can also check its Promo Codes that lets you get a whopping discount.

    Before I move further, I’d like to show you a quick table of WPX Hosting Plans so you get a quick idea of how much you’ll be paying and receiving in return.

    WPX Hosting Pricing – May 2020 Updated

    Plan Name Business Professional Elite
    Price $24.99/month $49.99/month $99.00/month
    Websites Allowed 5 Websites 15 Websites 35 Websites
    Storage 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB
    Bandwidth 100 GB 200 GB Unlimited GB
    WPX Cloud CDN Included Included Included

    Note:- Click the reveal button to visit WPXHosting & copy the coupon. Now paste it on the checkout page. But make sure you have selected the Monthly billing cycle otherwise you won’t be able to get any discount. Why you can’t get any discount on Yearly billing cycle because WPX Hosting does not offer any discount on its Yearly plans. However, by switching over to the Yearly billing cycle, you can get 2-months hosting for free which means you’ll save $189!

    WPX Hosting Pricing


    Apart from these features, options & tools, the following Free Tools & Features are included in all of these plans as well.

    • High-Performance Custom Contents Delivery Network
    • Unlimited Free Site Migrations
    • Unlimited Free SSLs
    • 24/7 Hours Instant Support
    • Staging Area
    • Email
    • Manual Backups of your Data
    • DDoS Protection
    • Virus & Malware Scanning & Removal
    • PHP 7.X Supports
    • HTTPS/2
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
    • 28 Days Data Automatic Backups
    • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
    • 1-Click WordPress Installation & Setup
    • USA + UK Hosting Data Centers

    WPX basically offers three main types of Plans which are as follows.

    1. Business Plan

    In the Business Plan, you can host up to 5 websites on the same hosting plan, you are given Staging Area, 28 Days on Demand Backup, 24/7/365 top-notch & live support, up to 10 GB Storage, 50GB Bandwidth, Up to 5 sites free migration & much more.

    The Business Plan regular price tag is $24.99/per month but by using the Promo Code we have shared with you, you can avail a huge discount and get this plan with a whopping 60% discount.

    When you’ll use our coupon, you’ll be able to grab 60% off i.e you’ll save up to $12.50 from this plan.

    WPX Hosting Business Plan


    2. Professional Plan

    In this plan, you are given all the Business Plan features but the limitation of websites is 15, instead of 10 GB storage, you will get 20GB storage, 100GB bandwidth, 1 click-wp-installation & much more.

    The Professional Plan price tag is $49.99/month but if you choose a yearly billing cycle then you will be able to get the hosting for as low as $39.99.

    While using the coupon codes we have shared, you will be able to save more on this hosting plan.

    WPX Hosting Professional Plan


    3. Elite Plan

    In the Elite Plan, you are able to host up to 35 websites, you get 40GB storage, Unlimited Bandwidth & all other features you find in the Professional & Business Plans.

    The Elite Plan price tag is $99.00/month. But if you choose a yearly billing cycle, then the price tag will be reduced to $79.00.

    On top of that, using the coupon for WPX Hosting below, you will be able to save more on the yearly billing cycle or 60% of the first month.

    WPX Hosting Elite Plan


    How To Redeem WPX Hosting Coupon?

    Step #1: Click this discount link to go to WPX Hosting.

    Step #2: Click on “Start Now” to go to the Plans & Prices page.

    Step #3: Now choose any of your favorite hosting plans.

    Step #4: Next, choose an existed domain or select the option to register a new one.

    Registering Domain with WPX Hosting


    Step #5: Select the monthly Billing Cycle instead of Yearly.

    Choosing WPX Hosting Billing Cycle


    Step #6: In the Coupon box, paste “Bloggingscout” as a coupon & the discount will be applied automatically!

    WPX Hosting Coupon Applied


    Step #7: Proceed to the Cart & you’ll just need to pay half of the invoice because our exclusive WPX Hosting Promo Code has given you up to 60% flat discount! Just see the screenshot below.

    50% WPX Hosting Discount Applied


    Now complete your purchase and enjoy using the fastest & reliable hosting servers with an exclusive discount.

    WPX Hosting FAQs

    There are some frequently asked questions about WPX Hosting that I think you should read before you join this super awesome WordPress hosting.

    How Much Does WPX Hosting Business Plan Cost?

    WPX Hosting Business plan will cost you $20.83 a month when paid yearly. However, if you want to pay on a monthly basis then the cost of this plan will be then $24.99. In this plan, you’ll have 5 websites allowed to be hosted, 10 GB data storage, 100 GB Bandwidth, Free WPX Cloud CDN, and many more.

    Does WPX Hosting Offer Only a 60% Discount?

    WPX Hosting is the best hosting provider for WordPress blogs at quite affordable prices. However, you can further cut down the normal prices by using our exclusive WPX Hosting Coupon which will earn you an amazing 60% discount.

    As of now, WPX Hosting only offers 60% off on its hosting and does not offer any other coupon or promo code which can let you earn more discount.

    Even though we had an exclusive coupon from WPX Hosting which allowed us to earn 95% off on the first month but now the coupon is expired and no longer working on the hosting plans.

    Is WPX Hosting Customer Support Good?

    I have tested quite a few major Web Hosting providers but WPX Hosting has always proved to be the best hosting provider with amazing & instant 30-seconds customer support response. They have many customer support ways such as Live Chatting, Ticketing, and Email Support.

    What Is WPX Hosting Affiliate?

    If you’re a Blogger and wanna make money with WPX Hosting then WPX Hosting is offering an Affiliate Program which lets you earn up to $100 or more for every customer that you’ll be referring via your exclusive affiliate link.

    What Is WPX Hosting Coupon?

    WPX Hosting Coupon is an exclusive deal or also known as a Promo Code which is offered by WPX Hosting to us for being their official affiliate which allows New WPX Hosting customers to get exclusive 60% discount on any of the WPX Hosting plans.

    Check out & watch this video to learn all about WPX Hosting Discount & how to use it.

    Related Deals:

    Let me know down in the comments if you have any questions regarding applying the WPX Hosting Coupon.

    [ratemypost] Source: Blogging Scout Feed

    Cloudways Promo Code: Exclusive Discount! (May 2020)

    Cloudways Promo Code

    Howdy! You are just a few steps away from redeeming our exclusive Cloudways Promo Code that will let you grab an exclusive discount on any of the Cloudways hosting plans. It does not matter which hosting plan you have decided to purchase, just paste our coupon & the discount will be applied automatically to the cart.

    We know every new Blogger or Webmasters have very limited-budget and that’s where Cloudways has a solution for that. If you’re a new customer to Cloudways and want to grab some discount on your purchase then make sure to check out the listed coupons below & use the one which fits your invoice & hosting plan.

    Popular Cloudways Discount Codes For 2020

    Without wasting your time any further, let us break things down.

    As of May 2020, Cloudways offers two distinct ways to help you get a discount on Cloudways hosting. Either you can grab the Cloudways Free Trial to give a free try to Cloudways hosting without paying anything for 14-days or you can grab some percentage discount on the invoice.

    Take a look at a few exclusive coupons.

    This is our exclusive code for our esteemed readers who can grab a 20% instant discount on the first invoice with Cloudways. Whether your invoice amount adds up to $100, you’ll get a $20 discount or if it’s $1000, you’ll get a $200 exclusive discount.

    .coupon-image-box_no_border {
    border-color: transparent !important;


    20% OFF Cloudways Promo Code

    20% OFF Cloudways Promo Code

    In order to redeem the Cloudways Promo Code, just click the show coupon button next to here and copy the promo code and paste it out there on the Cloudways checkout page to grab a whopping discount.
    Note:- This code will give you 20% off on your first invoice.



    Expiring On November 30, 2020

  • It Works

    100% Success

    It Doesn’t
  • Don’t like to get 20% off on your first time purchase from Cloudways? Check out the following deal which gives you a whopping 25% off on your 3-months hosting purchase.

    .coupon-image-box_no_border {
    border-color: transparent !important;


    25% OFF! on 3-Months Hosting Invoice

    25% OFF! on 3-Months Hosting Invoice

    If you decided to purchase the 3-months hosting plan from Cloudways then this deal is the perfect fit for you. Just redeem it to avail a whopping 25% off!



    Expiring On November 26, 2020

  • It Works

    100% Success

    It Doesn’t
  • The above code you tried but didn’t work? Even if the above one is working, you can give a try to this alternative one to grab 25% off on the 3-months hosting purchase.

    .coupon-image-box_no_border {
    border-color: transparent !important;


    #2: 25% OFF on 3-Months Hosting

    #2: 25% OFF on 3-Months Hosting

    This is a replacement deal to the one shared above. So use this deal if the above one isn't working. This particular promo code is going to help you save 25% off on the 3-months hosting plan.



    Expiring On November 26, 2020

  • It Works

    100% Success

    It Doesn’t
  • Give a try to the following 15% off code which will give you a 15% discount on the 3-months hosting plan.

    We have some other popular codes & deals as well waiting for you below. So take a look if you did not find the above ones useful.

    .coupon-image-box_no_border {
    border-color: transparent !important;

    Free $20 Cloudways Credit

    Free $20 Cloudways Credit

    If you ever wanted free Cloudways Credit then this exclusive coupon awaiting you. Just redeem it and your account will be funded with $20 Free Cloudways Credit.



    Expiring On November 26, 2020

  • It Works

    100% Success

    It Doesn’t
  • How To Redeem Cloudways Promo Code

    Step 1: Click “Reveal Coupon” to copy & visit the Cloudways site.

    Step 2: Out there click “Start a Free Trial” button found on the menu bar.

    Step 3: Fill-in the Sign-Up form with accurate details such as Email & Password etc.

    Step 4: Click “Got a Promo Code” & paste the copied coupon there.

    Step 5: Once the code is applied, the discount on the invoice will be applied automatically.

    What is Cloudways?

    Cloudways is one of the best cloud hosting providers that offers a wide range of hosting services including Managed Cloud hosting from different servers to users across the world at very affordable pricing. If you’re going to purchase any hosting service from Cloudways, make sure to take a look at our few exclusive Cloudways Promo Code (s).

    Millions of bloggers, affiliate marketers & internet geeks across the world are using Cloudways because of its super top-notch service, customer support & simplicity. Also upon going through the Cloudways Reviews by their customers & clients, we found out that CW has been one of the best WordPress hosting companies that have a very good reputation & reviews from its clients.

    We’re an affiliate of Cloudways & by using our discount codes you will be able to save a lot of money while signing up for the premium hosting Plans. upon signing up with Cloudways, you’ll see an option to get started with Cloudways for free for the first 14-days also known as Cloudways Free Trial or you can paste our exclusive Cloudways Promo Code in the promo code text box for the exclusive discount.

    As an Affiliate of Cloudways, we have shared a few exclusive Cloudways Promo Codes on this page which means anyone can use them on any of the Cloudways hosting plans to grab massive discounts on hosting along with Cloudways free trial & free credit.

    Every promo code that we have shared on this page gives different discounts on different hosting plans. So before applying any Discount Code, make sure that you have checked and read descriptions for each and every code that you’re going to apply on the Cloudways signup page.

    So here are our exclusive discount codes to save money while signing up & opting for the premium hosting plans.

    Some Popular Cloudways Promo Codes In 2020

    Discount Hosting Period Discount Code
    15% OFF 3 Months Hosting WP15
    25% OFF 3 Months Hosting Hello2019
    20% OFF 1st Hosting Invoice BLOGGINGSCOUT
    10% OFF 3 Months Hosting CLOUDWAYS10
    15% OFF 3 Months Hosting HOSTWOO
    20% OFF 3 Months Hosting CLOUD20
    $20 Credit Not Available BOOSTMAG

    Cloudways Free Trial (No Credit Card Needed)

    Cloudways lets you test-drive their world-class hosting services for the first 14 days for free under the name of Cloudways Free Trial. In this Free Trial, you’ll be given some specific but limited features & privileges just to let you test-drive their services.

    Even though, if you’re already satisfied with their world-class hosting services then you don’t need to opt for their 14 days free trial but rather you just need to use the coupon code shared above to save a lot on the Cloudways Premium Plans.

    Step by Step Guide To Redeeming Cloudways Code

    Now you have found our Cloudways Codes that will give you whopping discounts on various hosting plans when you’ll sign up and start your premium plan.

    In order to redeem the Cloudways code & get a discount, just follow these steps.

    Step #1: Click the “Reveal Coupon” button below to copy the Promo Code.

    .coupon-image-box_no_border {
    border-color: transparent !important;


    20% OFF Cloudways Promo Code

    20% OFF Cloudways Promo Code

    In order to redeem the Cloudways Promo Code, just click the show coupon button next to here and copy the promo code and paste it out there on the Cloudways checkout page to grab a whopping discount.
    Note:- This code will give you 20% off on your first invoice.



    Expiring On November 30, 2020

  • It Works

    100% Success

    It Doesn’t
  • Step #2: Go to and click on Get Started FREE.

    Get Started Free

    Step #3: On The Signup page, click on Got a Promo Code? & then paste the code.

    pasting Cloudways promo code

    Step #4: Now Subscribe to any of the hosting plans & the discount will be applied automatically.

    I hope these steps would help you redeem the Cloudways Promo Code and give you a discount for the next 3 months up to 25%. Drop your comments below if you have any questions related to applying the promo code.

    Why Choose Cloudways For Hosting Your Blog?

    Since we have numerous web hosting platforms and companies that are inline competing with each other, here we got to talk a little bit about Cloudways Hosting that why we as well as you should be getting locked in with Cloudways for hosting your own either WordPress blog or other CMS made a blog.

    We know Cloudways is one of the best and far cheapest hosting solutions for any kind of businesses but it’s not like just hosting your blog. It does offer a wide range of facilities to developers and webmasters which allow them to run their Apps & Sites within minutes of work rather than doing any & everything manually.

    Whether you’re trying to build your own WordPress blog or build a blog using any other CMS (Content Management System) like Magento, Joomla or any other one, Cloudways is there to help you out by building your own blog within a while and without having any technical skills and even without doing anything manually. It has got you backed up by experts who are always ready to help you out when you call them for help.

    Now we have talked a little bit about it, I’d like you to take a look at some wide range of Cloudways Features. But before you go down, I’d really recommend you check out our Cloudways Promo Code 2019 which will help you save a lot this year when you’ll be purchasing any premium plan.

    Cloudways Features

    1. The Simplest Hosting Solution

    The thing that makes me impressed about Cloudways is that it comes with simplicity in mind that you’ll love and will recommend to your followers & friends. It does not matter whether you’re a technical guy or not, Cloudways got you backed up with simple tasks to help you achieve your dreams and run your App & Site within minutes.

    2. The Best & Reliable Hosting Provider

    Are you worried whether Cloudways is reliable or not? Their reliability all depends on their Customers’ reviews & what they say about Cloudways’ services. You can read all about them right over here.

    There out are over millions of customers around the world that depend upon Cloudways. If you’re not already their customer, just make sure to check out our Cloudways Promo Code to get signed up with them and also get a whopping discount when you’ll be applying & registering for their premium plans.

    3. Fewer Worries & More Freedom

    Are you unhappy with a company that does not provide expert support? With Cloudways, you’ll be having fewer worries & you’ll be having more freedom as you’ll be getting 24/7 hours expert support from experts in various methods when you’ll need them.

    4. Go Live Within Minutes

    Cloudways uses a modern way that lets Small & Large scale businesses setup & makes their Apps & Websites live within minutes. You won’t need to be doing anything the hard way like Web Developers used to do in old time. Now everything with Cloudways is easier than you think. To set up your businesses with Cloudways within minutes, just make sure to use our Cloudways Promo Code.

    5. Manage Like a Pro

    Cloudways lets you manage everything that you do on it the Pro way which helps you do everything more efficiently and the smart way. It also lets you work on your projects in a collaboration which further makes it easier to complete and finish your project in more convenient ways.

    6. Managed Security

    Cloudways Managed Hosting comes with Proactive Managed Security which makes your servers safe & more secure. Here’re some security features that I’d like you to know.

    • Dedicated Firewalls: These security firewalls help you secure your all servers traffic from spammers & intruders.
    • 1-Click Free SSL Installation: The Free SSL Installation helps you secure your domain name with a trusted certificate and also fulfills all of your HTTPS requirements.
    • Two-Factor Authentication: It’s also known as TFA which is an easy way to add an extra layer of security to your Cloudways account which one-step further helps you to secure your Cloudways account.
    • IP Whitelisting: This type of security feature lets you whitelist any IPs that you want to access SSH & SFTP.

    7. Expert Support

    Cloudways provides 24/7 hours of expert support with various methods. Here are some of the most common ways you can get support in.

    24/7 Hours Live Chat: In this type of support, you can ask help from a live Cloudways support representative and they will help you in minutes in a magic way.

    Strong Knowledge Base: Having questions-related to the Cloudways Services or the Cloudways Promo Code? The Knowledgebase has all the resources to check them out and resolve most of the issues you’re having with it.

    24/7 Hours Support Ticketing: Have any confidential question or want to try the Ticketing Support to solve the queries you have? Cloudways offers 24/7 hours ticketing support system which allows you to keep track of your issues and get them resolved soon.

    Managed Migrations: Are you wanting to move your applications and existed blogs & sites from your old Hosting Provider to this Super Awesome Cloudways Hosting Provider? Cloudways lets you take care of all of your sites/blogs/applications migrations and you won’t need to worry about anything. All you’ll need to do is just let them know about your applications/sites/blogs that you want to migrate and they will take care of the rest. Before you migrate your sites/blogs or applications to Cloudways, make sure to take a look at our Cloudways Promo Code to grab a whopping discount if you haven’t grabbed already.

    Active Community: Another super awesome way that Cloudways offers is the Active Community or you can call it Forum. In this community/forum, you’ll find thousands of already asked questions & their answers OR if you have any question that isn’t already asked or resolved, you can ask a new one and the Experts out there will help you in a while.

    8. Automated Backups

    You may know that every Web Hosting provider out there offers Automated or On-demand Backups which allows you to have a full backup of your application/site or blog including all the files in servers. With Cloudways, the same is here which allows you to make automated backups starting from 1 hour to every 7 days.

    In case you’re doing something unusual or want to manage or edit your files/application/site/blog, just make sure you have the latest backup of your files and if not, just take a backup and then do what you want. Now in case you did anything wrong to your server or files, just restore your taken backup and it will revert back.

    9. Up-To-Date Applications & CMS (Content Management Systems)

    This feature is common among all the web hosting providers and Cloudways also makes sure that all the applications & CMS (Content Management Systems) including, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc are up to date so that you never face any problem while using an outdated version of any applications or CMS.

    10. Many Data Centers

    Page Loading is one of the crucial factors of Ranking in Google and that’s what Cloudways is focusing to provide more than 60+ data centers to help developers & webmasters choose the nearest & fastest data center that skyrocket the loading time of any application or website.

    11. 1-Click Apps Installations

    Like many other Web Hosting Providers, Cloudways also lets you easily & quickly install & manage any Application or CMS including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento, etc. If you’re going to set up a WordPress blog then you don’t need to manually do everything. What all you will need to be doing is just go to the App Installation page and choose WordPress as your platform and just proceed to the Installation process to install & setup WordPress on your Server & Domain Name within a few minutes.

    12. Staging Area

    Like WPX Hosting (We have a few WPX Hosting Coupons which allow you to get a whopping discount when signing up for the Premium Plans), Cloudways also offers a Staging area which allows you to do any new things in the Staging area without doing anything wrong to the Live Version of your site and if you did something successfully on the Staging Area then you can push it to the Live Version by just a Click-of-a Button.

    13. Team Works

    If you want to push someone to become your Team member and want them to manage your applications/blogs or servers then Cloudways allows you to add new members by giving them limited or full access to your servers or applications.

    14. WP Migrator Plugin

    Are you already locked with any old but your non-favorite hosting provider and you’re tired with it? Now want to give a try to Cloudways? Make sure to use our Cloudways Promo Code to grab a whopping discount and also you won’t need to do any manual migrations because the Cloudways WP Migrator Plugin will do all the stuff.

    What you’ll be needing is just to proceed with all the simple steps that this particular plugin will be providing you after you install it.

    You can also watch out the below video to learn how to configure the plugin and migrate to Cloudways.

    15. Breeze: Free Cache Plugin by Cloudways

    Now with Cloudways, you won’t need to have any third-party plugin installed on your blog or any CDN because Cloudways offers a built-in Breeze: The Free Cache Plugin for WordPress which allows you to skyrocket the performance of your blog at zero cost at all!

    This plugin will help you in various ways such as it will optimize your Databases, Increase your page loading time, minify your HTML, CSS & JS (Javascript) and will also work as a CDN (Content Management System).

    16. Pay As You Go

    This is one of my favorite features in Cloudways that allows you to pay for what you spend & will be spending. You won’t need to pay any fixed price for a year or a month but instead, with Cloudways’ Pay As You Go policy, you’ll just need to pay for what you will be spending. Such as how much data storage you’ll be spending, how much bandwidth you’ll be spending etc.

    17. CloudwaysCDN

    Cloudways also offers a CloudwaysCDN the most powerful but very much affordable which further helps you skyrocket your blog page loading time by many numbers. This CDN is quite simple and will be configured with just a few clicks of a button.

    18. Enterprise WordPress Hosting

    Are you developing and managing WordPress blogs on a large scale? Or wanting to migrate your existed high-traffic WordPress blog/site to the Cloudways Enterprise WordPress Hosting that provides better services than cheap hostings or local hosting providers? Then Cloudways Enterprise WordPress Hosting is your #1 place to get your WordPress Business hosted in minutes. You can even migrate your existed blog along with all the data to this Enterprise WordPress Hosting.

    If you’re willing to migrate, make sure to give a heads up to our Cloudways Promo Code to grab discount when you need.

    Now we have talked a lot about the Cloudways Features and what it offers. For more detailed features, you can visit the Cloudways official site.

    Cloudways Pricing Structure

    Cloudways has a very simple pricing structure. Here I’d like to share with you a quick overview of Cloudways Pricing to help you know quickly that how much you’ll be paying for any service that you’ll be signing up for. For a quick reference, I’d like to let you know that you can also get Cloudways Free Trial for a whole 1 month or 30 days without paying anything. If you want to give a Free Trial Try to Cloudways, just click here.

    All of the Cloudways Pricing & Plans come with the following privileges & features.

    • 24/7 Hours Expert Backed Support
    • Unlimited Apps/CMS Installations
    • Free SSL Certificates
    • Free Migrations

    Now let’s move on to the Cloudways Pricing.

    Cloudways DigitalOcean Pricing

    Hosting Plans Price RAM Processor Storage Bandwidth
    Plan 1 $10/Month 1 GB 1 Core 25 GB 1 TB
    Plan 2 $22/Month 2 GB 1 Core 50 GB 2 TB
    Plan 3 $42/Month 4 GB 2 Core 80 GB 4 TB
    Plan 4 $80/Month 8 GB 4 Core 160 GB 5 TB

    Cloudways Linode Pricing

    Hosting Plans Price RAM Processor Storage Bandwidth
    Plan 1 $12/Month 1 GB 1 Core 25 GB 1 TB
    Plan 2 $24/Month 2 GB 1 Core 50 GB 2 TB
    Plan 3 $50/Month 4 GB 2 Core 80 GB 4 TB
    Plan 4 $90/Month 8 GB 4 Core 160 GB 5 TB

    Cloudways Vultr Pricing

    Hosting Plans Price RAM Processor Storage Bandwidth
    Plan 1 $11/Month 1 GB 1 Core 25 GB 1 TB
    Plan 2 $23/Month 2 GB 1 Core 40 GB 2 TB
    Plan 3 $44/Month 4 GB 2 Core 60 GB 3 TB
    Plan 4 $84/Month 8 GB 4 Core 100 GB 4 TB

    Cloudways Amazon Web Services (AWS) Pricing

    Hosting Plans Price RAM vCPU Storage Bandwidth
    Plan 1 $86.77/Month 3.75 GB 1 20 GB 2 GB
    Plan 2 $36.51/Month 1.75 GB 1 20 GB 2 GB
    Plan 3 $176.21/Month 8 GB 2 20 GB 2 GB
    Plan 4 $274.33/Month 16 GB 4 20 GB 2 GB

    Cloudways Google Cloud Platform (GCE) Pricing

    Hosting Plans Price RAM vCPU Storage Bandwidth
    Plan 1 $73.62/Month 3.75 GB 1 20 GB 2 GB
    Plan 2 $33.30/Month 1.75 GB 1 20 GB 2 GB
    Plan 3 $138.64/Month 7.5 GB 2 20 GB 2 GB
    Plan 4 $226.05/Month 15 GB 4 20 GB 2 GB

    Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2020

    Most of the users out there are asking us about Cloudways Black Friday Offers and let me talk about it here.

    Basically, Black Friday Deals are available at the end of each year and as you know that recently Black Friday Coupons & Offers time is already over so no more deals & offers are available for any web hosting provider out there. But still, with our Cloudways Promo Code, you can get a whopping 25% discount for the next 3 months which is amazing!

    Now before I move ahead, I’d like you to take a look at the following Web Hosting Black Friday Deals for 2020.

    Other Web Hosting Deals For 2020

    Web Hosting Discount Redeem Code
    Cloudways First 3 Months – 25% OFF
    WPX Hosting First Month – 50% OFF
    HostGator First Month – 99% OFF
    iFastNet Hosting First Month – 25% OFF
    Bluehost First Month – $2.95
    Shopify First 14 Days Free Trial

    Cloudways Hosting Review In An Infographic

    Cloudways Hosting Review Infographic

    Bottom Line

    We have a wide range of Web Hosting Coupons & I think this Cloudways Promo Code will be very much useful to you. In case you found anything wrong in this article or the code that I have shared with you isn’t working then don’t forget to leave your valuable queries below in the comments because your valuable feedbacks & queries mean a lot to us.

    Now before you close the page, take a look at some of the following web hosting coupons.

    Happy Blogging ♥

    [ratemypost] Source: Blogging Scout Feed

    WP Review Pro Coupon: Grab Special Discount [May 2020!]

    WP Review Pro CouponWant to rank higher in the Search Engines like Google & Bing? Probably you need the best Review plugin for your WordPress blog and that’s where WP Review Pro by Mythemeshop comes in. We’re personally using this amazing plugin on this blog which helps us sky-rocket our Rankings in the Search Engines indirectly.

    Now with our exclusive WP Review Pro Coupon, you’ll be able to grab a massive discount on WP Review Pro plugin which is super awesome Schema Review, Rich Snippet & Reviewer plugin developed by the giant WP themes & plugins marketplace MyThemeShop.

    Adding Reviews & Rich Snippets to a website helps you get better results in the Search Engines, get better CTR (Click-through-rate), and thus help you give more good results & outcomes from the efforts, you’re putting into your blog.

    .coupon-image-box_no_border {
    border-color: transparent !important;


    WP Review Pro Coupon - Click To Grab Discount

    WP Review Pro Coupon – Click To Grab Discount

    Click the Reveal Coupon here and redeem this exclusive WP Review Pro Coupon during the checkout and once this code is applied, an automatic discount will be added to your WP Review Pro plugin invoice. Now rather than paying the normal price, you'll get this plugin at a very discounted rate.



    Expiring On April 15, 2021

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  • On the one side, we have many Review Plugins in which most are free but not with powerful features & some are paid with super powerful features like WP Review Pro is having. But out of all those Review Plugins, I came to know that the WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop is the best solution for all those who are looking for the best, lightweight & easy to configure Review & Rich Snippet plugin for their WordPress blogs. And that’s why today I have received an exclusive discount coupon for WP Review which I’m going to share with you today in this post.

    What Is WP Review Pro?

    WP Review Pro is the best premium WordPress plugin developed by MyThemeShop which lets users add Reviews & Rich Snippets to their WordPress blogs. It has a free version also but the Pro version comes with advanced features which costs $77 Per Site License but using our coupon, you’ll grab it for just $47 only.

    As we mentioned above that this plugin has a free version available as well both in the WordPress Plugins Directory and also in the MyThemeShop plugins directory. You can either download the free version of the plugin right from your blog’s Plugins directory or manually install it after downloading the plugin file from the MyThemeShop directory.

    Now, what basically WP Review Pro does offer you. So the question is that simple and hopefully, you know already about it.

    WP Review Pro is the premium version and it helps you add Rich Snippets, Reviews & Users Rating system to your WordPress blog which allows you to show Rich Snippets in the Search Engines and the best thing with WP Review Pro is that it supports 14 types of Rich Snippets which is a huge success of this standalone WP Plugin.

    The reason behind adding this plugin to your WP Blog is that it helps you increase your visibility in the Search Engines by adding nice rich snippets bars & reviews with the author name and also helps you increase your Click through Rates as well which is a positive indication of getting good results from Search Engines. Now the better the CTR of your blog is, the better you’ll be ranked by Search Engines.

    If you’re already using the WP Review free version & want to migrate to its premium version which comes with more advanced features, thumbnails & success then make sure to take a look at our WP Review Pro Coupon below which will help you get a massive discount on this super awesome plugin.

    WP Review Pro Coupon

    Normally you’ll find that WP Review Pro costs $77 For 1 Site License but don’t worry as we have brought before you an exclusive Coupon which you can use at the plugin checkout to grab a massive discount on this WP Review Plugin.

    We have been one of the affiliates at MyThemeShop and we’re also providing coupons for almost all of the MyThemeShop products. For WP Review Pro, you can just copy & paste our coupon during the checkout page for the massive discount.

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    WP Review Pro Coupon - Click To Grab Discount

    WP Review Pro Coupon – Click To Grab Discount

    Click the Reveal Coupon here and redeem this exclusive WP Review Pro Coupon during the checkout and once this code is applied, an automatic discount will be added to your WP Review Pro plugin invoice. Now rather than paying the normal price, you'll get this plugin at a very discounted rate.



    Expiring On April 15, 2021

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  • Here’s how to get a discount on WP Review Pro?

    • Go to the WP Review Pro plugin by clicking this unique link.
    • Choose if you need a 1-site license or multiple & then Click “Get it Now!”.
    • Come back & copy WP Review Pro Coupon from this post.
    • Now at the plugin’s checkout page, click “Redeem Here” & paste the coupon in the box.
    • Once the coupon is applied, an exclusive discount will be applied to WP Review Pro plugin invoice.
    • Now enjoy buying the plugin with a huge discount.

    Why Buy WP Review Pro?

    The reason why you should buy & purchase WP Review Pro lies in the plugin’s Pros & Features itself. If you’re going to implement Google Rich Snippets & display reviews & ratings on your WordPress blog with more advanced features than the free version of the WP Review or other plugins that are providing then you must be giving a try to the pro version of WP Review.

    Now before I move forward, I’d like to share with you the most common features that this plugin is offering till now and every Pro user who has purchased this plugin is implementing on their blogs for more SEO Benefits.

    Before I move ahead to the Pros & Features of this plugin, I’d like to point out some quick features for your understanding that why you must buy the Pro version of WP Review.

    Quick WP Review Pro Pros & Cons:

    WP Review Pro Pros & Cons

    Plugin’s Pros Plugin’s Cons
    Pros & Cons Section Free Version Comes with Limited Features
    Google Rich Snippets Available Pro Cost Is Bit High
    14 Different types of Rich Snippets Supported Comparison Tables lakes of Styles
    User Rating System Supported
    Comments Rating System Supported
    16 Various Rating Templates Available
    Multiple Rating System Supported
    Compatible With Almost All WP Plugins & Themes
    Google Places Reviews Integrated
    Yelp Reviews Integrated
    Facebook Reviews Integrated
    Offers Comparison Table
    WooCommerce Reviews Integration
    Plugin is Easy To Manage & Setup
    Desktop & Mobile Friendly
    Lightweight & Optimized For Speed
    Offers 10 Various Custom Widgets
    Supports Custom Images/Icons for Ratings
    Supports Shortcodes Insertion

    I hope you got a quick idea of what Pros & Cons come with the Pro version of the plugin.

    Now let’s dive into the detailed features of WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop plugin.

    WP Review Pro Features

    MyThemeShop’s WP Review Pro plugin is offering a bundle of amazing features which is why makes this plugin one of the best review plugin for WordPress. In case you don’t know what features are being offered by this plugin, I’ll tell you here one by one.

    Quick To Setup & Manage Reviews

    One of the things that makes me impressed about this plugin is that it comes with a simplicity in mind which makes configuring and creating reviews for posts make quite easier. We just need to configure a few settings which take no more than 2 minutes. And then we can do some configuration for Reviews from post to post which also doesn’t take much longer than any 2-5 minutes depending upon the work you’ll be putting into the plugin.

    Installation of the plugin is also very easier. What all you need to do is buy the plugin with our WP Review Pro Coupon from the MyThemeShop directory with a discount and download the file to your PC. After all, upload the zip file to your WordPress plugin’s page and the plugin will be automatically installed & activated.

    Once installed, you just need to do a few quick configuration & management for the plugin which will take a few seconds to 2 minutes.

    The Best Review Plugin For WordPress

    WP Review Pro is known as one of the best Review & Rating plugins for WordPress. In case you’re using the Free version of the plugin, just give a trial to the Pro version which comes with many more features than available in the free version.

    Due to their amazing features, the plugin can be categorized to be one of the best review plugins for WordPress. It brings up amazing Review & Rating system to your blog and also implements rich-snippets to your blog for better appearance in the Search Engines.

    Provides Supports for 14 Different Rich Snippets

    It does not matter what type of blog you’re running on WordPress. Because WP Review Pro has done it all for you. It provides support for 14 different Review & Rich Snippets in which the following are included.

    • Article Rich Snippet
    • Book Rich Snippet
    • Game Rich Snippet
    • Movie Rich Snippet
    • Music Rich Snippet
    • Painting Rich Snippet
    • Place Rich Snippet
    • Product Rich Snippet
    • Recipe Rich Snippet
    • Restaurant Rich Snippet
    • Software Application Rich Snippet
    • Store Rich Snippet
    • TvSeries Rich Snippet
    • Website Rich Snippet

    Comes with 16 Predefined Designs

    WP Review Pro comes with 16 different predefined designs & layouts when you’ll buy it with our exclusive coupon code. Here’re some of the layout & design names that are being offered with the plugin’s pro version. However, in the Free Version, only the default design & layout is offered & provided.

    WP Review Pro Predefined Designs Includes:

    • Default
    • Amazon
    • Aqua
    • Blue
    • Darkside
    • Dash
    • Edge
    • Enterprise
    • Facebook
    • Fizzy
    • Gamer
    • Gravity
    • Shell
    • Tabbed
    • Tabbed2
    • Xiaomi
    • Zine

    Multiple Rating Systems

    Apart from the various designs & layouts, the plugin also provides support for various rating systems such as Stars Rating System, Points Rating System, Percentage Rating System, Circles Rating System & Thumbs Rating System.

    These all options all available in the Pro version only and in the free version of the plugin, you’ll have the Stars Rating System only. However, in the pro version, you can choose any option of all these.

    The following rating options are provided in the Pro version:

    • Stars
    • Point
    • Percentage
    • Circle
    • Thumb

    Users Ratings & Reviews

    Now the good news with the plugin is that it also lets you accumulate Ratings & Reviews from users by enabling the Users Rating option from the plugin’s cPanel or you can also enable this option on Post to Post basis.

    Now there’re two types of Users Ratings i.e you can either collect Ratings & Reviews from users while commenting on your post or just you can show the Rating Option in the Rich Snippet on the post and the user will be able to leave a Review there without commenting on your post.

    Compatible With Almost All WordPress Themes & Plugins

    In case you’re wondering whether or not the WP Review Pro plugin is compatible with your currently installed theme or plugins. If this is the case then you don’t need to worry at all because the Pro plugin (even the free version) comes with compatibility with almost all the WP Plugins & Themes available out there.

    This compatibility is also mentioned on the MyThemeShop site as well. However, when you’re installing the plugin from the WordPress directory, just check the line where it will be mentioned that whether or not the plugin is compatible with your current WordPress version, PHP version & the theme you’re currently using.

    Supports Integration With Reviews Sites

    In case you want to integrate & show reviews from various reviews sites on your WordPress blog from sites such as Google Places Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Facebook Page Reviews then WP Review Pro is the best solution for this kind of feature.

    Google Places Reviews Integration by WP Review Pro

    It won’t take long to integrate reviews from those reviews sites. Just configure the plugin and add required info from the sites and the reviews will start displaying on your desired pages on your blog.

    WP Review Pro Integration of Yelp Reviews

    A Comparison Table

    Ever wondered seeing Comparison Tables on other sites? The same comparison table you can create on your own WordPress blog as well by the help of this best plugin by MyThemeShop.

    WP Review Pro Comparison Table Example

    By the help of this plugin, you can create a detailed comparison table with the products’ pros & cons, rating system and also you can add product images, features and add affiliate links as well.

    Offers WooCommerce Integration

    If you’re running a WooCommerce blog and not loving the WooCommerce by default reviewing & rating system then you can change that too with the help of WP Review Pro WooCommerce Reviews advanced feature.

    Just install the plugin and you’re all set to go with a brand new awesome looking reviews & rich snippet for your WooCommerce blog.

    Advanced Options Panel

    This plugin comes with a wide range of options which you can easily manage right from the back-end of the plugin. You’ll get a menu for the plugin at the left sidebar of your WP blog dashboard.

    Just go to the Plugin’s settings page and you will be able to configure all the plugin’s features & option from there. Apart from those options, this plugin also allows you to do customization on Post to Post basis as well which will override the by default settings you will have set in the plugin’s options panel.

    Desktop & Mobile Friendly

    In case you have a question whether the plugin will be Desktop & Mobile Friendly or not. But it’s mobile friendly and also looks very awesome & attractive on Desktop browsers as well. As we have already mentioned above that this plugin comes with many designs & layouts which you can choose from and add according to the style of your WordPress theme.

    No matter what design & layout you’ll be choosing for your blog, it will look attractive, friendly and easy to read on almost all devices.

    Optimized For Speed

    WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop is made while keeping in mind the importance of the blog’s loading time. It does not matter what type of blog you’ll be using the plugin on, it won’t make any issue when it comes to the blog’s loading time.

    The plugin is very lightweight and won’t make any issue even if you’re receiving thousands of visitors on your blog. It comes with very tiny size and is very capable of handling any amount of visitors without slowing down the speed of your blog.

    Translation Ready

    No matter what languages you wanna create reviews, you can do that easily with the help of Review Pro plugin by MyThemeShop. You can easily translate the reviews in your desire languages without any coding & tweaking into the plugin.

    Developer Friendly

    The plugin allows you to tweak & edit into the plugin of your own choice and make any kind of changes and even create custom designs & layouts & reviews according to your blog’s appearance & requirements.

    If you’re a developer then you can easily make changes to the plugin and extends its features to a whole next level.

    Dedicated Support

    No matter what kind of issues you’re having with the plugin, you can easily get that fixed by just letting the support team know about it. The Premium support team is there to assist you in any kind of issues you’ll be having with the plugin.

    All you need to do is just let them know what issues you’re experiencing and they will let you fix it for you.

    Offers 10 Custom Widgets

    The pro version of the plugin comes with 10 premium custom widgets which you can display on your desired sidebar. However, the free version comes with the by default 1 widget only.

    To have a look at those 10 custom widgets, just go and take a look on this demo page.

    Imports Rating From Other Review Plugins

    Already using review plugin on your blog and now want to migrate to WP Review Pro Coupon? just know that this plugin is also offering support for importing ratings & reviews from other review plugins.

    The process will be too easier and all you need to do is just read the importing reviews steps tutorial on their official site or just follow the steps offered by the plugin.

    Importing Reviews with WP Review Pro

    Plugins you can import Reviews & Ratings from:

    1. Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating
    2. Author hReview
    3. WP Rich Snippets
    4. Reviews
    5. WP Product Review
    6. GD Rating System

    Call to Action Button

    The plugin allows you to show a Call to Action button on every review that you’ll be making for the post to post. You can easily add a link back to the product you’re talking about or just placing an affiliate link which will help you increase your Affiliate Conversions on autopilot.

    The best feature of this Call to Action button is that you can specify your own keyword and URL for the action and thus helps you get more affiliate conversions.

    How to Get Discount on WP Review Pro Plugin?

    If you have made your way towards purchasing the plugin then don’t worry because you’re going to use our exclusive WP Review Pro Coupon below which will help you get a massive discount on this super awesome review plugin by MyThemeShop.

    Before you go and make a direct purchase without using the coupon, you won’t receive any discount. However, upon using our exclusive coupon, you’ll be able to grab up to $33 discount on this unique plugin. This plugin normally costs $77 but with our discount coupon, you’ll get it at just $40+.

    Now let me tell you how to get a discount on this plugin.

    Step #1: Click our unique deal link to visit WP Review Pro plugin. Then choose “License for 1 site” or you can choose more options as well & then click “Get it Now!”.

    WP Review Pro Plugin

    Step #2: At this step, just register for a new MyThemeShop account (important). Then log into your MTS account.

    Register for MyThemeShop

    Step #3: Now click on the “Redeem Here” next to Have a Coupon?. And then paste our exclusive coupon code.

    Click Redeem Here Button

    Step #4: Once the coupon is entered, the discount will be automatically applied and you’ll see it at the checkout.

    WP Review Pro Coupon Applied

    Note:- By default, there will be only $10 off on the plugin but when you’ll use our WP Review Pro Coupon you’ll grab a massive $30 OFF! which is an amazing offer.

    Final Words

    WP Review Pro plugin is the best plugin for WordPress if you want to implement review & rating system on your blog. It comes with a price of $77 but thanks to the Coupon, you’ll grab it for as low as $47 and grab a massive $30 discount instead of $10.

    Source: Blogging Scout Feed

    NameHero Coupon Code: Instant Discount On All Hosting Plans!

    NameHero CouponNameHero is considered as one of the top hosting providers, so why not give it a try? To new users, their Fast Fall deal is live so read below to get the NameHero Coupon & learn how to get discount on NameHero Hosting in just a few clicks.

    The NameHero discount code is hidden right in the box below so all you need to do is click the Reveal button to show up the coupon & once you copied it, just click Go to the offer page to go to your desired hosting plan and paste the coupon for an exclusive discount on any NameHero hosting plan.

    .coupon-image-box_no_border {
    border-color: transparent !important;


    NameHero Coupon Code

    NameHero Coupon Code

    Grab exclusive discount on NameHero hosting by this Fast Fall Live discount deals. Click the "Reveal Coupon" next to here and copy & paste the coupon for a massive discount on any hosting.



    Expiring On June 25, 2021

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  • NameHero Coupon Code

    NameHero is affordable hosting compared to many popular hosting providers but on top of its regular pricing, you can get exclusive NameHero discount by using our NameHero Coupon. The coupon code is available in the following coupon box so all you need to do is click the “Reveal Coupon” button next to the box and a new popup window will open which will show you the NameHero Coupon. All you need to do is copy the coupon and then click on “Go to Offer Page” to visit NameHero hosting plan and then paste the coupon to get an exclusive discount on any NameHero hosting plan.

    .coupon-image-box_no_border {
    border-color: transparent !important;


    NameHero Coupon Code

    NameHero Coupon Code

    Grab exclusive discount on NameHero hosting by this Fast Fall Live discount deals. Click the "Reveal Coupon" next to here and copy & paste the coupon for a massive discount on any hosting.



    Expiring On June 25, 2021

  • It Works

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    It Doesn’t
  • Here’s how to get NameHero discount?

    • Click on “Reveal Coupon” above to copy the coupon.
    • Click on “go to offer page” once the popup page opens up.
    • Choose your desired hosting plan & proceed to the next step.
    • In the coupon box, paste our NameHero Coupon to apply a discount to your hosting invoice.
    • Once the discount is applied, you can pay the invoice and your hosting will be live in a while.

    What Is NameHero?

    What Is NameHero Hosting

    NameHero is a hosting provider founded back in 2015 which believes in providing super-fast cloud hosting solution with 99.99% uptime guarantee to its customers with many more amazing features. Like many other hosting companies, NameHero also offers many hosting services such as Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting and much more.

    In this article, we are going to talk about the NameHero Hosting and how anyone can grab NameHero discount by redeeming the exclusive coupon that is available in this post.

    NameHero is committed to providing 100% white labeled reseller hosting which helps resellers to get succeed with all the possible tools out there. It’s also providing FREE SSL Certificate for the domains users will tend to purchase from it for their hosting plans.

    Why Choose NameHero Hosting?

    We’re circled by hundreds of web hosting companies out there and choosing the right one for your business/blog could be hesitating but don’t need to worry at all. Here we talk about NameHero hosting that why you should use it and for what purposes should you use it.

    As we already mentioned above that NameHero is offering multiple hosting services for various types of users such as it offers the following type of hosting accounts.

    • Shared Hosting
    • Reseller Hosting
    • VPS Hosting
    • Cloud Dedicated Hosting
    • WordPress Managed Hosting
    • Blog Hosting
    • Forum Hosting
    • Drupal Hosting
    • Magento Hosting
    • Joomla Hosting
    • PHP Hosting
    • cPanel Hosting
    • Dev Hosting
    • eCommerce Hosting
    • SSD Hosting
    • Domains Purchasing

    Now it all depends upon you what kind of hosting do you need and do NameHero offer it. If you need Shared Hosting then you can go for the NameHero shared hosting plan. We have the NameHero Coupon as well which you as a new user can use to purchase hosting from NameHero this fast fall at a very discount price than the regular pricing.

    In case you’re looking for WordPress Hosting then we have another recommendation for you which is WPX Hosting. It’s the best hosting ever built for WordPress blogs. We’re affiliated with WPX Hosting and offering exclusive WPX Hosting Coupon which lets new customers grab instant discount on any WPX Hosting Plans.

    If you need some specific reasons why do you need NameHero hosting then let me share a few quick features what it offers to its customers?

    • Fast hosting & it almosts beats many giant hosting providers when it comes to the loading time.
    • Affordable pricing
    • 24/7 hours customer support
    • Unlimited SSD Storage
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Free & Auto SSL Certificate For Every Domain
    • Website Toolkit such as WP Installer etc
    • Security Shield
    • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
    • Free Nightly Backups
    • Free Cloudflare w/Railgun
    • Free LiteSpeed Cache

    NameHero Hosting Pricing & Plans

    NameHero offers various hosting accounts as we have already mentioned above such as Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting & Reseller Hosting, and many others. Every hosting account has its different pricing plans so here I’d like to share with you the NameHero shared hosting pricing & plans only so you can get a better idea of their pricing structure.

    NameHero Shared Hosting Plans Comparison

    Plan Names Starter Cloud Plus Cloud Turbo Cloud Business Cloud
    Hosting For 1 Site 6 Sites Unlimited Sites Unlimited Sites
    Free Domains Included 1 Domain Only 1 Domain Only 1 Domain Only 1 Domain Only
    SSD Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    RAM 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB
    Free SSL Certificate Included For All Domains Included For All Domains Included For All Domains Included For All Domains
    Website Toolkit Included Included Included Included
    Security Shield Included Included Included Included
    Free Nightly Backups Included Included Included Included
    Pricing $3.89/month $6.49/month $11.02/month $12.99/month

    *Pricing includes discounts*

    NameHero Reseller Hosting Plans Comparison

    Plans Startup Hero Corporate Hero Entrepreneur Hero
    Whitelabeled Hosting Included Included Included
    SSD Storage 50 GB 100 GB 75 GB
    Bandwidth 500 GB 2000 GB 2000 GB
    Client Accounts 40 Accounts Unlimited Accounts 60 Accounts
    Free Domain Included Included Included
    Reseller Toolkit Included Included Included
    Security Shield Included Included Included
    Free Dedicated IP Not Included Included Not Included
    FREE WHMCS Starter License Not Included Included Not Included
    Free Nightly Backups Included Included Included
    Pricing $10.36/month $21.42/month $15.57/month

    *Pricing includes discounts*

    NameHero VPS Hosting Plans Comparison

    Plans Hero 2 GB Hero 4 GB Hero 6 GB Hero 8 GB
    SSD Storage 30 GB 60 GB 90 GB 120 GB
    RAM 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB
    CPU Cores 2 4 6 8
    Outgoing Bandwidth 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB
    Dedicated IP 1 IP 1 IP 1 IP 1 IP
    Dev Toolkit Included Included Included Included
    Server Essentials Included Included Included Included
    Free Control Panel Included Included Included Included
    Pricing $29.96/month $37.46/month $44.96/month $52.46/month

    *Pricing includes discounts*

    NameHero Hosting Review

    NameHero hosting is probably one of the popular hosting providers with amazing numbers of positive reviews from customers across the world. According to hostadvice, NameHero hosting has 9.4 ratings/stars out of 10 ratings/stars based on 57 users reviews.

    You can also take a look at the HostAdvice reviews about the NameHero hosting in the screenshot below which has been rated by the NameHero customers.

    NameHero Reviews

    Out there on Youtube, I’d like you to watch out the below video in which Darrel Wilson talks about the NameHero Hosting & its pricing plans.

    For further research, I looked at the NameHero Reviews & got amazed by the results which show that NameHero has been rated at 4.8 stars out of 5 stars by over 1600+ customers which is absolutely amazing.

    There are many positive reviews by users that I’d like you to take a look at & see what they had to say about NameHero hosting.

    NameHero Review By User
    Review by User 1
    NameHero Hosting Review by Users
    Review by User 1

    NameHero Features

    Now coming back to the NameHero features. NameHero is a full-business hosting provider which means you’ll find every feature that a Webmaster or a customer needs for their hosting services. Before I take you to their features, I’d love to remind you that by using our NameHero Coupon Code, you can grab instant discount on any hosting plan.

    Now lets jump right onto the NameHero features.

    1. Blazing Fast Hosting

    When it comes to hosting speed, every webmaster tends to purchase a hosting that is blazing fast and not slow. With NameHero blazing fast hosting, you’ll notice amazing results when it comes to the hosting speed. According to the Darrel Wilson review video (we shared above) NameHero beats some of the top hosting companies when it comes to the hosting speed.

    2. Cloudflare w/Railgun

    The best part with NameHero hosting is that it includes the Cloudflare w/Railgun which values over $20 per month. You can get this feature with any hosting plan. If you have not yet subscribed to the NameHero hosting then make sure use our NameHero Coupon for an exclusive discount on regular pricing plans.

    3. Free Nightly Backups

    As we have already mentioned in the hosting plans comparisons above that NameHero brings Free Nightly Backups in every hosting plans that they offer. Many of the hosting companies out there will charge you for daily/weekly or monthly backups and they offer it as a premium addon but with NameHero, you get this feature for free.

    4. Multiple PHP Versions

    Running the latest PHP version is recommended but in some cases, the system might require you to choose their desired PHP version in which NameHero comes handy. You can choose from your desired PHP version and run according to your requirements.

    5. 100% True Cloud Hosting

    Any hosting package that’s offered by NameHero is deployed by NameHero private servers which in results, make your blog load faster & secured than ever.

    6. Free Site Migration

    Like many other hosting providers, NameHero also offers a Free Site Migration service which allows customers of other hosting providers to quickly, instantly & easily migrate their existing websites from old hosting providers to NameHero hosting.

    If you’re going to migrate your existed website to NameHero then make sure contact the support team first and give them the details to instantly migrate your data from old hosting to the new hosting in no time. As a new user, you can copy our NameHero Coupon which will help you grab instant discount on any hosting plan that you’ll be purchasing.

    7. One-Click WordPress Installation

    Like every hosting provider out there, NameHero also tops its hosting for offering a 1-click WordPress installation software. If you’re a WordPress user and wanna start with WordPress then you don’t need to go behind setting up WordPress manually which takes more than a few hours.

    With NameHero 1-Click WP Installation, you can live your WP blog in just a few minutes. Apart from WP Installer, you’ll also find other important installers as well for other CMSs. Just log into your account/cPanel and you’ll see all the available APPs & Installers.

    8. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

    Every hosting provider guarantees for 99.99% uptime and so NameHero as well. According to NameHero, due to their cloud hosting, the uptime guarantee is 99.99% which is absolutely amazing.

    9. Affordable Hosting

    Another thing that makes NameHero different is its affordable hosting. Their regular/starter hosting plans start at very affordable rates but on top of their regular pricing plans, you can further cut down the actual price by signing up for hosting with our NameHero Promo Code which is available on this page here. Just click the Reveal Coupon to copy the coupon.

    10. Free SSL Certificate

    With every hosting plan & domain that a user purchases can also get a Free SSL certificate as well which is amazing. The SSL Certificate will be activated automatically on every domain that’s registered with any of the NameHero hosting plans. It does not matter how many domains you have registered, for every domain, you’ll get a FREE SSL Certificate.

    NameHero Affiliate Program

    Almost every web hosting company offers its affiliate program and so NameHero also offers its affiliate program which allows Bloggers/Affiliates to earn money for every conversion they make to NameHero.

    NameHero affiliate program is a great way to make money as an affiliate. If you have a blog, youtube channel or you think you can promote NameHero hosting then their Affiliate Program is a must-have for you to earn money. They pay very good commission for every sale so why not earn money for every customer that you refer to it?

    NameHero can pay up to $125 for every qualified customer that is brought to it using the unique affiliate link. Check out how much does NameHero pay to the Affiliate.

    Customers You Refer You Earn ($)
    1-5/Month $50/Sale
    6-10/Month $75/Sale
    11-20/Month $100/Sale
    21+/Month $125/Sale

    *NameHero pays affiliate payments via PayPal only*

    Final Words On NameHero Discount

    Grab instant discount on any hosting plan when you’ll paste our unique NameHero Coupon at the checkout page. This is a unique coupon and might be expired soon. In case it’s already expired, make sure drop your comment below and we’ll check into it soon and keep this post updated with the latest NameHero discounts.

    Related Coupons:

    Stay happy & happy blogging ♥ ~ Thank You

    Source: Blogging Scout Feed

    MyThemeShop Coupon Code – Exclusive Discount [$19 Deal]

    Mythemeshop Coupon CodeHere we brought for you MyThemeShop Coupon Code to get an exclusive discount on the premium Mythemeshop themes & plugins.

    MyThemeShop is the best marketplace where you’ll find bundles of amazing & SEO-Optimized WordPress themes & plugins at very affordable prices. On top of their regular prices, you can use our Mythemeshop coupon code to grab any further discount on the themes & plugins.

    Please do keep in mind that these discount deals are for a limited time. Normally MyThemeShop costs around $39 to $79 for each & every theme & plugin but being their affiliate partner, we have brought forth for you an exclusive deal which means you’ll save a lot on your purchase with MTS using our coupon!

    .coupon-image-box_no_border {
    border-color: transparent !important;


    MyThemeShop Coupon Code ($11 to $19 All Items)

    MyThemeShop Coupon Code ($11 to $19 All Items)

    Click the Show me button to copy the coupon and then go to the Mythemeshop check out page to paste it and get a whopping discount today.



    On Going Offer

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  • Quick Navigation:

    What’s MyThemeShop?

    MyThemeShop was started back in 2012 with the purpose of providing SEO-Rich & Professional looking premium & free WordPress Themes & Plugins. To date, the marketplace has built & developed over 150+ free & premium products for WordPress including themes & plugins and is serving roughly more than 400,000+ customers worldwide.

    All MyThemeShop Themes & Plugins $19

    The amazing thing about it is that their themes are built for SEO, Fast speed, user-friendly & are affordable too which means you get SEO-Optimized themes at a very cheap rate. On top of their regular price tags, you can use our MyThemeShop Coupon Code to further cut down on the normal prices.

    You can also sign up for the MyThemeShop Membership Plan with a whopping discount and put hands on more than 150+ items including themes & plugins for $99 only which normally costs you around $200+ for each & every year.

    Why Buy from MyThemeShop?

    There out are countless marketplaces & sites which are selling & building free & premium products for WordPress such as themes & plugins and out of all those marketplaces & sites, Mythemeshop is one of the leading and with the most customers that are using their products to build profitable & professional blogs & businesses on WordPress.

    Here I would like to share with you some features that why you should be purchasing & buying products from Mythemeshop.

    1. Built For SEO

    SEO is the most important factor and is a game-changer in the Web Development & getting high ranking in the Search Engines. Choosing a theme which is not optimized for SEO won’t help you get any visitor from Search Engines but the theme which is SEO-Optimized can help you both get traffic from search engines as well as help you make more money from your blog & business.

    There’s no doubt that all of the Mythemeshop themes whether they are premium or free are fully SEO-Optimized however the premium collection is far more better than the free ones. So choosing the theme from the Mythemeshop marketplace will help you improve your ranking in search engines & so you’ll get a better result than those themes which are not SEO-optimized.

    2. Built For SPEED

    One of the biggest concern for most of the bloggers having slow loading speed blog. No matter what you think but to me, slow loading page means ZERO EARNING & Less Traffic!

    The faster your blog post loads, the more Search Engines including Google will love you & the more you will receive traffic & the Bounce rate of your web page will also be at a good rate.

    The MTS themes also come with built-in speed improving features that let you further reduce your page loading time by enabling some catching options & slow-loading image feature.

    3. Professional Looking

    The nice your blog looks, the better your CTR will be and the bounce rate of your blog will also be good and Google will rank you indirectly too. If you are looking for the best looking WordPress themes then Mythemeshop themes are fully-responsive & look quite elegant & amazing on almost all devices including Desktop browsers & Mobile browsers.

    Before purchasing any theme or plugin, you can check their Demos to get hands on their real functionalities & styles.

    4. Easy-to-manage Backend cPanel

    As you may know that most of the themes sold out there come with some kind of tough backend customizations and even some themes require custom coding to make it look beautiful & tweak into your blog & theme but this is not the case here with MyThemeShop but instead, this is the feature of the MTS themes which come with easy-to-manage backend & front-end cPanel from where you can easily & quickly customize your entire blog & theme look within seconds and can take the power & look of your blog to a whole next level.

    5. Fast & Expert Support

    One of the factors to look at when purchasing something online is whether the seller will provide you enough support or not. So as being one of the Mythemeshop customers for the last few years, I didn’t face any support issue with it but rather whenever I felt something to ask in the Mythemeshop community, the used to provide me enough support & even technical support until & unless my issue was fixed thoroughly.

    So in short, Mythemeshop provides Email & online forum support option where you can search or ask your queries out there.

    6. Products at Lowest Price

    Most of the themes & plugins you find out there cost too much that beginners can even don’t afford to purchase but thanks to the Mythemeshop low pricing of each product, you can easily get hands-on & purchase any of the Mythemeshop theme & plugin for as low as $11 to $19. Normally you’ll find that each product costs around $39 to $69+.

    So to get a discount on the themes & plugins, you’ll need to apply our Mythemeshop coupon code which we have shared with you.

    MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

    Are you searching for the High Paying Affiliate Programs? The Mythemeshop affiliate program is a great way to earn huge money for each user that you’ll refer to the community and then he/she purchases any of the products made by Mythemeshop. MTS pays up to 70% commission on each sale which means if you’ll refer a user to it and he/she purchases a theme of $69 then your commission based on 70% will be $48.3, isn’t it too much?

    If you’re interested in signing up for the Mythemeshop affiliate program and want to make money with it, I’ll guide you how you can earn money with it.

    With that in mind, let me share with you how to join & sign up for their Affiliate Program.

    How MyThemeShop Affiliate Program works?

    To sign up for their Affiliate Program, follow these steps.

    • Go to to sign up & then log into your account.
    • Under your Profile Picture, click on ‘Member’s Area’.
    • In the Member’s Area, click on ‘Affiliate Info’.
    • Now register for the Affiliate Program.
    • Once you’re approved to the Affiliate Program, log into your account & start promoting your Affiliate link and each time anyone that purchases anything from MyThemeShop through your Affiliate Link, you will earn a commission.

    MyThemeShop Coupon Code

    Now I’d like to come to our main thing which is the Mythemeshop Coupon Code so here I’m going to share with you my exclusive deal & discount coupon which you can use to get a whopping discount on the Mythemeshop themes & plugins. Normally you’ll find that each theme & plugins cost around $27 to $89+ but don’t worry because by using our exclusive coupons, you’ll be able to get a whopping discount and get any theme or plugin for as low as $11 to $19.

    Here’re the working coupons:

    MyThemeShop Coupon Codes

    Products Applicable Coupons Valid Until Discount (%) You Save ($) Before Discount ($) After Discount ($)
    Themes/Plugins LimitedOffer 10/12/2019 31% Discount $22 $69 $47
    Themes/Plugins LimitedTime 10/10/2020 72% Discount $50 $60 $19
    Themes/Plugins NotLogged 05/12/2019 15% Discount $10 $69 $59
    Themes/Plugins US2017 10/05/2020 72% Discount $50 $69 $19
    Themes/Plugins RenewalDiscount 04/02/2020 50% Discount $34 $69 $35

    MyThemeShop Renewal Coupon Code

    Did you know that any of the themes or plugins you purchase from MyThemeShop is expired after 1 year of the purchase date? To get the theme or plugin after one year, you don’t have to pay the regular price but instead, just use the following coupon code & you will be able to save a lot on your second purchase & get the product for as low as $11 to $19 only!

    TIP: You can use the coupon code below on your first PURCHASE AS WELL and save a LOT!

    .coupon-image-box_no_border {
    border-color: transparent !important;


    MyThemeShop Coupon Code ($11 to $19 All Items)

    MyThemeShop Coupon Code ($11 to $19 All Items)

    Click the Show me button to copy the coupon and then go to the Mythemeshop check out page to paste it and get a whopping discount today.



    On Going Offer

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    Affiliate Marketing 101: A Complete Guide [Infographic]

    Affiliate Marketing is a super amazing way to make passive income while sleeping. It’s the method of just working hard initially and the stream of income is started after the work is setup. We have published here easy to read infographic for beginners to quickly understand the basics of Affiliate Marketing 101.

    Affiliate Marketing is one of the comfortable ways for most of the Affiliate Marketers to make passive income online just by promoting other products. If you’re a newbie who doesn’t know anything about the term Affiliate Marketing then we have brought before Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide that will teach you all about Affiliate Marketing, its Jargons, How Affiliate Marketing got started, What is the background of it, What are its Pros & Cons, How it works, How to make money through affiliate marketing and much more.

    Read here the Infographic. You can also use the below-embedded code and share this infographic on your own website freely.

    Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide

    Copy the below embedded code and share the Infographic on your website

    <img alt=”Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide” src=”” width=”800px” border=”0″ /></p> This Infographic – <a href=””> Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide </a> – Was Created By

     Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide For Beginners 

    What Is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting the merchant products to the customers and each customer that you refer to the Merchant and then purchases anything from the merchant’s site, you get a Commission, Bounty or also known as CPA for that action.

    One of the examples we have on our blog is the WPX Hosting which we promote on our blog and in return, anyone that signs up with WPX Hosting, purchase hosting, earns us exclusive commission. We have written a post about it on the Exclusive WPX Hosting Coupons 2019 and you can read and learn an example from. We have also written a detailed WPX Hosting Review 2019 where we’re also promoting WPX Hosting.

    Another example of WPX Hosting is that we have written another super-detailed WPX Hosting Affiliate Program post which is also a post where we’re promoting it and anyone that signs up can earn us exclusive commission.

    Now another example that we have is the Cloudways Promo post where we’re also talking and promoting Cloudways hosting and being their affiliate, we earn a commission for every sale that is made on Cloudways hosting through our unique affiliate link.

    Here let me show an example of the Payoneer Affiliate Program. Payoneer offers an Affiliate Program to Affiliate Marketers to promote Payoneer, bring new customers to it and for each new customer that you bring to Payoneer, you will earn a whopping bounty.

    How it works, let me share with you here.

    Step 1:- Sign up for Payoneer Affiliate Program.

    Step 2:- Once your account is approved, just log into your affiliate account and copy your unique tracking link.

    Step 3:- Promote your tracking link and whoever registers with Payoneer through your unique tracking link and receives at least $1000 into his/her account, you will earn the commission.

    Read our Payoneer Affiliate Program guide here

    Affiliate Marketing Pillars

    There are 4 main Affiliate Marketing pillars on which the whole marketing process is based on.

    1. Merchant

    Merchant is also called as the Creator or the Producer of the products. It also gives the Affiliate Program to the Affiliate Marketer or the Promoter and pays a commission to the Affiliate for successfully referring a customer.

    2. Affiliate Marketer

    It’s the one who signs up for the Merchant’s Affiliate Program and promotes the Merchant’s products for earning money & commission.

    3. Customer

    It’s the one to whom the Affiliate Marketer promotes the Merchant’s products & refer to the Merchant’s site. Once this customer is referred to the Merchant’s site and he/she made a sale there, the Affiliate or also known as Affiliate Marketer earns a commission for that sale.

    4. Affiliate Network

    This is the network that connects Merchants & Affiliate Marketers and provides promotional tools & resources and is responsible for other tracking processes.

    Final Words ⇒

    Our Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide Infographic has all the info that you are looking for to learn about Affiliate Marketing. In case you got any question in your mind, don’t hesitate to ask it below in the comments.

    Source: Blogging Scout Feed

    WPX Hosting Review 2019: The Best WP Hosting (50% Discount!)

    WPX Hosting ReviewRead our in-depth WPX Hosting Review in which we have listed all the Info about WPX and the Pros & Cons of it. If you’re new & wanna register for WPX Hosting then this detailed review is for you. Go & read it out now.

    Every business today needs a website. Online companies, of course, need websites to market and sell their products or services. But building a successful website is no longer a job that only HTML enthusiasts do.

    Web hosting has become mainstream now. You need a web host to pet your inspiration on the internet for everyone to see. A hosting service is a company or individual that leases space on its server and provides internet connectivity. Connecting is what makes it possible to access files stored on the internet.

    WPX Hosting Bonus:

    Grab a massive 50% discount when you’ll use our exclusive WPX Hosting coupon at the checkout.

    Different Types of Hosting Services

    Different Types of Web Hosting

    Free Hosting Services

    This is a limited resource that some (not all) providers are offering. Users are typically limited to a number of pages, fewer features, and limits on what can be uploaded compared to paid services.

    Virtual Dedicated Server

    It is also known as a Virtual Private Server; this option is at the disposal of those who want more control. Users still share space on a platform, but resources are split and allocated in such a way that everyone has their own without affecting the underlying hardware.

    Shared Web Hosting

    Probably this is the most common type of service. Users share a server space as well as the drive’s resources. One platform might host a few hundred to a few thousand websites, depending on the size.

    Dedicated Hosting

    The user has his own server and complete control with this option. Usually, the consumer does not own the hardware, however, just leasing it. The customer is responsible for security and maintenance, but space or resources are not shared.

    Features to look for before Buying a Web Hosting

    Features to look at Before Buying Web Hosting

    First of all, you should be fully aware of your goals about your business website before selecting a web host. If you have a clear vision of the objectives of your business website, you should immediately start your search for a reliable web host, but consider the following aspects before you select.


    When choosing a hosting provider, this is the aspect most of us will look at first; however, it should not be the decisive factor. It’s helpful to remember the old maxim when you see price differences that we get what we’re paying for.

    It’s not necessarily the best idea to jump on the cheapest offer you see, especially If you want to make money on your website. Things like non-outsourced support and high-quality hardware cost money, and a hosting company charging $1.99 a month is unlikely to offer these features. Take a closer look at each host’s features, then compare prices.

    Tech Specs/Limitations

    If you’re hoping to host a blog, an e-commerce website, rich content, and videos, you’re not supposed to go with the cheapest hosting package you can find.

    A cheap hosting plan may not have the RAM, processing power, and disk space to serve all of these needs, and you’re going to spend more time dealing with downtime or loading issues than you want.

    Instead, Look for the cheap host to see what you get and what features are included in the cost. Do they charge for additional domains, backups, support, etc? Call them, call them. Please ask questions. Tell them what you want your site to be. Just don’t take it for granted that your site is taken as seriously as you are.

    Customer support

    It doesn’t matter how good and technically sound you are, but you will need tech support at one point when you host your site on a remote server.

    Now, many web hosting companies like WPX hosting, offer excellent customer care service and offer a variety of ways to connect, such as live chat, phone, email, Twitter, making their support exceptional.

    Similarly, I highly recommend that you check what all of your hosting companies ‘ support medium is offering and if you need instant help, you will be able to contact them or not.

    WPX Hosting Review

    WPX Hosting is an optimized hosting provider for WordPress, previously known as Traffic Planet Hosting. WPX Hosting is a popular host that offers a lot of features to save you time and keep your site safe in addition to exceptional performance.

    If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to pay more than $20 to $30 a month for hosting, I’d recommend that you go to WPX Hosting and sign up for your basic WordPress hosting plan. And here’s why we’re recommending this super awesome hosting provider for WordPress in our WPX Hosting Review.

    It goes as low as $24 a month (But thanks to our WPX Hosting Coupon: 50% Discount, you’ll earn 50% flat discount – exclusively for our Readers) and has all you need to set up and maintain a brand new WordPress website. For some users, WPX is a bit expensive, but its basic plan includes hosting up to five sites. You’re going to save a lot for your money here compared to higher priced hosts.

    Before going any further, you can take a quick look at the Thrive Themes’ WPX Hosting Review Youtube video right below to get some quick info without reading this whole article.

    Let’s have a look at the features and services offered by WPX Hosting.

    Content Management System (WordPress)

    WordPress is undeniably the best CMS(Content Management System) and that’s WPX Hosting which is offering WordPress Hosting only also known as WordPress Managed Hosting.

    Blogger was the most popular platform before WordPress. But it took over the market after WordPress came with its cool dashboard and easy-to-use settings. That’s why web hosts review the installation of WordPress in just one click.

    Now WPX Hosting also provides one-click installation of WordPress. Just Login to your Cpanel with your username and password and click on WordPress to install. So you’ve finished installing your WordPress. It’s that simple.

    99.95% Uptime Guarantee

    The good thing about the latest web hosting service is that they always guarantee the uptime of 99% percent. But this isn’t enough nowadays. Because if you calculate that 1% based on 365 days a year, the downtime amount is three days! That’s a long time in fact.

    WPX Hosting is renowned for maintaining uptime of 99.95 percent. It’s their guarantee. You can go to this Uptimerobot website if you want to calculate their uptime and monitor it for yourself. On this very website, we calculated their uptime. For the past six months, we have monitored them and found that they have an uptime of 99.95% percent which is their guarantee.

    24/7/365 Support

    WPX Hosting provides a live text chat service 24/7/365 as well as a ticketing help desk system. WPX Hosting customer support only has a 60-second maximum threshold!

    Most web hosts cause customers to wait at least 5 to 10 minutes before connecting with a customer support agent. That’s very frustrating and depressing. Because right now you might need help. But to get a solution, you have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes which is not correct.

    WPX Hosting support team respond quickly and helpfully when you contact support to solve your problems and answer your questions. There is also a base of online knowledge that should answer your questions and help you solve any issues.

    Free SSL Certificate

    When the URL of a website starts with HTTPS rather than HTTP, it’s a proof of secured search and the contents of that website bear security to the visitor. That’s why it’s considered as a significant ranking factor.

    Now this ranking factor can cause up to $19.95 a year for a single website. But WPX Hosting is giving this excellent ranking factor for free to their customers for up to 35 sites. Which is great.


    You have to be fast in a world where everything is accelerating on a daily basis. And your website includes that. Optimizing your WordPress website for speed is an essential process, but it will not work as effectively as it should if you have chosen the wrong hosting.

    WPX Hosting works with PHP 7.0 which is a massive improvement for those unaware of the WordPress platform, particularly in terms of performance–show A. There’s just one thing you need to keep in mind–not all WordPress plugins and themes work with PHP 7.0, so be sure to look at it before upgrading to PHP 7.0.

    If some of your plugins or themes don’t work, downgrade it back to a lower version and everything will be as usual.

    WPX Hosting has implemented its own fix to the W3 Total Cache plugin that makes it work with PHP 7.0 so if you use the plugin for speed (as you should), don’t worry about it as it works with WPX Hosting. And as far as speed is concerned, it’s a lot of it. Combined with the stable servers and great resources allocated to each website, these two features are all your website needs to load phenomenally quickly.

    Oh, and I have forgotten to mention the opcode caching that basically caches the result of compiling the PHP code into bytecode that also helps with the speed of the site.

    Website Backups

    As part of their service, your website will be backed up daily by WPX hosting. The backup files are stored on a separate server for increased protection and are kept for 14 days. There is no charge for retrieval of backups should something go wrong. You can also use your own backup solution including backupbuddy or backwpup plugins and store your personal files.

    DDoS Protection

    A Denial of Service (dos) attack is an attempt to make the network resource unavailable to its intended users (which may be your blog or website), such as temporarily or indefinitely interrupting or suspending a host connected to the Internet.

    The good thing to use WPX hosting is it provides free of charge DDoS protection at the enterprise level for all WPX hosting customers with Incapsula, which is a DDoS security industry leader. This additional DDoS protection is free for all customers of WPX Hosting.

    This protection for DDoS alone is costly, which would normally cost Incapsula directly at least $299 per website per month. Luckily, WPX hosting actually uses a higher Enterprise plan than the $299, so you don’t even have to pay a penny to get it. The great thing to use for DDoS protection is Incapsula that Incapsula is guaranteed to mitigate any DDoS attacks in less than 10 seconds, irrespective of their size and without interfering with legitimate traffic. You are therefore in safe hands.

    Free Site Migration

    One of the strong reasons people haven’t moved their sites from one hosting to any other hosting service is that they know how difficult it is to migrate from one host to another host and if you don’t have any technical skills, it usually takes a lot of time. But if you already use an existing service and are not happy with it at all and would like to move to WPX hosting, you’re lucky.

    They will migrate your sites to the WPX hosting servers free of charge from your existing hosting service. All you need to do is connect with your customer staff, give details about the hosting of your website, buy hosting from them, and you’re done. They will take care of everything else free of charge by their customer support team.

    Email Account Setup

    While most other shared hosting providers offer limited email support and hard to set up email service, WPX Hosting provides terrific email support that you can easily manage from the control panel. You can create your website’s new email addresses or change the dashboard email address settings without a hitch.

    WPX Hosting also provides a custom email client that can be opened to access your email at any time on your web browser.

    Free CDN (Cloud Service)

    WPX cloud is the fastest CDN service in the world, built by hosting WPX from group up to help users speed up their sites too. Instead of upselling users to get a premium third-party CDN (for an extra charge), WPX hosting built WPX cloud itself and offer it free of charge to all its users (through different plans). You won’t need any additional CDN services like MaxCDN (when they didn’t develop the WPX Cloud they offered this for free) or KeyCDN with WPX.

    WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

    WPX Hosting Pricing

    WPX Hosting has three hosting plans managed by WordPress that bloggers can choose from and are very competitive: business, professional and elite.

    Business Plan:

    For beginners, this is the best plan. It’s perfect for bloggers as it’s one of the top programs you can choose to provide both ultra-fast speed and reliable WordPress hosting. This plan also allows the user with 50 GB to host five websites. It offers 10 GB of disk space for boosting the site and dedicated SSD and RAM servers. All this for $24.99 per month’s extremely reasonable price.

    In case you’re on a tight-budget then in this WPX Hosting Review, we would recommend you to go for the Business Plan as it’s the cheapest and on top of their cheap price, you’ll also get a discount on this plan when you’ll use our exclusive WPX Hosting Coupon Code.

    Professional Plan:

    This is very similar to the business plan, but at a higher level, allowing for more flexibility and offers. This plan provides for a one-time hosting of up to 15 sites with 100 GB of bandwidth, 20 GB of disk space and dedicated SSD and RAM servers–all for $49.99 a month.

    Elite Plan:

    Now, this is the best of the best that is extremely efficient from your website to get more traffic. This plan provides up to 35 sites, unlimited bandwidth, 40 GB of disk space, and dedicated SSD and RAM servers – this is $99.00 a month. But if you’re willing to pay the whole amount for 1 year, then you’ll have 2 months hosting for free.

    Money Back Guaranty

    This is the extraordinary feature of WPX Hosting. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the services, you need to have your money back. If you’re not happy with the services, WPX will pay back your money within 30 days without any problems. This feature makes it unique and trustworthy for everyone.

    Money Back Guaranty offered by WPX Hosting is the best feature ever and that’s why we wanted to share it with our readers in our this WPX Hosting Review post for 2019.

    Pre-built Caching System

    Just like any other service you’ve managed to host, you don’t need to install a WordPress cache plugin. The servers are cached by pre-built in caching systems from the root level that is far superior to your standard cache plugins. The system includes all optimizations such as browser cache, mining, integration with CDN, and these are just a few names. All of these, you don’t have to deal with. Let the team do that.

    The User Interface

    You won’t have access to the traditional cPanel with WPX Hosting. This is a good thing as well as a bad thing. If you’re already used to the cPanel, you’re sure to lose out on many of the settings and options it has made available. Like most non-tech webmasters, though, if the cPanel makes you feel overwhelmed, you’re sure to love the implementation of WPX Hosting.

    The company provides a custom user interface to navigate all of your plans ‘ settings and options easily. A sidebar menu will carry various possibilities for your use to different settings panels.

    This includes:

    • FTP Users
    • Edit DNS
    • File Manager
    • Backups
    • Service Details: To view and cancel your plan details, upgrade your plan.
    • Website / SSL: To view your SSL and other website information.
    • Databases: Database settings to monitor and adjust.
    • Email Boxes: To access the email service provided with the plans.
    • WPX Cloud: you can enable or disable the CDN from here. You can even empty their cache if you like.

    Traffic handling

    Have you ever receiving more traffic on your blog and had a slow loading time that wasn’t helping your visitors? When you will migrate to WPX hosting services, this won’t happen.

    WPX Hosting is a managed hosting provider that can handle any amount of heavy traffic coming towards your blog. They understand that you are growing, and this ensures that when your business grows, you do not face challenges and attract more traffic as well.


    There’s a lot of ways to help needy pets. One of the most common ways in which people choose to help is to donate money to charities. Organizations of animal-focused charities always need funds to accomplish their missions. A financial donation can make a big difference in the lives of animals and humans, no matter how small.

    Terry Kyle loves dogs and makes sure every day that more than 350 dogs get adequate nutritional food and medical assistance when needed. The charity takes care of the money you pay to host your website. That’s a reason to be proud to say you’re a customer of WPX.

    WPX Hosting Pros & Cons

    All products & startups come with some kinds of Pros, so-called benefits or Cons, so-called Disadvantages to the customers. Here we share with you all the Pros & Cons of WPX Hosting that you’ll be receiving when you’ll sign up for the premium hosting of WPX Hosting.

    So take a look at some of the WPX Hosting Pros & Cons.

    WPX Hosting Pros

    • Focused performance with fast load times.
    • Support quickly and effectively.
    • Incredible pricing compared to competitors. Constructed to power large e-commerce sites that make it easier to run WordPress (faster load times).
    • Supports emails (as opposed to some hosts in WordPress).
    • Easy to use interface (one click away from all the important stuff).

    WPX Hosting Cons

    • Interface features are missing, but this can be classified as a Professional since the Interface is easier to use.
    • Bit expensive.


    In our WPX Hosting Review, we concluded that WPX Hosting could be a bit expensive but it does not make any sense if you’re getting advanced features. Most importantly, in terms of uptime, speed, and safety, it is highly reliable.

    WPX Support is groundbreaking and impressive page loading times. WPX Hosting takes care of you and your website, leaving you to concentrate on your business. This is the host for you if you want a quality hosting provider for your WordPress site.

    I hope this post will make many of you a lot of things simple.

    However, I’m going to suggest that you carefully read every feature that WPX Hosting does offer. You can also try it for a risk-free 30-day period, and if you don’t like it, you can always reimburse money with 30 days from the purchase date. You can also try to contact customer support during these 30 days for any technical difficulties and check whether or not they are doing an outstanding job.

    Source: Blogging Scout Feed

    WPCoupons Coupon Code: The #1 Coupon Plugin For WordPress

    WPCoupons Coupon Code

    Are you involved in promoting affiliate products? WP Coupons by just got your attention and you’re going to get hands on this super powerful plugin?

    If yes, then you’re here to grab a massive discount using the WPCoupons Coupon Code that I’m going to share with you here in this post.

    WPCoupons Review

    WP Coupons by is the best plugin for WordPress that is used to build a Coupons & Deals affiliate blog.

    It’s basically a paid plugin that you can purchase and then set up your own coupons blog where you can promote your affiliate products and the best reason of using this plugin is that it helps you increase your affiliate sales by many numbers and the reason is that it’s super attractive and the design of this plugin is made in such a way that the place where the Affiliate Link is placed grab the attention of the user & thus when the user clicks the affiliate link and makes sale, you earn a commission.

    Now here let me talk a little bit about this plugin.

    The purpose of this WP Coupons by is to provide the easiest solution to Affiliate Marketers & Bloggers to increase their affiliate sales and make more affiliate earnings through their WordPress blog.

    This plugin was founded & developed by Brian Jackson & his brother.

    If you have been involved in any kind of Affiliate Marketing online and own your WordPress blog then this plugin is a must-have plugin for you. It starts with a Normal Price ($) but thanks to our exclusive WPCoupons Coupon Code which is giving you a discount when you’ll use it while checking out the plugin on the checkout page.

    WPCoupons Coupon Code

    Their basic plan starts at $34.95 a year and they have 3 plans as of now. In case you’re looking for a WPCoupons Discount then you’re at the right place. Just click the Reveal Coupon below to show the text and paste it out there on the checkout page to get a whopping discount.

    How to Use WPCoupons Coupon Code?

    Not sure how to use our coupon to get a discount? Just follow these steps.

    • Click our coupon link here to visit
    • Select your favorite WPCoupons pricing plan & click Buy it Now.
    • Now on the checkout page, just enter our coupon code.
    • Once the coupon is applied, you’ll get an instant discount on this plugin.

    WPCoupons Features

    Now coming up to the main point which is the features of this super powerful Affiliate Marketing plugin known as So let’s talk a little bit about the WP Coupons Features and how it’s going to help you achieve more success in affiliate marketing and how it can help you get increased in affiliate sales meaning more affiliate earnings!

    1. The #1 Coupon Plugin For WordPress

    Probably you have been searching for the best Coupon plugin for WordPress to build your own blog and we have found it for you. WPCoupons is the most powerful Coupon plugin that you can use to make a stunning & attractive Coupons & Deals blog & site on WordPress.

    It comes with amazing design & super Mobile Friendly layout which looks great both on Desktop & Mobile and the Call to Action design is also very stunning which helps you get more eyeballs & get more affiliate sales.

    Even if you’re not going to build your own Coupon dedicated Blog on WordPress but still promoting affiliate products on your WordPress blog then this plugin comes handy in this way as well because it helps you make a Single Coupon which you can add it to any specific post in sticky widget which helps you get more sales and promote the products more easily.

    One of the examples of the WPCoupons Sticky Widget is below.

    WP Coupons Sticky Widget

    2. Easy To Use Widgets & Shortcodes

    The plugin offers an easy way to quickly add single or a list of coupons either on Widgets or you can use the shortcodes to place & add either single or a list of coupons inside the post.

    This plugin also comes with a simple but very attractive template & layout which makes coupons in your blog attractive and gives you an increase in your affiliate sales.

    3. Easy to Configure & Change Style & Design

    With the Display Options, you’re able to make changes to entire Plugin & make it according to your own wishes & needs.

    WPCoupons Display Options

    As you can see in the Plugin Settings that there 5 Menus and in the Display Options menu, you can change all the primary display settings of your coupon plugin.

    Now let’s talk a little bit about the Display Options and how you can configure it.

    Haven’t you purchased the Use our exclusive WPCoupons Coupon Code to grab a whopping discount today!

    Enable Coupon Archive Template: By default, this option is enabled and this option lets you generate a separate directory for Coupons & Deals.

    When you install this WP Coupons plugin, the by default Coupons directory slug is but you can change this slug according to your needs below in the Archive URL which we’re going to talk about below.

    Enable Single Coupon Template: The plugin comes with a stunning and amazing template & layout that shows Coupons & Deals in its by default layout & theme. But in case, you want to use your own WordPress theme’s layout and design, you can simply disable it.

    Single Coupon Template: In case you have disabled the Enable Single Coupon Template feature then this option won’t appear. However, you can choose which template to choose for Single Coupon i.e Post Template or Page Template if you haven’t disabled the above option.

    Single Coupon Panel Position: This option lets you show Single Coupon Panel position either on a right, left or at the top.

    Display Single Template Image: This option lets you display single post coupons panel features image.

    Hide Breadcrumbs: By default, this option is disabled as the Breadcrumbs are shown already but if you don’t want to add The Breadcrumb which includes the Coupon type then you can enable this option to disable or hide the Breadcrumbs.

    Archive URL: As we talked above that Archive URL is the directory where you want your Coupons directory to be made. The by default URL will be Coupons but you can change it to any URL such as Deals, Discounts or anything else.

    Nav (Navigation) Title: The by default Title will be All Coupons which is also the Main Menu of your Coupons plugin. In case you want to change it, you can simply do it by changing it to any text you want.

    Enable Tag Subnav: In case you want to add your Coupons tags as Subnavigation then you can do it just by enabling the Tag Subnav option.

    Archive Layout: By default layout of the Coupons archive or directory is 3 Columns layout. But WP Coupons is offering 7 layouts from which you can choose and add any kind of archive layout that fits your needs & style.

    These are the Layouts, WP Coupons is offering.

    • 2 Columns
    • 3 Columns (Default Layout)
    • 4 Columns
    • 5 Columns
    • List View
    • List Compact View
    • List Minimal View

    Call to Action: This is the text that displays below the Coupon Code. You can change this text to any text that is attractive & eye-catching for increasing more of your affiliate sales.

    Display Discount Codes: This option is unchecked by default. But if you want users to see the Discount Coupon text then check and enable this otherwise you can disable it so users won’t see any coupon but instead, they will see the Call to Action text & button which will redirect them directly to the affiliate site.

    Hide Coupon Type Tags: This will let the Tags to be hidden if you will enable this option. By default, this option is unchecked & disabled.

    No Code Needed Text: Sometimes you don’t need to provide any coupon code to users but instead, using your unique affiliate link, a user can get discount. So in this case, if you don’t want to add a coupon, then the NO CODE NEEDED text will be displayed instead of the Coupon Code.

    You can change it to any text you like.

    Hide No Code Needed: In case you don’t want to show No Code Needed on the Coupon where you haven’t inserted any coupon then you can enable this option.

    Click to Reveal Text: By default when you have inserted a Coupon, you’ll see a text Click to Reveal. In case you want to change it, you can do so here with the help of this Click to Reveal Text.

    Click to Reveal Behavior: In case you want the affiliate window to be opened in a new tab with a popup then you can choose New Tab + Popup here but if you don’t want to open affiliate site in a new tab then you can simply select Popup only.

    Display Expiration Dates: In case you want to add an expiration date to coupon codes, you can enable this option from here and then add an expiration date to each & every coupon code from its respective page.

    Display Related Coupons: If you want to show related coupons below the coupon page then you can enable this option. However, if you don’t want, you can disable it right away.

    Related Coupons Locations: In case you want to display related coupons, then in this option here, you can specify the plugin where to show the related coupons.

    You have three (3) options here i.e Posts, Pages & Coupons.

    Related Coupons Hook: In case you don’t want to show Related Coupons After Contents, you can use this option to show & print related coupons at your own specified location.

    Archive Post Limit: By default, there are 9 coupons posts limit in the plugin’s archive. However, you can increase or decrease according to your own needs.

    Force Global Widget Coupon: Normally when you add a Widget Coupon to your blog, Randomly coupons are then shown in the Widget. However, you can change it to any specific coupon that you want to show all over the blog in that widget instead of being changed randomly.

    Force Home Page Coupon: Now if you want to show any specific coupon on the Homepage instead of all over the site or blog then you can choose your favorite post here that will override the existing setting and will show this post only on the homepage.

    Attribution Link: By default, this option is disabled but if you’ll enable & check this option then a small link to will be shown below the widget coupon. You can also use your own Affiliate Link instead of just a link to

    Affiliate ID: This option is related to the Attribution Link. If you have a verified affiliate account with then you can just enter here your affiliate ID and the link will be then changed with your affiliate URL. Also, the link to will be nofollow as well.

    It was the Display Options that we talked about. Now in the other menus of the WPCoupons Settings, you’ll find some more options as well such as in the Style Options, you’ll be able to change the look, style, and fonts of the plugin, and in the Extras menu, you’ll find some more useful options that you must check out before publishing coupons.

    4. Very Lightweight Plugin

    WPCoupons is a very lightweight plugin at under 40KB only and with no javascript on frontend according to their official site. I have been using it personally and you won’t find any slowness in your blog’s loading speed or there won’t be any affection to the Mobile Friendliness.

    Even the plugin creates a different directory for Coupons but still, there won’t be any issue when it comes to blog loading speed.

    5. Responsive & User-Friendly

    The coupons and directory/archive you’ll create with this super powerful plugin looks quite responsive & user-friendly on almost all devices & browsers including Smartphones & Desktop.

    These are the screenshots of how this plugin is looking responsive on both the devices.

    WPCoupons Looking Responsive On Desktop
    WPCoupons Desktop Friendly Example
    WPCoupons Mobile Friendly Example
    Checking if WPCoupons is Mobile-Friendly OR Not

    6. Compatibility

    This plugin has been tested and is compatible with almost all themes & plugins. I have installed & configured it with all basic plugins and am using Aspire Pro but there’s no issue with this plugin so far.

    Let me know below in the comments if you are having any issue with this plugin. Pricing

    Now coming to the pricing and what are the current plans offered by team. So let’s talk a little bit about their pricing here.

    They have currently 3 plans with different features & options. Now take a look at the below table to understand their pricing structure.

    Plans & Packages Personal Business Unlimited
    Permitted Sites 1 Site 3 Sites Unlimited Sites
    Price ($) $34.95 Per Year $84.95 Per Year $174.95 Per Year
    1 Year Support & Updates Included Included Included
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee Included Included Included

    Why Should I Use

    If you’re an affiliate marketer and promoting affiliate products and also offering coupon codes & discount promo codes on your blog then this is the super important plugin for you because it’s built in such a way that it can boost up your affiliate sales and thus will help you make more money out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

    This plugin lets you create a separate directory & archive for all of your affiliate products where you can list your affiliate products and promote them over there and any user clicks the Coupon and signs up with the affiliate products will make you money.

    So if you want the following, then you must use this plugin.

    • Create attractive & eye-catching Coupon boxes.
    • Start a Coupons based blog on WordPress.
    • Promote affiliate products & coupon codes.
    • Increase your affiliate sales.
    • Show coupons widget even respective to the blog post you have published.

    Final Words

    If you have not yet purchased this amazing plugin but going to get hands on this plugin for the first time then don’t leave this opportunity behind by not using our exclusive coupon code for WPCoupons.

    By using this exclusive coupon, our Bloggingscout readers can get whopping 10% off. Just use our coupon here to get 10% off!

    Also, if you have any issue while availing this discount, you can just drop your comment below and I’d try my best to help you out.

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    Source: Blogging Scout Feed

    Grammarly Discount For Students – Coupon Code [Updated 2019]

    Grammarly Discount For StudentsAwesome News to all for landing here because we’re going to be sharing with you our exclusive Grammarly Discount For Students which will help you to get an exclusive discount on this super powerful & feature-rich tool for writers & students.

    It does not make any sense whether you’re a PRO writer, just a beginner or a writer, you’ll always be facing some kinds of mistakes & errors in your writing because of our nature of typing and writing online or offline in other tools such as Microsoft Word and others etc.

    Out there we have a wide range of tools and plugins that we can use to check and correct our spelling & writing mistakes but since Grammarly has brought a revolution in our online writing, now we have the most powerful tool that almost every writer & internet marketer is depending on.

    As you know Grammarly has two versions i.e Free & Paid version and today if you have decided to purchase the Paid/Premium version then make sure you use our exclusive Grammarly discount coupon code that will help you save a big amount of money while purchasing the Student Grammarly Package.

    What Is Grammarly?

    Probably you have gone through our best free grammar checker tools and found Grammarly as one of the best grammar checkers out there. But if you did not know about Grammarly, then just sit back and relax because I’m going to tell you what basically Grammarly is and how does it benefit you.

    Grammarly Grammar Checker Discount

    So Grammarly is the most powerful and advanced grammar checker tool that is available for both Windows & Mac users but Grammarly does not offer any extension or add-on for MS Word users on MacOS. However, you can download the Grammarly Native app for MacOS and use the software for checking mistakes in your writings & articles.

    Even if you want to proofread your MS Word file or articles then you can easily do it by just going to the Grammarly online checker tool page and upload your file and Grammarly will then tell you all the typos, errors & mistakes in your typing and writing and once you’re done with it, just you’ll be needing to do is download or export the file and open the file again with MS Word or any other software.

    Grammarly Discount For Students

    You have learned good enough about Grammarly but now Want to register for it as a Student? Here we got an exclusive coupon code for you that will help you save a big amount of money. In order to grab this huge discount, you’ll be required to be using the Grammarly student discount coupon code that I have shared with you below.

    Before you can redeem the coupon above, make sure that you have not already registered with Grammarly because this is for new readers. Even if you have registered already, make sure you register for another account instead of just using your registered account details.

    Why Do I Need Grammarly?

    There are many tools that writers can use for writing & typing but the question that we might get in our mind is that why do we need Grammarly and how can it benefit us. So today here I’ll be telling you why exactly you should be using this super awesome tool even if you’re a student.

    Grammarly Checker For Students

    We most of the time commit mistakes in our writing even without noticing it and the best way to know your mistakes in your writing is to use any proofread software or tool but here you don’t need to use any proofread tool that comes with an expensive tag. With Grammarly, you get the most amazing proofreading feature that helps you underline & highlight with red or any other kind of color those hidden mistakes that are impossible to be spotted.

    Don’t get confused because Grammarly not only offer Proofreading feature but it does offer several other amazing things for writers & its users. Let’s talk a little bit about it.

    More Deals to Take a Look at:

    Grammarly Features

    As we already talked above about Grammarly and why do we need it. We also talked that we will be having a Proofreading feature in this amazing Grammar Checker but now let me tell you what else does this super powerful grammar checker tool offers.

    Checks Critical Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

    The most common mistakes that most of the time we tend to commit is critical & spelling mistakes that are impossible to be spotted. So Grammarly helps you quite deeply scan the entire article and each sentence that you’re writing (make sure you have Grammarly installed or working on the Grammarly online checker tool) and highlight those mistakes with various colors that will help you easily spot mistakes you have made.

    This way, you’ll have a better idea where you have made mistakes and how you can then remove those mistakes and correct your sentences.

    Words Definition & Suggestions

    Now you have spotted your mistakes but not sure or don’t know what to do to correct your mistakes? Grammarly has this super awesome feature that lets you suggest what to do and which word or sentence you should write to correct your mistake. Grammarly also defines words that you don’t know.

    Grammarly Is Free

    The good news for Users who can’t afford buy or don’t want to buy the Premium version of Grammarly is that it’s available in Free Version as well with some basic checkers and tools. Even though, if you want to get the locked features of this tool then you’ll need to subscribe to any of the premium plans out there.

    Before you subscribe to any of the Grammarly premium plans, make sure to stick to our exclusive Grammarly student discount here above which will help you save on the premium plans.

    Corrects Misspelled Words

    In case you’re typing too fast and you don’t look back at what you have just written then still, Grammarly is super fast to highlight and give you ideas of what words you have written & typed wrong. This way, you will just need to hover your mouse over the words and it’ll give you the correct words suggestions and then you just need to click Right and you’re all set to go!

    Online Grammarly Editor

    In case you work online and don’t want to be using any Grammarly tool or software then you can just land on the Grammarly Online Editor and do all of the writing & typing and correct your grammatical mistakes and typos and then using the Export option, you’ll be able to export your files and use it anywhere using any software such as MS Word in MacOS because Grammarly does not offer any addon for MS Word in MacOS or any other software and in any other operating system such as Windows.

    Also don’t forget to use our Grammarly discount for students because it will give you an exclusive discount.

    Desktop Apps & Softwares

    Don’t want to work online or write online in Browsers? The Native Apps or Desktop apps are there for you to work right on your PC as the same as someone works online on the Online Editor. You just need to do is go to their official site and download your Native App from there and install it to your OS (only Windows & MacOS). Once the software is installed,  just open it and drag & drop files there easily and next do you stuff and then ENJOY!

    Improves Writing

    This is the tool that helped me improve my English Writing & Typing online. And that’s why I’m not writing here that Grammarly is the best tool that you can use to improve your writing skills and take it to a whole new level.

    It will not only help you write correct sentences but will also help you what word to use and where to use, where to put the comma, dot and also help you know words synonyms more easily.

    Free Google Extension Available

    This amazing tool has a Google Extension available which you can easily download from the Extension store and install to your Chrome browser and use the Grammarly features anywhere in any editor such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and even all other online editors.

    If you’re a Blogger or anyone who blogs on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or on any else CMS, Grammarly is the super important tool to be used for correct articles, columns writing and content marketing.

    Plagiarism Checker

    Grammarly has a Plagiarism Checker that scans your article from over billions of pages and the ProQuest’s academic databases and tells what sentences contain duplicated & copied texts. Plagiarism Checker is free for use but if you’ll subscribe to the Premium version then you’ll get further advanced options & features such as it will give you suggestions what and where to give credits to the copied contents and texts.

    Grammarly For Gmail & Other Social Networks

    The thing that I like about Grammarly is that it’s integrated with any editor online such as if you’re working on Gmail Compose or in other words, you are writing an email to someone and you have installed the extension on your browser then your all writings & typings are all monitored by the powerful Grammarly tool and you’ll be seeing the free small icon at the bottom of the Gmail Email editor.

    The same thing goes with all the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Medium, Quora and thousands of other online editors & sites.

    The Grammarly Keyboard

    Grammarly Mobile Keyboard

    Too much impressed by Grammarly for Desktop? Now you can have this powerful too right on your mobile phone. Yes, the Grammarly Keyboard is there that you can easily download right from the Play Store for Android OS or from Apps Store for iPhone and that’s totally for free. However, if you have a Premium plan (and if you don’t have then you can easily subscribe to the premium plan by redeeming our Grammarly Discount for Student deal) then you can simply log into your account and the Premium version will be automatically linked to your app and all the advanced features will be working and those limited options will be unlocked.

    Now the thing is that when you’re texting someone, posting on Facebook, sending an email, or doing other writing & typing work on your smartphone, you won’t have any issue because you’ll be using the Grammarly Keyboard which will automatically correct, replace and give suggestions on wrong words and sentences.

    Grammarly For Students

    If you’re a student and you need to write something such as Articles, Calligraphy, Columns, Assignments or something else, Grammarly is where the best writing tool for the students.

    Grammarly offers a Student Discount which all the students that land here can redeem the exclusive coupon code to get a whopping discount and save on the Premium Plan.

    Is Grammarly The Best Grammar Checker For Students?

    As we already mentioned above that there are countless tools online & offline that work as Grammar Checkers but all are not the same as Grammarly and so we do consider Grammarly the best because of its super awesome features for students and all the users who use it.

    I have been using it personally and I think Grammarly is the best out of all the grammar checkers available over the internet out there. We have been partnered up with Grammarly to offer an exclusive Grammarly Discount For Students. So to redeem our coupon to get the Student Discount today!

    Grammarly For Bloggers & Internet Marketers

    Have you been into Blogging? Are you a Blogger but embarrassed of making mistakes in your blog writings? Now you don’t need to worry & embarrass any more because Grammarly is the best tool for Bloggers & Internet Marketers as well.

    You can easily use Grammarly even for free on both Desktop (Windows & MacOS & online on Browser. If you’re a Chrome user then what you’ll be needing to use the Grammarly tool is just go to the Chrome Extensions Store and download the free extension and install it to your browser.

    This extension will be free which will come with the Free basic & limited options and mostly the free version will work awesome & enough for you. However, if you ever intend to buy the premium version then make sure to use our Grammarly Discount Coupon that we have shared here for Students because it will be very helpful and also you’ll grab a huge discount just by activating our deal above.

    Now if you have just installed the extension (free or premium), there will be a small icon of Grammarly at the bottom of the Editor whether you’re working on editor or a free Blogger editor or somewhere else, that small icon will help you determine your mistakes in your writing & will give you suggestions on where to make replacements and will give you ideas & suggestions according to the sentences & words.

    The Grammarly Free VS Premium Plans Comparison

    We have already talked that Grammarly has two versions i.e Free & Premium. You can use both versions but in the free version, you’ll have limited options and the advanced options will be locked and limited. However, if you don’t have a premium account and you want to subscribe and purchase the premium version then you just need to use our Grammarly discount for students which will help you grab the premium plan with a whopping discount.

    Grammarly Free vs Premium

    Now let me compare the Free & Premium plans.

    Grammarly Free VS Premium

    Features Free Premium
    Critical Grammar & Spelling Checking Available Available
    Advanced, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, context checking Not Available Available
    Checking writing across the word wide web Not Available Available
    Scans & Detects Plagiarized Contents & Texts Not Available Available
    Vocabulary Suggestions Not Available Available
    Available for multiple devices i.e Desktop & Smartphone Available Available
    Online Grammarly Editor Available Available
    Teaches Grammar Rules Available Available
    Catches mistakes made in Spelling and Grammar Available Available
    Grammarly helps Access your Documents on Multiple Devices Under 1 Account Available Available
    Get A Quick Performance Statistics Via Your Email Available Available
    Add-Ons Available for Desktop & MS Office Tools Available Available
    Grammarly Lets you Add Words To Your Personal Dictionary Available Available
    Lets you define Words & See Synonyms Via Double Clicks Available Available

    Now We came to know that Grammarly Premium has much more power and options that the Free Version. In the Premium version of the tool, you get extra features such as plagiarism checking, in-depth grammatical mistakes checking and much more. So the bottom line is that the Grammarly Premium version so far better than using the Free Version. However, If you don’t have any budget for the premium plan and on a tight budget then you can use our Grammarly discount for students which comes with a huge discount.

    Even if you’re on more tight-budget and can’t afford even with the discount coupon, then the Free version will work well too. Just subscribe to the free version here.

    Here are a few more deals for you that you should check out.

    The Final Words

    We have been sharing coupon codes on our blog and I hope you have found this Grammarly student discount very helpful here. I have shared with you the most working deal here but even if you found any issue here then you can easily just let me know below in the comments and I’ll be here to help you give the most recently updated discount coupon and update this one as well.

    Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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    ifastnet promo code

    iFastNet is a premium web hosting company that offers web hosting & domain names related services to its global customers. Their hosting packages are all secured & hosted on SSD super fast servers.

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    • Shared Hosting
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    If you’re anyone who is looking for cheap but quite reliable web hosting to get started with your blogging business & career then ifastnet is my recommended hosting provider.

    Why should I Buy Hosting from iFastNet?

    iFastNet is offering premium hosting services and also serve you as a domain registrar so you never need to buy a domain name from third-party companies and attach with your iFastNet web hosting plans. All of their hosting servers are SSD hosted which are secured and super fast to load.

    Here are a few positive features of iFastNet:

    • A Reliable hosting company
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    • Competitive Pricing
    • Super amazing & top-notch support
    • Offers various hosting packages and plans
    • Offers WordPress Managed Hosting
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    • Offers free hosting transfer from old servers to their amazing super fast SSD servers totally for FREE*

    iFastNet Hosting Features

    iFastNet is one of the growing & the most inexpensive hosting provider out there that provide almost all types of web hosting services built Small Businesses to Large scale businesses. Now here I’d like to share with you some of the positive features of the iFastNet hosting so you can know how good this hosting provider could be for your business and starting your own blog.

    1. Affordable Hosting

    One of the things that I like about iFastNet hosting is their pricing structure. Compared to other hosting providers, iFastNet is the most inexpensive & affordable hosting provider with a wide range of hosting related services. Their Starter Shared Hosting which is the most cheap hosting package costs around $17.99 a year in which you’ll be given Super Fast SSD powered Servers that will skyrocket your blog loading time, Up to 250 GB Bandwidth, 5 GB data storage with 1 Free Domain & 1 Addon Domain Name.

    2. 1-Click Script Installation

    Like many other hosting providers, iFastNet Hosting is also providing a 1-click script installation that lets you install 240+ scripts & platforms from a wide range of softwares & open-source softwares including WordPress, Joomla & Magento etc.

    3. Fast & Instant Support

    A good customer support is one of the top factors of a reliable company & that’s where iFastNet is providing the most friendly customer-support. Their support is super-friendly, gives you technical support, lets you transfer your existing blog/site from other hosting provider to their SSD-Powered Hostings at no charge on your side & also helps you setup your blog/site if you need.

    4. 99.9% Up Time Guarantee

    iFastNet also claims to have 99.9% up time guarantee. However I have not yet tested & checked whether they are true to their claim or not. But if in case you found that you have hosted your own blog with iFastNet and you noticed your blog(s) goes offline, just tell us the exact problem in the comment so that others can know about their Claim.

    5. 7-Days Money Back Guarantee

    With iFastNet Hosting Promo Code, you’ll get up to 7 Days Money Back Guarantee which means if you signed & subscribed to their service and then you found their service not suitable for your business or you are not happy with them then you can easily take a full refund of your cost within the first 7 days.

    iFastNet Promo Code – 100% Working

    iFastNet offers a competitive pricing but still, you can get a whopping discount on their hosting plans by using the promo code I’m going to share with you below. Please bear in mind that the code may be for a limited time only so act before it gets expired.

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    iFastNet Promo Code

    iFastNet Promo Code

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    In order to use the promo code we have shared with you, follow these steps.

    • Click on our deal link.
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