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WPCoupons Coupon Code: The #1 Coupon Plugin For WordPress

WPCoupons Coupon Code

Are you involved in promoting affiliate products? WP Coupons by just got your attention and you’re going to get hands on this super powerful plugin?

If yes, then you’re here to grab a massive discount using the WPCoupons Coupon Code that I’m going to share with you here in this post.

WPCoupons Review

WP Coupons by is the best plugin for WordPress that is used to build a Coupons & Deals affiliate blog.

It’s basically a paid plugin that you can purchase and then set up your own coupons blog where you can promote your affiliate products and the best reason of using this plugin is that it helps you increase your affiliate sales by many numbers and the reason is that it’s super attractive and the design of this plugin is made in such a way that the place where the Affiliate Link is placed grab the attention of the user & thus when the user clicks the affiliate link and makes sale, you earn a commission.

Now here let me talk a little bit about this plugin.

The purpose of this WP Coupons by is to provide the easiest solution to Affiliate Marketers & Bloggers to increase their affiliate sales and make more affiliate earnings through their WordPress blog.

This plugin was founded & developed by Brian Jackson & his brother.

If you have been involved in any kind of Affiliate Marketing online and own your WordPress blog then this plugin is a must-have plugin for you. It starts with a Normal Price ($) but thanks to our exclusive WPCoupons Coupon Code which is giving you a discount when you’ll use it while checking out the plugin on the checkout page.

WPCoupons Coupon Code

Their basic plan starts at $34.95 a year and they have 3 plans as of now. In case you’re looking for a WPCoupons Discount then you’re at the right place. Just click the Reveal Coupon below to show the text and paste it out there on the checkout page to get a whopping discount.

How to Use WPCoupons Coupon Code?

Not sure how to use our coupon to get a discount? Just follow these steps.

  • Click our coupon link here to visit
  • Select your favorite WPCoupons pricing plan & click Buy it Now.
  • Now on the checkout page, just enter our coupon code.
  • Once the coupon is applied, you’ll get an instant discount on this plugin.

WPCoupons Features

Now coming up to the main point which is the features of this super powerful Affiliate Marketing plugin known as So let’s talk a little bit about the WP Coupons Features and how it’s going to help you achieve more success in affiliate marketing and how it can help you get increased in affiliate sales meaning more affiliate earnings!

1. The #1 Coupon Plugin For WordPress

Probably you have been searching for the best Coupon plugin for WordPress to build your own blog and we have found it for you. WPCoupons is the most powerful Coupon plugin that you can use to make a stunning & attractive Coupons & Deals blog & site on WordPress.

It comes with amazing design & super Mobile Friendly layout which looks great both on Desktop & Mobile and the Call to Action design is also very stunning which helps you get more eyeballs & get more affiliate sales.

Even if you’re not going to build your own Coupon dedicated Blog on WordPress but still promoting affiliate products on your WordPress blog then this plugin comes handy in this way as well because it helps you make a Single Coupon which you can add it to any specific post in sticky widget which helps you get more sales and promote the products more easily.

One of the examples of the WPCoupons Sticky Widget is below.

WP Coupons Sticky Widget

2. Easy To Use Widgets & Shortcodes

The plugin offers an easy way to quickly add single or a list of coupons either on Widgets or you can use the shortcodes to place & add either single or a list of coupons inside the post.

This plugin also comes with a simple but very attractive template & layout which makes coupons in your blog attractive and gives you an increase in your affiliate sales.

3. Easy to Configure & Change Style & Design

With the Display Options, you’re able to make changes to entire Plugin & make it according to your own wishes & needs.

WPCoupons Display Options

As you can see in the Plugin Settings that there 5 Menus and in the Display Options menu, you can change all the primary display settings of your coupon plugin.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the Display Options and how you can configure it.

Haven’t you purchased the Use our exclusive WPCoupons Coupon Code to grab a whopping discount today!

Enable Coupon Archive Template: By default, this option is enabled and this option lets you generate a separate directory for Coupons & Deals.

When you install this WP Coupons plugin, the by default Coupons directory slug is but you can change this slug according to your needs below in the Archive URL which we’re going to talk about below.

Enable Single Coupon Template: The plugin comes with a stunning and amazing template & layout that shows Coupons & Deals in its by default layout & theme. But in case, you want to use your own WordPress theme’s layout and design, you can simply disable it.

Single Coupon Template: In case you have disabled the Enable Single Coupon Template feature then this option won’t appear. However, you can choose which template to choose for Single Coupon i.e Post Template or Page Template if you haven’t disabled the above option.

Single Coupon Panel Position: This option lets you show Single Coupon Panel position either on a right, left or at the top.

Display Single Template Image: This option lets you display single post coupons panel features image.

Hide Breadcrumbs: By default, this option is disabled as the Breadcrumbs are shown already but if you don’t want to add The Breadcrumb which includes the Coupon type then you can enable this option to disable or hide the Breadcrumbs.

Archive URL: As we talked above that Archive URL is the directory where you want your Coupons directory to be made. The by default URL will be Coupons but you can change it to any URL such as Deals, Discounts or anything else.

Nav (Navigation) Title: The by default Title will be All Coupons which is also the Main Menu of your Coupons plugin. In case you want to change it, you can simply do it by changing it to any text you want.

Enable Tag Subnav: In case you want to add your Coupons tags as Subnavigation then you can do it just by enabling the Tag Subnav option.

Archive Layout: By default layout of the Coupons archive or directory is 3 Columns layout. But WP Coupons is offering 7 layouts from which you can choose and add any kind of archive layout that fits your needs & style.

These are the Layouts, WP Coupons is offering.

  • 2 Columns
  • 3 Columns (Default Layout)
  • 4 Columns
  • 5 Columns
  • List View
  • List Compact View
  • List Minimal View

Call to Action: This is the text that displays below the Coupon Code. You can change this text to any text that is attractive & eye-catching for increasing more of your affiliate sales.

Display Discount Codes: This option is unchecked by default. But if you want users to see the Discount Coupon text then check and enable this otherwise you can disable it so users won’t see any coupon but instead, they will see the Call to Action text & button which will redirect them directly to the affiliate site.

Hide Coupon Type Tags: This will let the Tags to be hidden if you will enable this option. By default, this option is unchecked & disabled.

No Code Needed Text: Sometimes you don’t need to provide any coupon code to users but instead, using your unique affiliate link, a user can get discount. So in this case, if you don’t want to add a coupon, then the NO CODE NEEDED text will be displayed instead of the Coupon Code.

You can change it to any text you like.

Hide No Code Needed: In case you don’t want to show No Code Needed on the Coupon where you haven’t inserted any coupon then you can enable this option.

Click to Reveal Text: By default when you have inserted a Coupon, you’ll see a text Click to Reveal. In case you want to change it, you can do so here with the help of this Click to Reveal Text.

Click to Reveal Behavior: In case you want the affiliate window to be opened in a new tab with a popup then you can choose New Tab + Popup here but if you don’t want to open affiliate site in a new tab then you can simply select Popup only.

Display Expiration Dates: In case you want to add an expiration date to coupon codes, you can enable this option from here and then add an expiration date to each & every coupon code from its respective page.

Display Related Coupons: If you want to show related coupons below the coupon page then you can enable this option. However, if you don’t want, you can disable it right away.

Related Coupons Locations: In case you want to display related coupons, then in this option here, you can specify the plugin where to show the related coupons.

You have three (3) options here i.e Posts, Pages & Coupons.

Related Coupons Hook: In case you don’t want to show Related Coupons After Contents, you can use this option to show & print related coupons at your own specified location.

Archive Post Limit: By default, there are 9 coupons posts limit in the plugin’s archive. However, you can increase or decrease according to your own needs.

Force Global Widget Coupon: Normally when you add a Widget Coupon to your blog, Randomly coupons are then shown in the Widget. However, you can change it to any specific coupon that you want to show all over the blog in that widget instead of being changed randomly.

Force Home Page Coupon: Now if you want to show any specific coupon on the Homepage instead of all over the site or blog then you can choose your favorite post here that will override the existing setting and will show this post only on the homepage.

Attribution Link: By default, this option is disabled but if you’ll enable & check this option then a small link to will be shown below the widget coupon. You can also use your own Affiliate Link instead of just a link to

Affiliate ID: This option is related to the Attribution Link. If you have a verified affiliate account with then you can just enter here your affiliate ID and the link will be then changed with your affiliate URL. Also, the link to will be nofollow as well.

It was the Display Options that we talked about. Now in the other menus of the WPCoupons Settings, you’ll find some more options as well such as in the Style Options, you’ll be able to change the look, style, and fonts of the plugin, and in the Extras menu, you’ll find some more useful options that you must check out before publishing coupons.

4. Very Lightweight Plugin

WPCoupons is a very lightweight plugin at under 40KB only and with no javascript on frontend according to their official site. I have been using it personally and you won’t find any slowness in your blog’s loading speed or there won’t be any affection to the Mobile Friendliness.

Even the plugin creates a different directory for Coupons but still, there won’t be any issue when it comes to blog loading speed.

5. Responsive & User-Friendly

The coupons and directory/archive you’ll create with this super powerful plugin looks quite responsive & user-friendly on almost all devices & browsers including Smartphones & Desktop.

These are the screenshots of how this plugin is looking responsive on both the devices.

WPCoupons Looking Responsive On Desktop
WPCoupons Desktop Friendly Example
WPCoupons Mobile Friendly Example
Checking if WPCoupons is Mobile-Friendly OR Not

6. Compatibility

This plugin has been tested and is compatible with almost all themes & plugins. I have installed & configured it with all basic plugins and am using Aspire Pro but there’s no issue with this plugin so far.

Let me know below in the comments if you are having any issue with this plugin. Pricing

Now coming to the pricing and what are the current plans offered by team. So let’s talk a little bit about their pricing here.

They have currently 3 plans with different features & options. Now take a look at the below table to understand their pricing structure.

Plans & Packages Personal Business Unlimited
Permitted Sites 1 Site 3 Sites Unlimited Sites
Price ($) $34.95 Per Year $84.95 Per Year $174.95 Per Year
1 Year Support & Updates Included Included Included
30 Day Money Back Guarantee Included Included Included

Why Should I Use

If you’re an affiliate marketer and promoting affiliate products and also offering coupon codes & discount promo codes on your blog then this is the super important plugin for you because it’s built in such a way that it can boost up your affiliate sales and thus will help you make more money out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

This plugin lets you create a separate directory & archive for all of your affiliate products where you can list your affiliate products and promote them over there and any user clicks the Coupon and signs up with the affiliate products will make you money.

So if you want the following, then you must use this plugin.

  • Create attractive & eye-catching Coupon boxes.
  • Start a Coupons based blog on WordPress.
  • Promote affiliate products & coupon codes.
  • Increase your affiliate sales.
  • Show coupons widget even respective to the blog post you have published.

Final Words

If you have not yet purchased this amazing plugin but going to get hands on this plugin for the first time then don’t leave this opportunity behind by not using our exclusive coupon code for WPCoupons.

By using this exclusive coupon, our Bloggingscout readers can get whopping 10% off. Just use our coupon here to get 10% off!

Also, if you have any issue while availing this discount, you can just drop your comment below and I’d try my best to help you out.

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Grammarly Discount For Students – Coupon Code [Updated 2019]

Grammarly Discount For StudentsAwesome News to all for landing here because we’re going to be sharing with you our exclusive Grammarly Discount For Students which will help you to get an exclusive discount on this super powerful & feature-rich tool for writers & students.

It does not make any sense whether you’re a PRO writer, just a beginner or a writer, you’ll always be facing some kinds of mistakes & errors in your writing because of our nature of typing and writing online or offline in other tools such as Microsoft Word and others etc.

Out there we have a wide range of tools and plugins that we can use to check and correct our spelling & writing mistakes but since Grammarly has brought a revolution in our online writing, now we have the most powerful tool that almost every writer & internet marketer is depending on.

As you know Grammarly has two versions i.e Free & Paid version and today if you have decided to purchase the Paid/Premium version then make sure you use our exclusive Grammarly discount coupon code that will help you save a big amount of money while purchasing the Student Grammarly Package.

What Is Grammarly?

Probably you have gone through our best free grammar checker tools and found Grammarly as one of the best grammar checkers out there. But if you did not know about Grammarly, then just sit back and relax because I’m going to tell you what basically Grammarly is and how does it benefit you.

Grammarly Grammar Checker Discount

So Grammarly is the most powerful and advanced grammar checker tool that is available for both Windows & Mac users but Grammarly does not offer any extension or add-on for MS Word users on MacOS. However, you can download the Grammarly Native app for MacOS and use the software for checking mistakes in your writings & articles.

Even if you want to proofread your MS Word file or articles then you can easily do it by just going to the Grammarly online checker tool page and upload your file and Grammarly will then tell you all the typos, errors & mistakes in your typing and writing and once you’re done with it, just you’ll be needing to do is download or export the file and open the file again with MS Word or any other software.

Grammarly Discount For Students

You have learned good enough about Grammarly but now Want to register for it as a Student? Here we got an exclusive coupon code for you that will help you save a big amount of money. In order to grab this huge discount, you’ll be required to be using the Grammarly student discount coupon code that I have shared with you below.

Before you can redeem the coupon above, make sure that you have not already registered with Grammarly because this is for new readers. Even if you have registered already, make sure you register for another account instead of just using your registered account details.

Why Do I Need Grammarly?

There are many tools that writers can use for writing & typing but the question that we might get in our mind is that why do we need Grammarly and how can it benefit us. So today here I’ll be telling you why exactly you should be using this super awesome tool even if you’re a student.

Grammarly Checker For Students

We most of the time commit mistakes in our writing even without noticing it and the best way to know your mistakes in your writing is to use any proofread software or tool but here you don’t need to use any proofread tool that comes with an expensive tag. With Grammarly, you get the most amazing proofreading feature that helps you underline & highlight with red or any other kind of color those hidden mistakes that are impossible to be spotted.

Don’t get confused because Grammarly not only offer Proofreading feature but it does offer several other amazing things for writers & its users. Let’s talk a little bit about it.

More Deals to Take a Look at:

Grammarly Features

As we already talked above about Grammarly and why do we need it. We also talked that we will be having a Proofreading feature in this amazing Grammar Checker but now let me tell you what else does this super powerful grammar checker tool offers.

Checks Critical Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

The most common mistakes that most of the time we tend to commit is critical & spelling mistakes that are impossible to be spotted. So Grammarly helps you quite deeply scan the entire article and each sentence that you’re writing (make sure you have Grammarly installed or working on the Grammarly online checker tool) and highlight those mistakes with various colors that will help you easily spot mistakes you have made.

This way, you’ll have a better idea where you have made mistakes and how you can then remove those mistakes and correct your sentences.

Words Definition & Suggestions

Now you have spotted your mistakes but not sure or don’t know what to do to correct your mistakes? Grammarly has this super awesome feature that lets you suggest what to do and which word or sentence you should write to correct your mistake. Grammarly also defines words that you don’t know.

Grammarly Is Free

The good news for Users who can’t afford buy or don’t want to buy the Premium version of Grammarly is that it’s available in Free Version as well with some basic checkers and tools. Even though, if you want to get the locked features of this tool then you’ll need to subscribe to any of the premium plans out there.

Before you subscribe to any of the Grammarly premium plans, make sure to stick to our exclusive Grammarly student discount here above which will help you save on the premium plans.

Corrects Misspelled Words

In case you’re typing too fast and you don’t look back at what you have just written then still, Grammarly is super fast to highlight and give you ideas of what words you have written & typed wrong. This way, you will just need to hover your mouse over the words and it’ll give you the correct words suggestions and then you just need to click Right and you’re all set to go!

Online Grammarly Editor

In case you work online and don’t want to be using any Grammarly tool or software then you can just land on the Grammarly Online Editor and do all of the writing & typing and correct your grammatical mistakes and typos and then using the Export option, you’ll be able to export your files and use it anywhere using any software such as MS Word in MacOS because Grammarly does not offer any addon for MS Word in MacOS or any other software and in any other operating system such as Windows.

Also don’t forget to use our Grammarly discount for students because it will give you an exclusive discount.

Desktop Apps & Softwares

Don’t want to work online or write online in Browsers? The Native Apps or Desktop apps are there for you to work right on your PC as the same as someone works online on the Online Editor. You just need to do is go to their official site and download your Native App from there and install it to your OS (only Windows & MacOS). Once the software is installed,  just open it and drag & drop files there easily and next do you stuff and then ENJOY!

Improves Writing

This is the tool that helped me improve my English Writing & Typing online. And that’s why I’m not writing here that Grammarly is the best tool that you can use to improve your writing skills and take it to a whole new level.

It will not only help you write correct sentences but will also help you what word to use and where to use, where to put the comma, dot and also help you know words synonyms more easily.

Free Google Extension Available

This amazing tool has a Google Extension available which you can easily download from the Extension store and install to your Chrome browser and use the Grammarly features anywhere in any editor such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and even all other online editors.

If you’re a Blogger or anyone who blogs on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or on any else CMS, Grammarly is the super important tool to be used for correct articles, columns writing and content marketing.

Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly has a Plagiarism Checker that scans your article from over billions of pages and the ProQuest’s academic databases and tells what sentences contain duplicated & copied texts. Plagiarism Checker is free for use but if you’ll subscribe to the Premium version then you’ll get further advanced options & features such as it will give you suggestions what and where to give credits to the copied contents and texts.

Grammarly For Gmail & Other Social Networks

The thing that I like about Grammarly is that it’s integrated with any editor online such as if you’re working on Gmail Compose or in other words, you are writing an email to someone and you have installed the extension on your browser then your all writings & typings are all monitored by the powerful Grammarly tool and you’ll be seeing the free small icon at the bottom of the Gmail Email editor.

The same thing goes with all the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Medium, Quora and thousands of other online editors & sites.

The Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Mobile Keyboard

Too much impressed by Grammarly for Desktop? Now you can have this powerful too right on your mobile phone. Yes, the Grammarly Keyboard is there that you can easily download right from the Play Store for Android OS or from Apps Store for iPhone and that’s totally for free. However, if you have a Premium plan (and if you don’t have then you can easily subscribe to the premium plan by redeeming our Grammarly Discount for Student deal) then you can simply log into your account and the Premium version will be automatically linked to your app and all the advanced features will be working and those limited options will be unlocked.

Now the thing is that when you’re texting someone, posting on Facebook, sending an email, or doing other writing & typing work on your smartphone, you won’t have any issue because you’ll be using the Grammarly Keyboard which will automatically correct, replace and give suggestions on wrong words and sentences.

Grammarly For Students

If you’re a student and you need to write something such as Articles, Calligraphy, Columns, Assignments or something else, Grammarly is where the best writing tool for the students.

Grammarly offers a Student Discount which all the students that land here can redeem the exclusive coupon code to get a whopping discount and save on the Premium Plan.

Is Grammarly The Best Grammar Checker For Students?

As we already mentioned above that there are countless tools online & offline that work as Grammar Checkers but all are not the same as Grammarly and so we do consider Grammarly the best because of its super awesome features for students and all the users who use it.

I have been using it personally and I think Grammarly is the best out of all the grammar checkers available over the internet out there. We have been partnered up with Grammarly to offer an exclusive Grammarly Discount For Students. So to redeem our coupon to get the Student Discount today!

Grammarly For Bloggers & Internet Marketers

Have you been into Blogging? Are you a Blogger but embarrassed of making mistakes in your blog writings? Now you don’t need to worry & embarrass any more because Grammarly is the best tool for Bloggers & Internet Marketers as well.

You can easily use Grammarly even for free on both Desktop (Windows & MacOS & online on Browser. If you’re a Chrome user then what you’ll be needing to use the Grammarly tool is just go to the Chrome Extensions Store and download the free extension and install it to your browser.

This extension will be free which will come with the Free basic & limited options and mostly the free version will work awesome & enough for you. However, if you ever intend to buy the premium version then make sure to use our Grammarly Discount Coupon that we have shared here for Students because it will be very helpful and also you’ll grab a huge discount just by activating our deal above.

Now if you have just installed the extension (free or premium), there will be a small icon of Grammarly at the bottom of the Editor whether you’re working on editor or a free Blogger editor or somewhere else, that small icon will help you determine your mistakes in your writing & will give you suggestions on where to make replacements and will give you ideas & suggestions according to the sentences & words.

The Grammarly Free VS Premium Plans Comparison

We have already talked that Grammarly has two versions i.e Free & Premium. You can use both versions but in the free version, you’ll have limited options and the advanced options will be locked and limited. However, if you don’t have a premium account and you want to subscribe and purchase the premium version then you just need to use our Grammarly discount for students which will help you grab the premium plan with a whopping discount.

Grammarly Free vs Premium

Now let me compare the Free & Premium plans.

Grammarly Free VS Premium

Features Free Premium
Critical Grammar & Spelling Checking Available Available
Advanced, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, context checking Not Available Available
Checking writing across the word wide web Not Available Available
Scans & Detects Plagiarized Contents & Texts Not Available Available
Vocabulary Suggestions Not Available Available
Available for multiple devices i.e Desktop & Smartphone Available Available
Online Grammarly Editor Available Available
Teaches Grammar Rules Available Available
Catches mistakes made in Spelling and Grammar Available Available
Grammarly helps Access your Documents on Multiple Devices Under 1 Account Available Available
Get A Quick Performance Statistics Via Your Email Available Available
Add-Ons Available for Desktop & MS Office Tools Available Available
Grammarly Lets you Add Words To Your Personal Dictionary Available Available
Lets you define Words & See Synonyms Via Double Clicks Available Available

Now We came to know that Grammarly Premium has much more power and options that the Free Version. In the Premium version of the tool, you get extra features such as plagiarism checking, in-depth grammatical mistakes checking and much more. So the bottom line is that the Grammarly Premium version so far better than using the Free Version. However, If you don’t have any budget for the premium plan and on a tight budget then you can use our Grammarly discount for students which comes with a huge discount.

Even if you’re on more tight-budget and can’t afford even with the discount coupon, then the Free version will work well too. Just subscribe to the free version here.

Here are a few more deals for you that you should check out.

The Final Words

We have been sharing coupon codes on our blog and I hope you have found this Grammarly student discount very helpful here. I have shared with you the most working deal here but even if you found any issue here then you can easily just let me know below in the comments and I’ll be here to help you give the most recently updated discount coupon and update this one as well.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

Source: Blogging Scout Feed

10 Best Free Grammar & Punctuation Checkers 2018 – Blogger’s Guide

Best Free Grammar CheckersNo matter how good you’re at writing, you will always tend to make mistakes in your writing not because you are not a good writer but probably because you write in too hurry that sometimes you do not point out the hard to spot mistakes in your writing.

To make sure you write pure sentences, articles, columns & blog posts, you will need a tool to help you identify those hard to spot mistakes in your writing.

To help you with that, I have compiled a list of 10 Best Free Grammar Checkers that you can use totally for free to write error-free articles, blog posts, emails & write on social media without any embarrassing mistakes.

Why You Need These Best Grammar Checker Tools?

Most of us are not fluent in English writing & speaking and therefore we make a lot of mistakes writing articles & blog posts in English. But on the other hand, what if we could use a tool that helps us in most part of our writing?

These Best Grammar Checkers could be your best resources & helpers to help you in writing great & errors-free Articles, Blog Posts, Essays, Columns & Emails etc.

The best part of these tools is that they all are free, even though some of the tools offer premium plans as well including more powerful & amazing features than the free version. However, it all depends on you whether a Free version of the tool works better for you or the premium one and so you can choose the one that better fits your requirements.

Who Should Be Using These Free Grammar Checkers?

There is no exact rule that who should be using a Grammar Checker Tool but if you’re an avid writer who writes online or offline on Desktop, you must be using. However, to make things even more clear & easier, these tools are essential for the following.

Bloggers & Affiliate MarketersFreelancers & EditorsStudents & Teachers

We being Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers have to write lengthy & engaging Blog posts, Emails & Articles for our audience & readers but it’s the nature that sometimes we do make mistakes in our Writing so the better way to stop making those mistakes & errors is using the best grammar checker & punctuation checker.

The tools I’m going to share with you work both online & offline (many of them only) so you can write articles & blog posts without making the embarrassing mistakes.

In case you’re the one who makes hard to spot mistakes in your writing, emails, or who don’t know where to put the right punctuation then using these tools could be a amazing & also you should check out these amazing tips to learn how to write effective & engaging articles & avoiding mistakes.

Are you a freelance writer? If yes, then you must be using any of these tools.

No matter how good you are at writing, you will more likely make mistakes in your writing so to avoid those simple mistakes & errors, using one of the below tools will be of much use and will help you in improving your Freelance business.

Do you write essays more frequently? Do you make hard to spot mistakes in your writing?

Then check out the tools I’m going to share with you below because they can help you in most part of your writing and help you save tons of minutes spotting mistakes in your essays & articles.

How These Grammar Checkers Can Help You?

Most of us love writing but sometimes we can’t write because of embarrassing mistakes we make in our writing but not after using these essential tools. There are countless advantages & features of using Grammar Checkers.

Some of the core features that those tools offer us are:

  • Checks your spelling mistakes & helps you correct them
  • Checks if you have put or you have forgotten entering a punctuation in the right place or not. If you did not add a punctuation in the place, you will be given a suggestion to add so
  • Gives you smart suggestions on vocabulary and words to use to make your writing more engaging & mind-catching
  • Some of the tools also even help you check plagiarism contents
  • No matter you’re writing online on the Web or offline on your Desktop, these tools have add-ons available as well that work online & offline totally for free
  • Another one of the funny things about these Free Grammar Checkers is that they can even help you improve your writing skills & vocabulary by letting you know about your mistakes you’re making in your writing

Top 10 Best Free Grammar Checkers In 2018

Now here is a list of 10 best free grammar checkers that you always want to know about. So without any further delay, lets jump right into the list one by one.

Grammar Checkers Price ($) Check Out
Grammarly Free + $29.95 Per Month
Ginger Free +$20.97 Per Month
LanguageTool Free + $19 Per Month
After the Deadline Free
Hemingway Editor Free + $19.99 Per Month
Paper Rater Free + $7.95 Per Month
ProWritingAid Trial + $50 Per Year
GrammarCheck Free
SpellCheckPlus Free
Virtual Writing Tutor Free

1. Grammarly

Grammarly Free Grammer Checker Tool

Grammarly is my all time favorite & one of the recommended Free Grammar Checker tools that I always and have been using for years since I have started blogging & writing online. This tool is amazing because it helps me in most part of my writing such as smooth & error-free writing, using engaging words, vocabulary building and much more.

My English was never that strong neither I was able to write articles & blog posts like other Pro Bloggers but when I came to know about Grammarly, it changed my life and helped me in learning & gaining a lot of skills both in writing & speaking English.

Now here are some cool features that I like a lot about Grammarly which makes Grammarly one of the finest & recommended tool for content writers out there.

Grammarly Features:

  • The most extensive & recommended Grammar Checker suite
  • Works online & offline on Desktop
  • Works on Windows, MAC, Smartphones and almost all the browsers
  • Quite easy to use
  • 100% free if using for personal purpose (even premium subscriptions available with more advanced tools & features)
  • Helps you in improving your writing skills by letting you learn from your mistakes
  • Critical grammar & punctuation checking
  • Advanced grammar style checking
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Works online & offline
  • Gives you suggestions & explanations on your mistakes
  • There is nothing ugly about this tool found so far

2. Ginger

Ginger Free Grammar Checker

Ginger is another one of the best alternatives to Grammarly which is using Patent Technology to help you write errors-free articles, blog posts online and correct your grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes & unmatched accuracy and with that, it also helps you proofread your whole thousands words article by just a click of a button.

Ginger is the best tool that helps you write better & smooth articles, blog posts, emails, essays and other writing either online or offline with no hard to spot mistakes.

So here are some cool Pros of using Ginger software.

Ginger Features:

  1. The best Grammarly alternative
  2. Lets you proofread your writing by just a click of a button
  3. Lets you learn writing while learning from your mistakes
  4. Uses a patent-pending technology to help you write better & error-free articles
  5. In depth accuracy, mistakes & punctuation checker
  6. It’s free and available for almost all platforms and browsers including Windows, Chrome, Safari etc
  • A powerful & in depth grammar mistakes checking
  • Spelling checking
  • Words counting
  • Punctuation checking
  • Text reading
  • Text translation into 50 languages
  • Nothing ugly found so far in this tool while we tested

3. LanguageTool

LanguageTool Free Grammar Checker

LanguageTool is one of the best Grammar Checkers that helps you in your content writing & proofreading job. With a high-technology built-in features, LanguageTool is the best tool to assist you in writing with no embarrassing mistakes & punctuation errors.

In spite of being one of the most used software/tool out there, LanguageTool offers a free version that you can use totally for free for personal use with few limitations such as in the free version of the software, you can check up to 20K characters in one operation which works better for bloggers and essays writers.

However, if you’re a freelancer who is doing content writing jobs for his/her clients or companies then subscribing to any of the LanguageTool Premium Subscriptions has some more advanced features & benefits than the free version.

LanguageTool Features:

  1. The best tool for content writing used by millions of students, freelancers & bloggers out there
  2. Works both online & offline
  3. Helps you check incorrect checksums in ISBN & IBAN numbers
  4. Addons & extensions available for almost all browsers including Chrome & Safari & Microsoft Word etc
  • Free grammar checking
  • Spelling checking in real time
  • Punctuation checking
  • Words counting
  • Some limitations in the free versions

4. After the Deadline

After the Deadline Grammar Checker

It’s one of the best open source software & tool that uses Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing technology to help you write better & smooth articles with no errors while spending less time by not taking care of your grammar mistakes because After the Deadline is the tool that is built to give you smart suggestions of your mistakes and make them correct.

It’s also one of the best Grammarly Alternatives & cloud based tool available in the market totally for free.


  1. Writing better & smooth articles, blog posts, paragraphs, essays & columns in less time by removing your stress of looking for mistakes in your writing.
  2. It’s free & an open source software & tool that you can use both for personal & commercial use.
  3. Uses Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing technology to help you in your content writing.
  4. Gives smart suggestions on your mistakes & writing.
  5. Available for amost all devices & platforms such as Windows, MAC & web browsers.
  • Detects misused & mismatched words in no time
  • Advanced Grammar checking
  • Advanced style checking
  • Spelling mistakes checking
  • Gives smart suggestions & tips
  • Explains errors so you learn from your mistakes
  • Not found.

5. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is another one of the powerful & best grammar checkers that helps content writers to write engaging contents with no errors, no readability issues & punctuation mistakes.

It’s the tool that every Blogger & Content Writer should be using. The tool offers a few quite useful features such as readability checker, importing from & exporting to MS Office, directly publishing articles & blog posts to blogging platforms such as WordPress & Medium etc.

Hemingway Editor Features:

  • Best Grammar Checker & readability checker tool
  • Checks errors & gives you smart suggestions & explainations
  • Helps you become an expert in the content writing by pointing out your mistakes you’re making in your writing
  • HemingWay also allows you to publish blog posts right directly from the HemingWay dashboard to blogging platforms such as, etc
  • Helps you point out errors, mistakes, readability issues & other mistakes by color codes
  • Helps you write curated & better contents without worrying about the grammatical mistakes
  • Readability checking
  • Helps you write engaged articles
  • Point outs errors & mistakes by color codes
  • Complicated words & sentences checking
  • Grammatical mistakes checking
  • Not found

6. Paper Rater

Paper Rater

Paper Rater is another one of the best free grammar checkers available for students and content writers that offers a robust grammar checking tool to help you find out embarrassing mistakes & errors in your writing and fix them in seconds by giving smart suggestions & tips.

Paper Rater Features:

  1. The tool is 100% free
  2. Easy to use
  3. No download required
  4. Gives you detailed stats about the mistakes & other issues your content has
  5. Real time grammar mistakes checking
  • Robust grammar mistakes real time checking
  • Plagiarized text checking
  • Readability checking
  • Not found

7. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is the best alternatives to Grammarly and one of the best grammar checkers that helps you in writing errors-free articles and blog posts. This is a premium & a subscription based tool but however, it does offer a free trial version so you can test-drive the tool before you actually go and buy it.

So here are a few open features of the ProWritingAid tool.


  1. A great software/tool to point out problems in your writing by color codes & helps you fix those errors by smart suggestions.
  2. Offers a free trial version so you better test-drive its full features & options before you actually subscribe to any of their subscriptions.
  • Grammar problems & mistakes real time checking
  • Spelling mistakes checking
  • Detailed explanations & color codes suggestions
  • Words explorer to use engaging words in the right places
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Some limitations in the free version

8. GrammarCheck

GrammarCheck is one of the simplest but most powerful tool to help you point out issues in your contents & text. It’s a web based tool where you can paste your documents, articles or paragraphs to point out some unknown and embarrassing mistakes in your writing.

This top notch tool is also essential for teachers as well to check & point out mistakes in the students’ essays, writings & articles.

GrammarCheck Features:

  1. The simplest grammar checker tool out there.
  2. It’s 100% free both for personal & commercial use.
  3. No need download, all you need to do is just paste your contents in the word processing program.
  • Difficult to spot mistakes checking
  • Gives in depth report about your contents
  • Doesn’t offer extensive features like other tools in this list
  • Doesn’t work offline or on any browser (you need to visit the site & paste your contents to check it)

9. SpellCheckPlus

SpellCheckPlus is another simplest tool for contents writers. It is an online & web based tool that helps you point out issues while writing contents online on the web. Even though, this tool does not offer any application either for online or offline work which means any article or paragraph, you will test, you will need to put that into the grammar processing program in the SpellCheckPlus site.

SpellCheckPlus features:

  1. Simplest tool that works online
  2. Subscriptions based tool which offers a free version as well
  • Helps you check all basic grammatical mistakes
  • Real time reporting
  • Color codes suggestions
  • Doesn’t offer extensive features like other tools in this list

10. Virtual Writing Tutor

Last but not the least. Virtual Writing Tutor is another one of the simplest and easy to use writing tutor and tool which offers a wide range of tools for content writers, students, bloggers and teachers.

Virtual Writing Tutor Features:

  1. Free grammar checker
  2. Words counter
  3. Spelling checker
  4. Vocabulary checker
  5. Passphrases checker
  6. Essay outliner
  • Basic grammar mistakes checking
  • Words counting
  • Spelling checking & correcting
  • Vocabulary checking
  • Eassy outlining
  • Not working offline
  • Does not offer any application for browsers
  • Does not offer extensive features like other tools
  • Not useful like other tools

Blogger’s Guide

Using a grammar checker tool is an essential tool for content writers and bloggers and with that in mind, We brought forth for you a list of 10 Best Grammar Checkers and now I hope you got a better idea of what is the best tool to use.

I’d personally strongly recommend Grammarly because of the unbeatable & extensive features & options it gives for a smooth & better writing either online or offline. It offers an App for smartphone users as well.

So far we could compile a list of 10 tools only so Share the tool you’re currently using which we did not mention in this list & along with the experiences you have about the tool below in the comments so that other could know what works best for you.

Source: Blogging Scout Feed

Best Blogging Tools & Resources [Free + Premium Expert Collection]

Starting a blog the right way is quite challenging especially when you’re a beginner and the worst challenge is when you don’t know the best blogging tools to use. Here in this post, I’ll be sharing with you a list of best blogging tools. In case you’re a beginner and can’t afford to buy the premium tools, there are free tools in this list you’ll love to use to skyrocket your blog as a beginner.


Premium Best Blogging Tools

Tools Prices (Starting From)  
WPX Hosting $18.7/Month
StudioPress $69
SEMRush $99.95/Month
GetResponse $15/Month
MaxCDN $9/Month
Snagit $49.5/License

Now let’s jump into the details of the tools.

1. WPX Hosting


WPX Hosting is one of the leading Managed & Optimized Web Hosting for WordPress Users & Bloggers. The reason I’m listing WPX Hosting instead of Bluehost is that WPX Hosting is built especially for WordPress users and it’s quite amazing hosting company out there that provides you Unlimited Bandwith, Unlimited Disk Space, Ultra Faster Server to load, and on top of that, if you have already a hosting with any other company, WPX Hosting team is there to help you migrate your entire blog with cPanel from your old hosting provider to a new Ultra Fast Servers.

WPX Hosting Business plan (Starter Plan) starts at $18.75 monthly (If you pay for a whole year at once) with 50GB Bandwith, 10GB Disk Storage and in this plan, WPX Hosting team can migrate up to 5 sites to their WP Managed Hosting from other hostings.

WPX Hosting has also a dedicated Support team that is there to help you in no time if you have any issue regarding their services.

Get discount on WPX Hosting using Coupon Code

2. StudioPress


In case you have already chosen WPX Hosting or started your own blog the right way, now it’s time to give a beautiful look to your blog. So, therefore, you will need to buy an amazing & eye-catching WordPress Theme and that’s where StudioPress kicks in.

StudioPress is the maker of one of the best WordPress Themes Frameworks, Genesis Framework, that lets you make your own blog of your own customization & look. In order to make your blog look more awesome, there are hundreds of Genesis Framework Child Themes available in StudioPress market you can buy for your blog.

In case you are looking for the best theme, here we have listed Best Blogging Themes For WordPress you need to know about.

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3. SEMRush


SEMRush is a Must-have Blogging Tool for Bloggers who can afford to buy this Amazing Tool. Even though, You can evaluate SEMRush trial version for free for a whole next month if you sign up with our link.

SEMRush is All In One SEO tool that helps you find your competitors’ quality backlinks, get amazing & in-depth Keywords ideas, track keywords, Check Keywords difficulty and much more.

It’s a tool you must give a try.

4. GetResponse


Another premium best blogging tool that should be mentioned is GetResponse. It’s a tool you can use to grow your email list, make amazing & eye-catching landing pages, increase your conversion rate with the Getresponse webinar marketing solution and much more.

It’s the tool for every serious blogger. So if you want to increase your email list, give a try to this premium Marketing tool. You can also evaluate its 30 days trial version by signing up using our link.



MAXCDN is a Content Delivery Network that makes your blog secure from hackers, makes it faster to load on every device and helps you keep your blog live even if it’s not accessible by showing the cached & saved version of your blog to your visitors.

In case you don’t want to invest in Premium CDNs, you can also give a try to CloudFlare which an alternative to MaxCDN but it’s free to use.

6. Snagit


Snagit is a complete kit for capturing your desktop. Whether you want to take screenshots or make videos or make GIFs, it’s the perfect tool out there available in the market. Snagit also gives you a bunch of features you can use to make amazing screenshots with a bunch of options such as you can add Texts, Callouts, Stamps, Lines, Magnify part of a screenshot & add amazing other effects.

If you have not yet tried it, you should give it a try to start adding amazing images to your blog posts which will look interesting to your visitors.

Now, let’s jump into:

Best Free Blogging Tools

Tools Types  
Yoast SEO Plugin All In One SEO Tool
UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Tool
W3 Total Cache Cache WP Plugin
Google Keyword Planner Keyword Research Tool
ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate WordPress Plugin
Google Analytics Google Analytics
MOZ SEO Tools SEO Tools
Pixabay Ready-Made Graphic Designs
Canva Graphic Tool
Grammarly Writing Tool
PayPal Online Payment Processor
Payoneer Online Payment Processor
Youtube Video Sharing Site
Quora Q&A Platform
CoSchedule Headline Analyzer Writing Tool

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a must-have WordPress plugins or tool that handles all of your blog SEO. It’s a powerful tool to make your entire blog search engines optimized and thus allows Google & other Search Engines to rank your blog at the top than those who do not use or use Yoast SEO but not the proper way.

The best part of the Yoast SEO plugin is that it’s completely free and you can use it on unlimited sites.

2. UpdraftPlus (WordPress Backup Solution)

Backing up WordPress is one of the most important things in blogging because your server and blog can be broken at any time without any prior notice. By default, there is no option you can use from your WordPress dashboard to take backup & then restore your blog but to do this all process, you need to install some third party plugins & out of all the plugins out there available for free, I suggest you UpdraftPlus because it’s very easy to configure plus it has all the features & options we need.

UpdraftPlus helps you backup your entire blog with all the databases and even saves it to your cloud servers automatically after you have configured & connected it with your preferred cloud server such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. The best part of the plugin is it’s completely free & needs only 5 minutes to set up. In case, your blog is broken or you need to restore the old files, all you need to do is use the restore feature in the plugin & restore your old files in no time.

3. W3 Total Cache

Is your blog loading too slow? W3 Total Cache may help you load your blog faster when a visitor or visitors land on your blog. It’s the best free tool to help you increase the speed of your blog loading & thus indirectly helps you get more happy visitors, improve bonus rate & much more.

4. Google Keyword Planner

You already may have well-known to this tool as it’s the basic tool for every blogger and this is cleared that there is no blogger on the planet who may have not used this tool yet.

It’s the tool provided by Google for free to check Keywords value & numbers of visitors and searches it get on Google Search Engine. If you need a tool for Keyword Research, GKP is a must have tool.

5. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is the plugin every Affiliate Marketer should use. It’s something that helps you convert your ugly long affiliate URL to your brand domain name. For instance, if your WPXhosting Affiliate URL is something like this:, ThirstyAffiliates will convert it into a beautiful URL under your domain name such as:

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool to use for your blog to get in-depth statistics about your blog’s visitors, your blog bonus rate, real-time visitors and how users engage with your content. It’s a tool that you should be using as a blogger if you did not yet.

7. MOZ SEO Tools

If you cannot buy the SEMRush one of the leading SEO tools, then I would suggest you go for MOZ SEO Tools and the reason behind this is it’s completely free, however, to get a whole bunch of advanced features & more powers to increase your Blog’s SEO efforts, you need to buy the Pro version.

8. Pixabay

If you’re not a Graphic Designer and cannot design your own graphics then you need to find some free stock images with no attribution required & this is what Pixaby kicks in. This amazing website is filled with thousands of free stock images with no attribution required you can download free stock images from & can use on your blog right for free without crediting the image author or website.

9. Canva

Are you not a Graphic Designer? You may not be because I’m too very weak at Graphic Designing and this is not something which can prevent us from blogging. Thanks to the Canva Amazing Online Graphic Editor that helps us create & design amazing banners, thumbnails, facebook cover photos, youtube thumbnails, custom designs & much more.

I think being a blogger, you must give it a try because It’s free of cost & there are countless free ready-made designs & templates available you can use without going into in-depth editing.

10. Grammarly

Grammarly is a powerful another one of the best & essential blogging tools for bloggers/writers that allows us to check our writing especially on Text Editors such as WordPress text editor etc and helps you correct your errors.

If English is not your first language or you are not good at writing English articles, give Grammarly a try.

Secret:- The best thing about Grammarly is that it’s completely free & Extension for MS Office is also available.

11. PayPal

I think you already know better about PayPal. It’s an online platform that helps you transfer & receive payments across the world online. If you’re a blogger or someone who needs to get paid by companies & clients, PayPal is another one of the must-have blogging tools.

12. Payoneer

If you’re from a country where PayPal is not available, then Payoneer is there to hold PayPal’s place. It has been serving users across 200+ countries and helps them get paid by Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks & other companies online out there.

Learn How to get Payoneer MasterCard

13. Youtube

Youtube is the second website on the planet after Google holding position at first. It’s a video streaming site where everyone can upload and watch videos. If you’re a blogger & a YouTuber and create videos for your audience and feel not good at uploading to your own blog server then Youtube is the place where you can upload those videos freely and can easily embed it into your blog & the best part about Youtube is that it’s quite friendly to users even if Youtube videos are embedded into blog posts.

14. Quora

Quora is Q&A platform where Questions are asked & answered by skillful users across the world. If you’re looking to ask a question or if you’re looking for blog posts ideas to find, Quora is the best place. You can also get backlinks from there & traffic.

15. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is the tool to help you analyze your blog post title & suggest you relevant appealing keywords that drive traffic, social media shares & appearing at the top in SERPs.

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Last Words:-

Choosing the right tool to start a successful blog the right way is quite important. We have listed the best tools every blogger should be using to skyrocket their blogging business & if you think we have left any tool that should be mentioned, push it below in the comments & I’ll be happy to include it in my next update.

Source: Blogging Scout Feed

Best Managed Web Hosting For WordPress Blog [Top Companies]

Are you just getting started with a Blogging Realm? The first thing you might need to arrange is WordPress Managed Hosting but this is not quite easy in case you’re a very new to the realm. But this also doesn’t mean you cannot choose the right company. In this post, Let me share with you the Best Managed Web Hosting Companies List For WordPress.

There out are a bunch of Web Hosting services available and all of them claim the same talk, Reliability, Cheaper Price/Plans & so & so.

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Now, without any further delay, let’s start.

Best Managed Web Hosting Companies For WordPress

WordPress Managed Hosting Companies Plans/Pricing ($) Discounts (Links)
Bluehost – The Leading WordPress Hosting Provider $2.99/Month
Hostgator $3.99/Month
1&1 Hosting $0.99/Month
WP Engine $29.99/Month
DreamHost $7.95/Month
Kinsta $30/Month
SiteGround $3.99/Month
InMotion Hosting $5.99/Month
A2 Hosting $3.92/Month
NameHero $3.95/Month

There out are many hosting companies that offer many hosting services & packages:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

We need Hosting for WordPress so we would need Managed WordPress Hosting that can fulfill all of our requirements from setting to running a stable WordPress blog. This type of hosting can be a little bit expensive but you will gain all the advanced technologies and services which will help you in the long run.

What you’ll get in Managed Hosting is:

  • Turbo Servers that make your blog load faster.
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support Team
  • Free Immigration of your entire Blog.
  • Unlimited Website Hosting
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Visitors Per Month
  • Free Domain Name + SSL Certificate
  • One-Click WordPress Installation
  • Automatic Daily Site Backup
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • WordPress Optimized & User-Friendly Interface

Let’s list some of the best hosting companies for WordPress you will like:

1. Bluehost – The Best Web Hosting


Bluehost is one of the leading hosting services that serve more than 2 million customers across the world and you might have also heard a lot about this. This company has been featured and recommended by itself at their Hosting page for the dedicated service Bluehost is offering in the WordPress Managed Hosting.

Their basic plan starts from $2.99 whilst WP Managed Standard plan starts from $19.99 for each month. The cost is little expensive for WP Plan whilst the features and privileges are worth paying but you can either start with their Standard plan rather than WP Standard plan if you’re a beginner.

To get a whopping discount with Bluehost, click here.

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Let’s take a look at the next one.

2. Hostgator – Web Hosting Service


Another name that comes to our mind is Hostgator when we talk about Bluehost. Hostgator might be the next and best choice for WordPress users after BH.

With its powerful service and affordable rates, it makes our blogging requirements easier and flawless. If you were ever using any other hosting service and finally wish to get started with Hostgator then the team is ready there to transfer your whole existing Domains and cPanels for you from your old server to a new fast server totally for free.

Its starting hosting cost for each month is $3.99 whilst WP Managed Hosting Starter Plan starts from $5.95 even you can get a huge discount if you try our super discount link.

3. 1&1 Hosting Service


Want to get hosting as low as $0.99 with a Free Domain Name and some advanced features? 1&1 Hosting is here that will tackle all of your Requirements from installing WordPress on a secure server to management, securing & daily backups.

With its advanced Customer support, you’re never frustrated and you will have the time to focus on improving & growing your business rather than looking after your blog.

4. WP Engine


WP Engine is an enterprise-class service providing Managed WordPress Hosting around the world to its thousands of happy customers. With its advanced technology offering, you’ll get the fastest server which will load your blog within seconds & will make it bullet-proof to attacks and other malware.

There are three types of plans available out there and if you’re just a starter, then Personal Plan will be the best cheap plan for you.

5. DreamHost – Award Winning Web Host


Dreamhost is another hosting service hosting more than 1.5 million websites, blogs and apps out there in the world and the numbers are still growing up. With its Managed WP Hosting, you get some advanced features such as One-Click WP Installation, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Unlimited website hosting.

6. Kinsta


Next in our list, comes Kinsta which is Backed & Powered By Google. Kinsta can be all in one platform for your WordPress Management because of the User-friendly Dashboard, Daily blog Backups, Bullet-proof Security, Ultimate & Fast Speed & many other tools & features.

Kinsta may be a little expensive if you’re on a tight-budget but it is worth using because of the Fully Managed System that will let you only focus on your business rather than worrying about losing your data, crashing and hacking into your blog.

7. SiteGround


SiteGround that has various hosting services in which WordPress Engineered & Dedicated Service is available which will let you start your blog just from $3.99 with a free domain name & some advanced tools & many other tailored features. With its hosting, you can also get some premium looking WordPress themes totally for Free.

You can even get a huge discount on your purchase if you use our link.

8. InMotion Hosting


InMotion is another an independent web hosting company that has been serving users across the world since 2001. With its service of helping users, it got its name positioned in one of the largest companies in the World. Whether you’re just getting started with WordPress or an advanced user, InMotion Hosting can be either the best solution to hosting your WordPress blog on a fastest & secure server.

9. A2 Hosting


Next, on our list comes A2 Hosting. It has been claiming to skyrocket your blog speed up to 20x by the help of its Turbo Service. This hosting is Based in Michigan in USA & centered somewhere else in the world around as well. If there’s any issue you come across, the A2 Hosting team is ready to back you up & help you promptly there.

10. NameHero


Another WordPress Managed Hosting that comes with Turbo servers to make your blog load faster is NameHero. With its Risk-Free WP Hosting, one-click wp installation, you’re all ready to host your blog & take your online business to the next level without worrying about your blog and site.

The above were some of the best hosting services for WordPress users because of their services, top-notch features & prompt support. You can choose any of them according to your budget and your requirements.

Finally, our writing comes to an end. Let us know in the comments regarding this list share your opinions about each service you’re currently experiencing with because we love to hear from our readers.

Thank you so much for being here with us.

Source: Blogging Scout Feed

10 Best HelloBar Alternatives With Powerful Features

Adding effective & beautiful forms, social bars, email bar & more add-ons to a blog or site can be very useful when it comes to digital marketing as a user that lands on your site for the first time might not come again and the best way to inspire him to become your everyday customer and subscriber is to give him some crunch in form of ebook or just capture the email from your visitor.

You can use HelloBar for free to add eye-catching & simple email subscription form, social share icons, show notification to your blog visitors or link to anything. In case if you’re not happy with HelloBar or want to know other same sites & tools then in this post, I’m going to share with you Top HelloBar Alternatives you can use to show & add amazing & eye-catching messages, email subscription forms and much more in an appropriate way.


Some of the HelloBar alternatives mentioned in this list have more features & tools than HelloBar so give a try to the one that better suits your business & blog.

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Without any further delay, let’s start.

10 Best HelloBar Alternatives

HelloBar Alternatives  
WP Notification Bar

Now, let’s list down the tools with their a little description.

1. HelloBar


HelloBar is the simplest Marketing tool for Bloggers & Webmasters nowadays freely. It’s the best tool that grows your marketing. It makes it as simple as possible to get more social media shares, likes, email subscribers, youtube subscribers, Site clicks, Add announcements & also allows you to add a direct call button on your site.

The best part of the HelloBar is that it is a free & open source tool to use with some limited features.

HelloBar also offers a Pro version which includes many advanced & hidden features & options that are not allowed to you in the Free Plan. However, if you can refer anyone to the tool & he/she creates an account with it and install it on his/her blog, you and both the referee will earn a whole 1 month Pro version for free.

HelloBar Pros:
  • Simple & Advance tool for Marketing
  • Includes many features i.e Email, Social share etc
  • Free to use on multiple sites
  • Get Pro version when you refer new friend to HelloBar
  • Mobile Friendly Interface
HelloBar Cons:
  • HelloBar brand icon is displayed on Free version

2. GetSiteControl


GetSiteControl comes second on our list because of its features, tools, stylish & beautiful addons. GetSiteControl gives you full control to change the conversion path & get more users & subscribers to your site right for free. Unlike other tools, GSC has few different tools such as Email Subscriber Form, Contact Form, Live Chatting System, Promotion Option & much more.

GetSiteControl Pros:
  • Includes many useful features
  • Live Chatting system available
  • Free & Pro version available
  • Affiliate Program available
GetSiteControl Cons:
  • Only 1 site is allowed in the Free plan
  • Price is little expensive

3. SumoMe


Sumo is a WordPress plugin that is being used by more than 1 lakh users on WordPress blogs and you can be the next user to use it.

Sumo comes with a decent advance & very powerful tools to gain customers & subscriber through its advanced tools & techniques. It includes lots of tools & options to use on WordPress blog for free such as List Builder, Email Subscriber, Social Media Sharer, Beautiful Smart Bar, Scroll Box, Twitter Highlighter, and much more.

Sumo also gives you detailed conversion report for every tool & feature you use and can also integrate your Sumo account with some third-party accounts that you own like Aweber etc.

SumoMe Pros:
  • Easy & simple to use on WP blogs
  • Lets you export your email subscribers to third-party software i.e, Aweber etc
  • Bundles of features included such as Twitter highlighter etc
SumoMe Cons:

Cons of Sumo

  • Don’t have for NOW!

4. IceGram


Another one of the best HelloBar alternatives here called IceGram. It lets you increase your social subscribers, email subscribers, and geo-target your campaign to increase your Marketing conversion rate with a lot more tools & features & options.

IceGram Pros:
  • Drag & Drop Content Builder tool
  • WP Plugin Available
  • Includes advance & beautiful tools
  • Provides detailed conversion report
  • Don’t have for NOW!

5. WP Notification Bar


Another HelloBar alternative tool is made & developed by for WordPress users. This tool contains some beautiful features that you will love to use on your blog/site for free. Whether you want to show a countdown to your users or other kinds of bars but this tool is a must-have alternative to HelloBar. Also, Check out Best WordPress Review Plugins

WP Notification Pros:
  • Easy and free to use
  • Unlimited Popups & Forms
  • Custom GEO Targeting option available
  • Custom search form includes
WP Notification Cons:
  • Don’t have for NOW!

6. ShareThis


ShareThis is another super easy tool that lets you easily add social media share & follow buttons to any of your sites & blogs for free.

Pros of ShareThis

ShareThis Pros:
  • Beautiful share & follow buttons for your site
ShareThis Cons:
  • Lets you only add social share buttons to your blog

7. AddThis


AddThis comes with many new & very useful advanced tools for Webmasters & Bloggers that will let you increase your conversion & traffic significantly without paying any penny. Whether you want to add social sharing buttons on your blog, Running an email campaign, Showing related posts on your blog or want to add a donation button on your blog or site, Addthis is the best solution for you.

Pros of AddThis

AddThis Pros:
  • Easy interface for advance & beginners
HelloBar Cons:
  • Don’t have for Now!

8. OptinGun


This another tool lets you add social signs up buttons, email subscription form, countdown timer & much more. On top of that, it has free & pro version with many advanced features & tools.

9. OptKit


Another HelloBar alternative is here which is called Optkit. You’ll love using this tool for your marketing campaign. Without any further ado, Give a try to this by clicking the link below.

10. SleekNote


SleekNote is another super powerful and advanced Drag & Drop tool to create stunning Pop UPs & Side Bars for your site & increase your conversion rate significantly.

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Did I complete this list? Do you want to suggest me any new HelloBar alternative? Have any question regarding the above-mentioned tools? Please let me know in the comments below.

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