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AdSense theme by MyThemeShop: Review & $11 Coupon Code

Adsense Theme By MyThemeShopMythemeshop is nowadays one of the top growing companies with over 154 WordPress products including themes & plugins and with over 416001 happy customers. It makes & designs products for WordPress the free & open-source platform.

Out of all of the Mythemeshop themes, I have decided to share with you a complete review of the AdSense theme by Mythemeshop which I found the most popular, beautifully-designed, clean-coded & the best theme to increase your Google AdSense earning instantly.

In short, this theme is Google AdSense compatible which makes this extremely easier for us to place Google AdSense & its Alternatives’ ads in a way that can bring us the most conversions & clicks. However, it doesn’t mean those who are not relying on AdSense should not use this theme but rather go yourself & take a look at the Theme Demo here to learn how perfectly it looks and how it can help you grow your business.


What Is AdSense Theme?

As its name suggests, AdSense by Mythemeshop is a theme built, designed & developed by the Mythemeshop team (known as MTS) for WordPress platform and exclusively for those WP Users who want to earn more money from their blogs using Google Ads or other CPM advertising network.

Basically what this theme does is that it’s fully optimized for Advertising which means you’ll find many spots in various places which are the most targeted places for users to click on and so you can easily place your advertising codes out there in those spots & can increase your CTR and earn much higher CPM/CPC either from Google Ads or any other advertising network.

Another amazing thing with Mythemeshop AdSense theme is that it comes with an advanced Anti-Ad Blocker feature that makes it extremely useful which means anyone who is browsing your blog with an Ad Blocker, he/she will get a notice & won’t browse your blog until he/she stops/disable the Ad Blocker. And why you should not be using anti-ad blocker because nowadays almost every user who surf the web uses Ad Blocker and that’s where you lose the most of your advertising earning and the only solution to that issue is to use any Anti-Ad Blocker and that’s where the AdSense theme comes into play here.

Adsense Theme Features:

I love the AdSense theme because it has many features that I think every publisher love and here I’m going to share with you some of the theme’s features here.

1. Optimized for Google Ads/AdSense

AdSense Mythemeshop theme Google Ads placement screenshot

As we have mentioned above, this theme is the best choice of Publishers who rely on earning money from their blogs through Advertising Programs. No matter you want to place Google Ads/AdSense on your blog or any other advertising network, the AdSense theme is the perfect solution to boost your advertising earnings and increase your CTR.

Check the demo yourself here.

2. Anti-Ad Blocker

AdSense Theme Anti-Ad Blocker Screenshot

Nowadays almost every web browser/user is using Ad Blocker and that’s why you are probably not making enough money from all of your users that browse your blog. To prevent those users who use Ad Blockers from browsing your blog then the AdSense theme Anti-ad Blocking feature is the most popular feature in this theme which helps you convert those users with Ad Blockers installed into Ads-Clickers and thus by enabling this feature in the theme, you’ll be able to instantly increase CTR & earn much more earning from your blog.

3. Search Engines Optimized

Apart from the Ad blocking feature, AdSense Mythemeshop theme is fully-optimized for Search Engines which makes your blog super-optimized for Search Engines and thus helps you indirectly to rank higher in Google and other search engines. Like any other Mythemeshop themes, this AdSense theme also comes with the by-default features & backend-options which means you can easily & quickly manage the entire theme from the backend & the frontend.

4. Optimized for Ads Placement

When we need to place & inject ads into your WordPress blog, we normally download a 3rd party plugin to place & show ads on our blogs but fortunately, with this theme, you don’t need to download & use any extra plugin because this theme comes a built-in advertisement feature that lets you easily & effortlessly place & inject ads into any sport of your theme/blog just by placing the Ads Codes into the Ads spot located in the theme’s backend cPanel.

5. Multi-Purpose Theme

AdSense Theme Demos

Whether you like to create a Tech Blog, Recipe Blog, Fashion Blog, eCommerce site or any other niche online, this theme comes with many awesome-looking layouts which means you can make any kind of & any style of blog using this super awesome Google AdSense Optimized theme and not only that, each theme/demo comes with the same features but the layouts & styles are different from each other.

6. Easy Backend cPanel

The beautiy of WordPress is that you just need to configure a few options whether they are in a theme or in a plugin and you’re all set to make your blog look standalone. But like any other MTS themes, this AdSense theme has also an easy-to-manage & backend cPanel where you can control your entire theme & your blog look and can even tweak the theme by placing custom CSS in the custom CSS option.

7. Optimized For Speed

Whether you believe or not, all of the Mythemeshop are very light-weight and all of the themes I have used so far are amazing and optimized for speed. If you are looking for a fast-loading WordPress theme then the Mythemeshop themes are the best choice for your requirement. It comes with many page speed optimization features which helps you make your blog optimized for speed.

8. Built-in Review System

Again you don’t need to install third-party WordPress review & rating plugins but instead, this theme comes with the Mythemeshop review & rating built-in feature that lets you easily add rich-snippets & rating options to any of your blog post. What you need to do is just enable the review option for each blog post or page you want to show the rating & rich snippets.

In fact, they have integrated their review plugin into all of their themes.

9. Indepth Customizations

If you’re bored with their built-in typography and colors then thanks to the theme in which you’re given unlimited numbers of various colors & typography customization. In fact, you can choose from any kind of fonts such as Google fonts etc and any color you can apply to your blog and make it look more professional & standalone.

10. WooCommerce Optimized

Like other pre-defined layouts, the theme comes with amazing shop layout and is WooCommerce ready so you can build a beautiful eCommerce store online and sell anything, however, the theme will be required the WooCommerce WP Plugin to enable this feature.

AdSense Theme Coupon Code

AdSense Theme Discount Coupon Code

If you want to purchase AdSense theme by MyThemeShop then we have an exclusive deal & coupon code for you which you can use to get this AdSense theme for as low as $11 only rather than its normal price. The normal price of the theme is $45 as of now but by using the exclusive coupon below, you can get it just as low as $11 only.

Coupon Code: LimitedTime  (By using this coupon, you’ll be able to get the theme for $35 only)

Note: If you want to get the theme for as low as $11, you will need to contact me personaly for the exclusive coupon code. To reach out to me, just visit our Contact Us page.

Can I download AdSense nulled theme?

I have been receiving queries from users that where we can find AdSense nulled theme. So I highly suggest you don’t go for any nulled theme because it can destroy your blog entirely and no one provides any null theme or free AdSense theme but they purchase the theme, inject/place some malware/tracking codes and then share it with you so you can install & activate it on your blog.

Once you have installed the theme on your blog, they can easily then track any info from your blog including your registration data such as Email Address, Username & Password and other secret details.

In short, don’t download & install any nulled theme but rather use our exclusive Mythemeshop coupon code above to get extra discount on the theme and get it as low as for $35 or $11 by contacting me personally.

Hope this post might be helpful to you. Please do leave your comments below if you have any question or want to share with us your ideas.

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