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WPX Hosting Affiliate Program: Join & Earn $100 Per Referral

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program GuideIf you’re a Blogger & want to make money with web hosting affiliate programs then let me share with you today super high-paying WPX Hosting Affiliate Program that you’ll love to promote as it will let you earn $100 or More per Referral which is amazing!

WPX Hosting is the top-notch WordPress Dedicated Hosting site that offers hosting built for WordPress and if you have not joined it yet, I’d recommend you to take a view at our WPX Hosting Coupons section to get some whopping discount when you decided to get registered with WPX Hosting.

Now before I can jump over the review of the WPX Hosting Affiliate Program, let me share with you my earnings that how much I have made in the last two months with it and How much you’ll be earning if you’ll follow my steps.

My Earnings with WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

I got to know about WPX Hosting in the 2017 last and when I gave it a try, I was too much amazed by their top-notch services that made me get registered with it as an Affiliate as well and from the 2018’s starting, I wrote about it on my blog and gave a few coupon codes which in result helped me refer a few customers to it and the reason I shared those coupons because they are the targeted keywords that serious buyers search in Google.

Here’s my earning screenshot with WPX Hosting:

WPX Hosting Affiliate Earning

So this is my earning with WPX Hosting in the last two Months (07-2018 & 08-2018) 🙂 Basically I sent a few referrals back in 03/2018 and the commission was approved & funded into my account for those referrals after 4 months of each referral which can be viewed in the above screenshot.

Now let me tell you how you can Sign up for WPX Hosting Affiliate Program.

How to Sign UP for WPX Hosting Affiliate Program?

It’s that easier to sign up for their affiliate program and it’s totally free of cost. So follow the below steps to register for the WPX affiliate program instantly and start referring customers & earning commissions.

Step 1: First of all visit and scroll down to the bottom and click on the ‘Become a WPX Affiliate’ link as shown in the screenshot.

Become a WPX Hosting Affiliate

Step 2: Next click on Start Earning button to go to the registration page & fill in all the required details as requested by WPX Hosting and then submit your registration to get yourself registered with the affiliate program instantly.

Affiliate Registration

Step 3: Now as you followed the above steps, your registration is completed and now you can log into your affiliate dashboard using your login details and can start promoting your unique affiliate link like you can see in the screenshot below.

Your Unique Affiliate Link

You can copy your unique affiliate link & share it anywhere and those users who click your link, sign up for WPX hosting and purchase hosting from it, you’ll earn up to $100 or more as a commission.

The sign up process is completed now let me tell you how much will WPX pay you for each customer that you’ll refer.

How much Does WPX Hosting Pay Per Sign UP/Referral?

Initially WPX Hosting has three tiers Affiliate Program which you will see below in the screenshots. And here we talk about its Tiers & their commissions.

Tier 1: For the first 25 confirmed & approved referrals, you’ll earn $70/Per Referral.

Total Earnings: 25*70= 1750

Tier 2: Once the Tier 1 mark is completed, you’ll be then shifted to the next tier which is known as Tier 2 and from 26 to 100 confirmed & approved customers, you’ll get $85/Per Referral.

Total Earnings: 75*85= 6375

Tier 3: Even if you have reached the Tier 2 after referring 100 confirmed referrals, you’ll then get $100 for each confirmed referral and even still you can earn much more Per Referral if your Affiliate Performance is still good and you can increase your commission by reaching out to your WPX Affiliate Manager.

Total Earnings: In tier 3, your commission is $100/per referral but it can be increased according to your affiliate performance.

How long after WPX Hosting approves a Referral?

Your referrals that sign up for the WPX Hosting year or biennial plans will be confirmed and approved after the 35 days of registration and WPX Hosting will fund the commission into your account however those who sign up for the monthly hosting plans will take around 3 to 4 months to be approved.

How to Request Commission Withdrawal?

Requesting commission withdrawal is too much easier with WPX Hosting and all you can do is just follow the below steps.

Please make sure you have approved commission before you request a withdrawal. You can see below I have a $70 commission pending and I’m able to request withdrawal of it so learn below how I request its withdrawal.

Follow these steps to request your commission withdrawal:

  • Log into your WPXHosting account.
  • Under ‘My Account’ menu, click on ‘Affiliate Hub’ to go to the Affiliate dashboard.
  • Next click on Request Withdrawal button if you have pending commissions in your account.
  • Next write to WPXHosting affiliate team about the commission withdrawal and submit the ticket.
  • After submitting the Ticket, they will review it and will send you the Commission to your PayPal account as soon as possible.

Here’re a few screenshots to help you in requesting a withdrawal.

WPX Affiliate Commission Withdrawal
Step 1
Create ticket about Commission Withdrawal
Step 2

Final Words →

After all, WPX Hosting Affiliate Program is my favorite hosting affiliate program that I have recently started focusing on & nowadays I’m making a lot of money by referring customers to it. If you have not yet signed up for its affiliate progam, you can sign up here and start earning commissions right away.

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Hopefully you have now an understanding of how you can make money with WPX Hosting and if you still have any question regarding it, don’t hesitate to send me your comments below.

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How to Sign UP with Payoneer & Earn Free $35 Bonus?

How to Sign UP with PayoneerHave you heard of Payoneer before? Are you working in a country where you can’t get a verified PayPal account? OR do you want to just give a try to an alternative to PayPal, right?

To answer your questions, I have decided to share with you this quick post on Payoneer. For the last few years (after becoming into Blogging), I’ve been using Payoneer & I’m going to share with you a step by step guide How to Sign UP with Payoneer & exclusively how to earn a Free $35 Payoneer Sign UP Bonus when you will register using our exclusive link.

Payoneer is the best & an international New York based company that facilitates online payment transfer and is the ideal choice of those users & customers who work online, make money online & required a quick, easiest & cost-effective way to get paid by companies & marketplaces.

Earn Free Payoneer Bonus!

Use our exclusive affiliate link/button below to get registered with Payoneer & earn a free $35 bonus. Please note this is an exclusive bonus offered to our Readers only. Normally Payoneer offers $25 bonus only.

What Is Payoneer?

Payoneer Sign UP Bonus $35

Payoneer is one of the top trending platforms that helps you send & receive online payments from companies, marketplaces & clients at very low fees & various cost-effective ways. If you’re working online such as you make money through Blogging, Affiliate Marketing or Freelancing etc then you must require a way to withdraw, send & receive payments from companies and that’s where Payoneer comes in.

Also if you want to make online purchasing like you want to purchase web hosting from companies like Bluehost, HostGator etc or want to purchase other products online, Payoneer is an ideal way to make your payments at no fees at all.

In short, you can easily make payments for your invoices, bills & other stuff online and can also request payments from companies & clients.

Payments that you’ll receive from companies will be funded into your Payoneer Account which you can then use for online purchasing or you can easily withdraw through Bank Account or through an ATM across worldwide.

How to Sign UP with Payoneer (And Earn $35 Bonus)?

Follow these steps to sign up with Payoneer & Earn $35 Sign UP bonus.

  • Click our affiliate bonus link to visit Payoneer.
  • Then click on Sign Up & earn $35*.
  • On the Payoneer Sign Up page, fill in the registration form by entering all the required details and submit it.
  • Once submitted, Payoneer will review your submission and will approve your account within 2 to 3 business days.
  • And when your account is approved, you will be able to log into your Payoneer account and request payments from Marketplaces.

How To Withdraw Funds From Payoneer?

There are many ways you can use to withdraw funds from your Payoneer Account. And here we’ll talk a little bit about it.

1. Through an ATM (Payoneer MasterCard)

Payoneer MasterCard is an ATM Card that you can order for your Payoneer account & can be ordered from your payoneer dashboard. You can use that Card online or offline in-stores for shopping. You can also withdraw money from your Payoneer Account through any ATM across 200+ countries at very low fees. You can further read about Payoneer Fees here.

2. Local Bank Account

Another way to withdraw funds from your account is using Bank Account and Payoneer does let you withdraw funds from your account to your local bank account with I think very LOW Fees ever and this the most awesome feature of Payoneer.

Before you can make transactions through bank account, you’ll need to link your Bank Account with Payoneer and once your Bank Account is approved, you’ll be able to send & withdraw payments/funds to your bank account from your Payoneer Account.

The minimum Payoneer Bank withdrawal limit is $50 at the time of writing this blog post. However there is no any exact maximum amount you can withdraw to your bank account from Payoneer.

Payoneer Pros:

  • Lets you receive cross-border payments from Companies & Marketplaces worldwide.
  • Their fee is very competitive.
  • Lets you receive payments in multiple currencies.
  • Offers you a US Bank Account you can use to receive payments from US Banks.
  • Lets you easily withdraw your Payoneer money using ATM & through Local Bank Account(You can link your local bank account with Payoneer).
  • Lets you make online & in stores purchases through the ATM Card, you will be issued for your Account.
  • Lets you request & send payments.

Why You Should Sign UP With Payoneer?

PayPal is not supported in many countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc and so that’s why the alternative to PayPal we have left is Payoneer and which is accepted in more than 200 countries and you can use it to receive funds & payments in multiple currencies. The best part of Payoneer is that it does offer local bank transfer so that you can get paid by companies, clients & receive cross-border payments & transfer those funds & money directly to your local bank account in any country.

How to Get Payoneer Without Local Bank Account?

In the days back, Payoneer never required anyone a Local Bank Account for the approval. However, they have now changed the Terms and you are now required to provide your local bank account details in order to get Payoneer account. If you don’t have a local bank account, you can still apply for Payoneer account and all you have to do is follow the below steps.

  • Sign up with Fiverr, UpWork or any other one affiliate network that pays via Payoneer.
  • Now choose Payoneer as your preferred payout method in that affiliate network such as in Fiverr and then sign up with Payoneer through that network and you won’t be required to provide any bank details.

Payoneer Fees & Charges

Since you will be using Payoneer to receive, send & withdraw money, you will be charged for each & every transaction. However, Payoneer does not charge you just for holding a Payoneer account except for the ATM CARD which will cost you $29.95 each Year.

Payoneer ATM

Payoneer will charge you $29.95 each year for using their Auto Teller Machine Card. Each time you make ATM transaction, you will also be charged $3.15 by Payoneer and the ATM (ATM price varies) as well.

Card Replacement

If your card is expired or you want to order a new card due to some reasons, there’s a fees of $12.95 for the Card Replacement.

Payoneer Account

There is no fee & charges for opening an account and keeping your account is free.

ATM Balance Inquiry

Each time you inquire about your ATM balance in any ATM booth, you will be charged $1. However, this is not authentic. Please let us know down in the comments if you were ever charged by the ATM just for checking your balance.

ATM Transaction Decline

Each time you decline your ATM Transaction, you will be charged $1 fee. However, this is also not authentic. Kindly let us know about this as well below in the comments.

Payments from Marketplaces

Each time you get paid by any marketplace, you will be charged $2 and the fund will be transferred to your Payoneer account within 2 or 3 days while you can boost the transfer speed and get the payment within 2 hours for $5.

Read about Payoneer Affiliate Program

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Let me know down in the comments if you have any question related to Payoneer.

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Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide [Infographic]

Affiliate Marketing is one of the comfortable ways for most of the Affiliate Marketers to make passive income online just by promoting others products. If you’re a newbie who doesn’t know anything about the term Affiliate Marketing then we have brought before Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide that will teach you all about Affiliate Marketing, its Jargons, How Affiliate Marketing got started, What is the background of it, What are its Pros & Cons, How it works, How to make money through affiliate marketing and much more.

Read here the Infographic. You can also use the below-embedded code and share this infographic on your own website freely.

Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide

Copy the below embedded code and share the Infographic on your website

<img alt=”Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide” src=”” width=”800px” border=”0″ /></p> This Infographic – <a href=””> Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide </a> – Was Created By

 Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide For Beginners 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting the merchant products to the customers and each customer that you refer to the Merchant and then purchases anything from the merchant’s site, you get a Commission, Bounty or also known as CPA for that action.

Here let me show an example of the Payoneer Affiliate Program. Payoneer offers an Affiliate Program to Affiliate Marketers to promote Payoneer, bring new customers to it and for each new customer that you bring to Payoneer, you will earn a whopping bounty.

How it works, let me share with you here.

Step 1:- Sign up for Payoneer Affiliate Program.

Step 2:- Once your account is approved, just log into your affiliate account and copy your unique tracking link.

Step 3:- Promote your tracking link and whoever registers with Payoneer through your unique tracking link and receives at least $1000 into his/her account, you will earn the commission.

Read our Payoneer Affiliate Program guide here

Affiliate Marketing Pillars

There are 4 main Affiliate Marketing pillars on which the whole marketing process is based on.

1. Merchant

Merchant is also called as the Creator or the Producer of the products. It also gives the Affiliate Program to the Affiliate Marketer or the Promoter and pays a commission to the Affiliate for successfully referring a customer.

2. Affiliate Marketer

It’s the one who signs up for the Merchant’s Affiliate Program and promotes the Merchant’s products for earning money & commission.

3. Customer

It’s the one to whom the Affiliate Marketer promotes the Merchant’s products & refer to the Merchant’s site. Once this customer is referred to the Merchant’s site and he/she made a sale there, the Affiliate or also known as Affiliate Marketer earns a commission for that sale.

4. Affiliate Network

This is the network that connects Merchants & Affiliate Marketers and provides promotional tools & resources and is responsible for other tracking processes.

Final Words ⇒

Our Affiliate Marketing 101: The Complete Guide Infographic has all the info that you are looking for to learn about Affiliate Marketing. In case you got any question in your mind, don’t hesitate to ask it below in the comments.

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30+ Highest Paying Referral Programs: That Pay Per Referral! For 2018

best-referral-programsWe know you love Best Referral Programs so we have brought a list of 30+ high paying Referral Programs today for you because making money with them is as easy as taking a Hot Tea!

There are many companies that pay per successful customer & sale that we refer to the company & site. But most of them are for specific people, Affiliate Marketers & Niches so we should be using the one that fits our niche because promoting the wrong product with the wrong customers is just a waste of time.

So In case you are a blogger and want to earn money while promoting products to others (as it’s the best way to earn money online) then you will love the list of the companies below.

Now without any further delay, let’s talk a little about the Referral Program.

What Is Referral Program? How Does It Work?

Referral Program is the process of promoting the companies’ products to the customers. Each product of the company that we promote to the customer & the customer then purchases that product through us (mostly using our special referral link) and then in return, that company pays us a commission after the Order/Sign UP or the CTA (Click-through-Action) is marked as completed or in other words, the customer successfully purchases the products and the payment is verified.

Most of the companies offer various Referral Programs based on their requirements such as Payoneer offers a Refer a Friend Program which pays $25 as a commission for each customer that we send to it & then the customer receives at least $1000 into his Payoneer Account and another example is the Envato Market such as each user that we refer to the Envato Market and then the user registers with it & at least purchases the product from any of the Envato Marketplaces such as ThemeForest or CodeCanyon, we will get 30% commission of that sale.

So hope you got the idea of what we were talking about.

Now let us move on to the List.

Highest Paying Referral Programs To Make Money

Name Type Payout Visit Referral
Payoneer Financial Services Company $25
WPX Hosting Web Hosting Company $70
Grammarly Grammar Tool $25
Fiverr Freelance Company $5
Bluehost Web Hosting Company $65
ZohoSalesIQ Live Chat Software $10
WPEngine Web Hosting Company $200+
HostGator Web Hosting Company $125
LinkCollider Social Likes Exchange $59.99
InMotion Hosting Web Hosting Company $50
iPage Web Hosting Company $105
DreamHost Web Hosting Company $120
GetResponse Email Marketing Software 33%
FastComet Web Hosting Company Free Hosting
MOJOMarketplace Web Design Marketplace 30%
WPZoom Web Design Marketplace 25%
ElegantThemes Web Design Marketplace 50%
ThemeIsle Web Design Marketplace 55%
BERush Online Marketing Software 40%
MyThemeShop Web Design Marketplace 70%
EnvatoMarketplace Web Design Marketplace 30%
PropellerAds Ad Network 5%
RevenueHits Ad Network 10%
InfoLinks Ad Network 10%
GetSiteControl Website Widgets 30%
LinksManagement SEO Tool $50
TransferGo Financial Services Company Not Known
G Suite Cloud Computing Software $30
Skrill Financial Services Company 10%
Payeer Financial Services Company 25%
PollFish Survey Site $20

1. Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the leading companies that help us get paid by International Companies & Clients globally. Apart from its global service of receiving & sending payments, Payoneer also offers a Refer a Friend program that lets you earn up to $25 commission for each user that you refer to Payoneer.

A user that you send & refer to Payoneer will also get $25 sign up bonus but in order that amounts to be loaded into your & the user’s account, the user must receive at least $1000 into his/her account.

Note:- Payoneer also has an Affiliate Program that lets you earn a great commission if you have a large base of customers and thus the commission you will earn will be increased as your Affiliate Account performance increases.

Payoneer Sign UP Bonus ($50): How To Get?

2. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a company that offers WordPress Managed Hosting but with that, it also lets you earn a very nice amount of commission for each sale that you bring to WPXHosting.

It offers a multi-tier Referral program that lets you increase your commission according to your performance which means the more you refer users to WPX Hosting, the more extra commission you’ll earn.

WPX Hosting Promo Code ($1 A Moth Hosting)

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a powerful Desktop, Android & Browsers Grammar tool that helps you take your English writing to a whole next level. This is the tool that you should be using in order to write long long articles without committing any grammatical mistakes as at the time of writing, the tool will show you errors if you’re ever making & will also show you some correct suggestions if you’re confused.

Grammarly Refer a Friend is one of the must-have Referral Programs that you should be joining because it offers up to $25 commission for per successful user that you will refer to Grammarly.

Apart from that, you will be given up to $25 bonus for writing a quality article on your blog. Visit Grammarly for more info.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a Freelance site so, with that, you can use its Refer a Friend program to refer users to Fiverr and whoever registers with Fiverr, orders & completes any GIG on Fiverr, you’ll earn $5 commission for that one person. Millions of users are joining Fiverr so be the one to refer them and put some extra money in your pocket.

5. Bluehost

Bluehost Partner Program lets you an in-house referral program to refer users to Bluehost one of the leading Web Hosting Companies that offer WP Managed Hosting as well according to Join its Partner Program and put some extra $65 for each successful user that you refer to Bluehost.

A user that you refer to Bluehost must purchase any hosting plan with Bluehost as, without that, a commission or the sign up will be held as pending until the user successfully subscribes to any of the premium plans.

Bluehost Promo Code ($2.95 Hosting Offer)

6. ZohoSalesIQ

You might have probably heard about ZohoSalesIQ which is a LiveChatting Software for websites that offers a live chatting system to websites. It offers a Referral or also called an Invite Program that pays $10 for each user that you send to ZohoSalesIQ by using their Invite Form.

7. WPEngine

WPEngine is paying $200+ commission for each successful user & customer that you will send to it. It’s a company that is offering WordPress Managed Hosting with bundles of other services & fastest loading servers.

Join the WPEngine Refer A Friend program and start earning money.

8. HostGator

With the HostGator Referral Program, you will earn up to $125 as a commission for each customer that you will refer to it and whoever will purchase hosting or any other service from HostGator, you will earn up to $125 for each user which means if you refer just 50 users in a month, you will earn $6250 for those users in that MONTH, Isn’t it making easy money online?

HostGator Discount Coupon Codes For 2018

9. LinkCollider

LinkCollider is a social sites Likes, Followers & Shares exchanging website & tool that lets you easily get free Likes, Shares & Followers for almost all Social Media Networks including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. It also offers some Content Marketing & SEO tools as well.

LinkCollider also offers a Refer A Friend Program that lets you earn up to $59.99 commission for each successful user that purchases the premium plan after you have referred it via your Unique Referral Link. The Commission is 20% on each sale.

10. InMotion Hosting

Join InMotion Hosting Referral Program and start earning money for referring verified users & customers to InMotion Hosting. The commission for new Referrals starts at $50 and it increases according to the Performances.

11. iPage Hosting

iPage is another web hosting company with thousands of customers around the globe. Join its Refer a Friend program and start getting paid today. The commission for new users starts at $105 and it increases gradually.

12. DreamHost

DreamHost pays up to $120+ for each successful customer that you will refer to it.

13. GetResponse

GetResponse is an Email Marketing Software that lets you auto-pilot your Email Marketing strategies and build an Email List that was impossible to build before.

With the GetResponse Referral Program, you will earn up to 33% commission of a user that you will refer to GetResponse. For example, if any of your customers you refer to GetResponse and he purchases any of the GetResponse Premium Plans, let’s say he purchases a $100 plan then your commission will be $33 for that sale.

It’s all win-win battle!

So join the GetResponse Referral Program today!

14. FastComet

Now with FastComet, each user that you will refer to FastComet will help you get the FastComet hosting totally for Free!

Apart from it, FastComet also offers an Affiliate Program that lets you earn a huge commission for each sale you will refer to FastComet.

FastComet Special Discount Promo Code

15. MOJOMarketplace

MojoMarketplace is a market of Web Designs, Themes, Templates & Plugins for various Platforms & Content Management Systems where developers share their designs & sell with the worlds.

The MojoMarketplace Referral Program lets you earn up to 30% commission for each sale that you will refer.

16. WPZoom

WPZoom is also a market of web designs. Its Invite Program lets you earn up to 35% commission of each SALE!

17. ElegantThemes

ElegantThemes is a company that makes products for the open-source platform You can earn up to 50% commission with their Refer a Friend program. If you have not yet registered with their Partner program, make sure to register today.

18. ThemeIsle

ThemeIsle is another WordPress Themes & Plugins Maker company that offers up to 55% commission on each sale!

19. BERush

BERush is an Affiliate of the SEMRush software that lets you earn up to 40% commission on each sale you bring to BERush or also called as SEMRush.

It’s the Affiliate program of SEMRush which is one of the leading Digital Marketing, SEO, Backlinks Spy & Keyword Research Tools that has been used by millions of companies & bloggers around the world.

If you were ever looking for a Digital Marketing Referral Program, BERush or the SEMRush Affiliate Program is the must have to join.

20. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop pays up to 70% commission on each sale that you will refer to it. Millions of users & Bloggers are using MyThemeShop so be the one to promote MyThemeShop & put some extra money in your Pocket.

MyThemeShop Coupon Code ($19 Each Product)

21. Envato marketplace

With the Envato marketplace Invite Program, you will earn up to 30% commission on each sale you refer to it. No matter if you’re referring to or

22. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is one of the leading Pop-UP & CPM Ad Networks that offers a Referral Program that lets you earn up to 5% lifetime earning of a user that you refer to PropellerAds. The 5% commission of the earning he makes with PropellerAds through placing ads on a blog.

23. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is another Pop-UP and CPM based Ad Network with a large base of Advertisers & Publishers. Its Referral Program lets you earn up to 10% lifetime earning of a user that you will refer to RevenueHits.

24. InfoLinks

InfoLinks is a text-advertising company and it offers up to 10% lifetime earning of a user that is referred to InfoLinks through your unique referral link or URL.

25. GetSiteControl

GetSiteControl is a powerful tool that provides various widgets, email building tools, notification bars & much more. It offers both free & premium plans so if you refer anyone through your unique link, you’ll earn up to 30% commission of that sale if he/she subscribes to the premium plan.

26. LinksManagement

LinksManagement pays up to $50 commission per user that you refer to it after the user spends at least $100. Even though, if any of the users just spend $50, you will earn $15, however, spending $100 or more than that, your commission will be $100.

The commission is for both of you which means You & the Referred user will also earn that commission ($50 + $50) which is the same as Payoneer we mentioned above!

27. TransferGo

With the TransferGo Refer a Friend program, you can earn cashback. TransferGo is a company that lets you Transfer Money at Cheap Rates across the world.

Start promoting TransferGo today & start getting cash back right from today.

28. G Suite

What could be better than promoting the Google Product, G Suite? With the G Suite Referral Program, you will earn up to $30 commission for each user that you refer to G Suite after the user joins & subscribes to any of the G Suite premium plans.

29. Skrill

Skrill is a Payment Transfer Company that lets you earn up to 10% commission of the fees that your referred user will pay to Skrill for transferring their payments & making transactions online.

30. Payeer

Payeer is another Payment Transfer & Money Exchange company that lets you earn up to 25% commission of the transaction that is made after referring & sending a customer to Payeer.

31. PollFish

PollFish is a survey website that lets you earn money just by doing & filling surveys. PollFish also pays up to $20 for each user that signs up with PollFish and does & fills at least 500 surveys. Both you & the referred user will earn $20.

Final Words ⇒

I hope you enjoyed this list of 30+ High Paying Referral Programs. In case you need any help or you have any question, I’d be more than happy to reply you. All you need is just comment below.

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How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Guide For 2018

Are you new to Affiliate Marketing?


You want to learn some tactics that other Affiliate Marketers are using to start & run their Revenue Stream Businesses Online & Offline? But don’t know how they do?

Don’t worry because we have got you covered up.

In today’s detailed post, I’ll be talking about How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing, How to opt for any Affiliate Program/Network, How to Promote them meaning how to bring sales to them and how to earn commission with them.

So without any further delay, let me introduce you to the Affiliate Marketing 2018.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Well, if you have been blogging or seen anyone making money online, you might have heard the word Affiliate Marketing and this is what we’re going to talk about.

So first of first, Affiliate Marketing is a technique we use to Promote others’ products and earn commission for each purchase that a customer makes after we send the Customer to the Vendor or also called as the Merchant.

In other words, we as an Affiliate Marketers sign up with any Company, the Company gives us a unique Tracking Link/URL, we promote that link & our customer clicks it & visits the company, the Customer then purchases anything from that company & once the purchase/order becomes completed (i.e the customer payment is cleared & the product is shipped), we are given a commission by the Company which is normally loaded to our Affiliate Account in that company which then we can use to withdraw through Payoneer or PayPal etc.

Well, before we dig more into it, let me share with you a few pillars of the Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Pillars

1. The Creator or Vendor

The Creator or the Vendor is the one who makes & creates products. Let us we assume that Alex has a company in which he makes FootBalls so Alex is the Creator or anyone who sells Alex’s products such as FootBalls is called the Vendor so both are one of the Pillars of the term Affiliate Marketing.

2. The Affiliate OR Affiliate Marketer

The Affiliate is a person or also called as Affiliate Marketer on which the whole Marketing depends. In other words, this is the person who promotes The Creator or the Vendor’s products to customers and this is the one to whom The Creator or the Vendor pays commission for each sale he/she brings to the company.

It’s worth mentioning that the Agreement is made between the two parties Such as The Creator & the Affiliate Marketer or also called as Affiliate for their business & the Fixed Price or Multi-tier commission is assigned and much more.

3. A Customer

A customer is the third one of the most important pillars of Affiliate Marketing. The Affiliate promotes the products of the Creator/Vendor to the customer and if the customer is happy and go and purchases those products then after a successful purchase & goal, the Vendor or the Creator pays the commission to the Affiliate.

I hope you got the idea of what we were talking about. If you still have any question, you can ask below in the comments.

Now let us talk about some companies that offer Affiliate Programs so that you can sign up them as an Affiliate & start earning commission for each sale/customer you refer to them through your unique tracking link.

Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money With (For Bloggers)

We know Blogging is the way to make money online fast & effortless & so making money online with Affiliate Marketing through Blogging is also super duper easier and here we’re going to talk about the best companies that let you earn money promoting them & their products.

So without any further delay, let’s talk about them.


Well, if you’re a blogger & know about Web Hosting then you might have definitely heard the term WPXHosting. WPXHosting is a web hosting company that offers WordPress Managed Hosting with incredible services & fast loading servers.

WPX Hosting Promo Code (Only $1 Hosting)

WPXHosting offers a Multi-Tier Affiliate Program which lets you refer customers to it and earn up to $100 commission after a customer has successfully purchased hosting from it.

Here’s a proof of how I made $140 in just two days by referring just two customers to it. (Even though you will think that you must have received at least $200 as I mentioned $100 before but in the beginning, you’ll get up to $70 commission if your Referrals are less than 25 but it will be increased by the time – Here’s a screenshot).


2. Payoneer Affiliate Program

If you have made any earning online then you better know what we’re talking about. Payoneer is a company that helps us get paid by international companies & clients at affordable prices & lets us directly transfer our earning to our banks or withdraw through any ATM across the world.

Despite that, Payoneer Affiliate Program lets you earn a lot for just referring new users to it. It offers a Multi-Tier Affiliate Program which lets you earn a commission according to your performance.

I have been using the Payoneer Affiliate Program and I say it’s incredible because, within a few months, I made much commission with it & here is my Affiliate Account Proofs & how much commission I made with it in just the past 3 MONTHS! (Even though, some of the customers have yet to receive payments I have yet to earn commission for that in the FUTURE!)


Payoneer pays you $25 for each successful user that you will send to it (the referred user will also earn $25 so both earn $50) but as your performances increase & you started referring more customers to it, your commission will be increased simultaneously as my Commission that I earn nowadays is $50 PER ACTION! (and the user earns $35 instead of $25).

How to Make Money with Payoneer Affiliate Program?

3. Bluehost Partner Program

Bluehost also offers a Multi-Tier Partner Program which lets you earn up to $65 commission at the beginning for referring users to it. If you’re a blogger and can promote Bluehost then I’d highly recommend you go and join the Bluehost Affiliate Program start making money right today.

Here’s a quick proof of one customer that I referred to Bluehost back in a few days.


We know the market is saturated with many thousands of Web Hosting Companies that offer Affiliate Programs. In case you want to know about them, Check our A List of Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

4. MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

MyThemeShop is a marketplace where best-looking WordPress Themes & Plugins are designed & made. In case you are searching for an Affiliate Program related to WordPress Products & Niche, I’d highly recommend you go & sign up for MTS Affiliate Program because it offers up to 70% commission on each sale you refer to it

A List of Best High Paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers.

Best Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods

Most of the Affiliate Marketers fail because they don’t know how to promote Affiliate Products to the right people and how to increase the possibility of earning high commissions.

Here let me talk to you about some best methods & tactics to use to promote Affiliate Products.

1. Make an Urge

A life is nothing without any purpose and this is the same here in the Affiliate Marketing as well. The first & foremost thing you must have is an Urge of Promoting the Affiliate Products because you need motivation & inspiration in order to push yourself ahead as most of the time you will face a lot of hurdles & bad things in the process such as you won’t earn any cent for a few days, weeks and even a few months & even you won’t be verified to several Affiliate Networks & Programs but make sure that those hurdles & things don’t hold you back from your success.

A success comes after facing hurdles & hard-working So try your best for your success & think about it how to achieve your Goal. Always make new strategies & so and so.

2. Start A Blog

Well, another super easier way to promote Affiliate Products is Blogging & you might be already known to it because Blogging is a part of Affiliate Marketing for many Affiliate Marketers.

However, Blogging is not necessary if you don’t know how to blog or you don’t want to start it. In case you want to get started with Blogging but don’t know where & how to start, Read our Blogging Starter Step by Step Guide.

3. Launch A Youtube Channel

If you’re a Vlogger or love Vlogging then it’s the time for you to start promoting Affiliate Products on Youtube right away because Youtube is the most viewed & visited site on the Internet after Google. Most of your targeted customers don’t bother reading tons of articles & paragraphs but instead, they prefer watching a 2 to 10-minute video over reading hundreds of texts so Youtube is the best way for you to start promoting your Affiliate Products right away!

4. Reach Customers Offline

Another best way to promote Affiliate Products is to reach your targeted customers/friends/family members & talk to them directly (offline) about the products which they need & benefit them. Make sure to tell them that you’re promoting the products and you will earn a commission if he/she purchases the product. Don’t forget to mention the PROs & CONs of the Products as well.

5. Join Social Sites

Nowadays Social Media Sites are a great way for most of the Affiliate Marketers because it’s the best & cost-less & easiest way to promote the Affiliate Products directly & refer sales to the companies you’re affiliated with from those Social Sites.

6. Join Online Forums

Joining Online Forums related to your niche & products is a key to success. However, most of the forums don’t accept Affiliate Links & such stuff.

Join some forums online & get registered with them & start helping others along with promoting your products.

Final Words ⇒

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to start a revenue stream business online & make money while you sleep. We hope you have enjoyed our small guide to the whole process how does it works and so on…

If you have any question regarding any point, I’d be more than happy to reply you. Just leave your comment below & I will be happy to help.

Source: Blogging Scout Feed

Top 10 Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2018

We know every Web Hosting company provides a lucrative way for Affiliate Marketers that help them earn commission for just sending & referring qualified customers to them. The market is saturated with too many Programs that you may be confused which one is going to work for you, your audience & readers & more importantly, how much you’re going to make/earn with them & that’s where we have to bring you this list of Top Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs to choose the one that helps you the most.


Promoting Web hosting and earning commission is not that easy but if you’re someone who has audience & readers that needs Web Hosting for their businesses then let me share with you the list you will love.

Now without any further ado, let’s dive into the list.

Top 10 Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

It does not matter how much you will earn for each successful customer you refer or sale you send to the web hosting company but matter what is which of the Web Hosting companies are going to help your targeted audience. The less your payout is and the more you refer customers, your earning will be Huge. So try to use the one that best suits your audience.

Affiliate Programs Payout/Sale Method  
iPage Affiliate Program $105-$150 In-House
HostGator Affiliate Program $50-$125 Impact Radius
InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program $50-$120+ Impact Radius
WPEngine Affiliate Program $200+ In-House
A2 Hosting Affiliate Program $85-$140 In-House
Dreamhost Affiliate Program $120 In-House
LiquidWeb Affiliate Program $1500 CJ & Impact Radius
SiteGround Affiliate Program $50-$100+ In-House
WPX Hosting Affiliate Program $100 In-House
Bluehost Affiliate Program $65 In-House

Also, check out:

Let’s go deep into each program’s details.

1. iPage Affiliate Program


iPage is one of the leading Web Hosting Providers since 1998 and since then there more than 1 million active websites are hosted & use the iPage platform. Being one of the leading platforms out there in the market, iPage offers an Affiliate Program that lets you earn $105 for each successful customer that you refer & purchases the Shared or VPS Hosting Plan or you will earn $150 for each qualified customer that buys iPage dedicated hosting Plan after visiting the site using your unique Affiliate Link.

$105-$150 For Each Customer.

2. HostGator Affiliate Program


HostGator is another recognized brand in the market founded back in 2002 which lets you earn a massive payout for promoting it. HostGator offers a world-class Web Hosting with blazing faster loading & secured servers and much more. They also have an affiliate program which consists of the following three tiers.

1-5 Qualified Customers, You earn $50 for each.

6-10 Qualified Customers, You earn $75 for each.

11-20 Qualified Customers, You earn $100 for each.

21+ Qualified Customers, You earn $150 for each.

3. InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program


Another lucrative way to make a huge commission for each qualified customer is InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program. InMotion Hosting is a company that provides world-class WordPress Optimized Hosting, VPS & Shared Hosting, Free Domain Name, Blazing faster & secured servers.

Here’s how you can earn with InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program:

1-10 Qualified Customers, you send in a month, You earn $50 for each.

11-20 Qualified Customers, you send in a month, You earn $80 for each.

21-30 Qualified Customers, you send in a month, You earn $150 for each.

If you send more than 30 qualified customers in a month, you can contact InMotion Hosting Affiliate team & they will further increase your payout according to your Affiliate performance.

Let’s jump onto the next one on our list.

4. WP Engine Affiliate Program


WP Engine is one of the leading WordPress Managed Hosting Providers that lets you host your high-traffic & high-business WordPress sites on blazing Faster to load & secured servers with other great features. With WP Engine Affiliate Program, you can earn $200 or your qualified customer’s first-month purchased plan’s income whichever is higher. For instance, if you refer a customer that buys WP Engine’s Business Plan, you will earn $249 while if you refer a customer that buys Personal or Professional Plan, you will earn $200 for each which is Great in terms of Revenue.

5. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

Another great company to join as an Affiliate Marketer is A2 Hosting Affiliate Program. The company ensures you get the most satisfied service and 20x blazing faster servers for your all low-traffic, high-traffic & business sites & apps.

Their lucrative Affiliate Program lets you earn a massive commission which is described below.

1-10 Qualified Customers, You Earn $85 For Each.

11-20 Qualified Customers, You earn $100 For Each.

21-30 Qualified Customers, You earn $120 For Each.

31+ Qualified Customers, You earn $140 For Each.

6. DreamHost Affiliate Program


Without DreamHost, I think this list is not going to the end. Dreamhost lets you earn up to $120 for each qualified customer you refer to their World-Class web hosting service which includes WordPress Dedicated Hosting, VPS & Shared Hosting Plans, Free Domain Names & along with other great & outstanding features, you get a blazing faster & secured servers too.

They offer you $120 for each qualified customer you refer to their service.

Let’s dive into another Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program.

7. LiquidWeb Affiliate Program


LiquidWeb Claims to give up to $1500 per qualified customer or sale you refer to their service. LiquidWeb is a world-class hosting company with stellar support & bunch of features & secured servers, that will feed your customers & readers’ needs & along with that, you earn a huge payout too.

LiquidWeb offers two ways to get registered with their Affiliate Program either by Impact Radius or CJ (aka Commission Junction).

8. SiteGround Affiliate Program


SiteGround is one of the leading & highest-rated hosting providers out there that will feed all of your VPS, Shared, WordPress Managed Hosting & Cloud Hosting needs. SiteGround offers an affiliate program which lets you earn a huge payout/commission in different tiers listed below.

1-5 Qualified Customers, You earn $50 For Each.

6-10 Qualified Customers, You earn $75 For Each.

11-20 Qualified Customers, You earn $100 For Each.

21+ Qualified Customers, you refer, get in touch with the SiteGround affiliate team & they will help you increase your commission according to your performance.

9. WPX Hosting Affiliate Program


WPX Hosting Affiliate Program is another great company to join & earn a huge commission for each verified customer you refer. It’s a dedicated company that provides you a Blazing Fast WordPress Managed Hosting with secured servers & many other great features. We have also included WPX Hosting in our best blogging tools too because it is the hosting company that will take care of all of your business so you can keep focus on writing & designing your content rather than worrying about your hosting servers and so on.

Here’s a quick comparison table they have published on their Affiliate Page regarding different Web Hosting Affiliate Programs. Check it out to know which one you should prefer over another.


10. Bluehost Affiliate Program


Last but not the least. Probably when you think of starting a WordPress blog, there Bluehost will come into your mind because WordPress itself & other Pro Bloggers recommend Bluehost for starting a profitable WordPress Blog and that’s because Bluehost is the feature-rich platform for WordPress users. Even though, they offer many other hosting plans too. Check them out.

Also, read our Bluehost Affiliate Post.

With their in-house Affiliate Program, you earn up to $65 for each qualified customer you refer to it. If you are sending more customers & sales to them, just get in touch with their Affiliate Team and let them know to increase your Payout significantly.

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These were some of the Best Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs that you should join to earn a huge payout for each successful & qualified customer or sale you refer or send to each company.

Let me know down in the comments which one you’re going to use and also let me know again which one is helping you the most & with which one, you’re making too much.

Source: Blogging Scout Feed

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